April 28, 2024

AlineLife and Building out the Franchise Model with Dr Joseph Esposito DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 556

Dr. Joseph Esposito, D.C., C.T.N, D.A.C.B.N., C.C.N., C.N.S., C.C.S.P., F.A.A.I.M., D.C.C.N.

In a more than two-decades-long career, Dr. Joseph Esposito’s experience as a health advocate has encompassed roles as clinician, researcher, writer, formulator, lecturer, and entrepreneur. Dr. Esposito is the founder and CEO of Aceva, an international physician-grade supplement line, and AlignLife, a national chiropractic franchise with almost 40 clinics nationwide. His passion is to teach and implement integrated healthcare offerings using natural solutions to maximize patient’s health. In his spare time, Dr. Esposito enjoys international mission trips and spending time with his family.


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LUKE MILLETT (PRODUCER):  Hey guys, welcome to episode 556 of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. I'm your producer, Luke Millett, and here's your host, James Chester.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So today we have the opportunity of interviewing Dr. Joe Esposito. If you want to hear the story of Align Life and how he built out the franchise model, stay tuned. Welcome back. This is another episode of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. It's a 556 episode of this show that fights for chiropractic freedom. This episode is with Joe Esposito. He's got a couple really great brands. He's coming on as a sponsor of this podcast. And Align Life Chiropractic Offices is what we're going to focus on today. I'm really excited about this show. But before we start talking all things, Joe Esposito, I'm going to let you guys know the big why. Why do we do what we do over here at Chiro Hustle? First things first is freedom of speech. We've never censored anyone. Everybody we've ever recorded we've gone live with. And that's something that's really, it's a proud moment for me because I know it's like to be shadow banned. I know what it's like when people marginalize other people's messages and don't let their messages be heard. And that's something that's become more of a common thing over the past couple of years. So we do support Second Amendment Freedom of Speech. We also believe in medical freedom and family health freedom. That's something very chiropractic related that I love is because chiropractors are a major part of this world to keep families healthy and safe. Then we do get a bit more philosophical. We believe in BJ Palmer Sacred Trust. We protect the sacred trust. If you guys don't know what that is, go look for BJ Palmer's last words. You're going to learn more about chiropractic than you previously knew I'd guarantee you. And then we support Salt Lake Station based chiropractic. We believe that when man the physical or man or woman the physical gets adjusted it connects them to man or woman the spiritual. And that's the philosophical part of our show. And with that being said, Dr. Joe, welcome.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Thank you, James. I'm excited to be here today. I don't know about freedom of speech with a guy from New Jersey. You better really be ready to watch that.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, you know, I think that when it comes down to it, people have a message. And chiropractic is one of those things is when you start getting out there onto YouTube, you start getting these things onto Facebook, Instagram, like where we're producing these live on. I used to get 100 people to jump on the show. And then 2020 hit and five people sometimes jump on the show. So even a show that really doesn't like matter to the big universal world, our traffic has been like siphoned down to nothing when it comes to like the audience that sees these live. So it's because the censorship you're saying because of the censorship. Yeah.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Yeah, what a shame.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  It's wild, but it's the world that we live in right now. So I just keep producing more. And I believe that the more that we produce the greater for the chiropractic message and a lot of people just that they're all looking for chiropractic doctor show. They just don't know it's called chiropractic.



JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And they're fed up right now, the people out there because I talked to everybody and they're just like they want something. They want answers. They want solutions. Once again, they don't know what's called chiropractic. And I just went to the Alaska State Fair and scheduled in 461 new patients and 14 days. And just thinking about those sheer numbers. So many of those people have been like just they're not interested in the medical system anymore. They want chiropractic man. So I'm sure you're seeing that with your clinics too.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Yeah, definitely. I think, you know, if we keep the mission mindset, it just we change our mindset. You know, we just have to get in the conversation people already having. It's not a difficult process or a concept to actually find those people. Those are everywhere searching hopeless looking for answers. I think it's becoming easier. Some people think it's harder. I think it's way easier as the medical paradigm continues to, you know, fragment.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, I mean, there's a major shift right now. And I've seen it, you know, just talking to the public and they're losing trust and the people that pushed them in and marginalized them and made them feel unwelcome if they didn't take a medical procedure. And I think that a lot of the people realize that chiropractic is like a huge opportunity and all the chiropractors seeing this too. They're like, Hey, we better start like doing our best to like get these people that need us. 100%. Let's jump into your story a little bit. Chiropractic. How are you even doing it?




JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. And how and why did you decide that chiropractic was the right direction for you?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  It's a great story. It was a, it was, it was a kidnapping to start. My wrestling coach told me to go see a chiropractor when I had an injury and I refused to go. I said, you know, I'm going to be a surgeon. I'm not going to see one of these quacks. And then he ended up talking to my mother after a practice and he got a signature. And then a week later he goes, you're coming to chiropractor with me and I go, I'm not going to a chiropractor. He says, getting the car. I go, are you going to kidnap me? He said, yes, I got a letter from your mom. I'm getting the car. So my coach dragged me to a chiropractor, been in pain for months and months, been on medications. I was sitting out at the time because I couldn't wrestle, been on all the drugs, did all these tests and he takes me to a guy. It was like in his living room. I thought it was kind of weird. Him and his wife, little practice. And this guy jumped on me. I hear a sound and I got up and the pain was after seven, eight months is totally gone. And I was just baffled standing there in someone's living room and go, what the heck just happened? And it was life changing. You know, just a paradigm in the situation being very different, but the results were, you know, you couldn't argue with the outcome of that mobility I had, the instant freedom of pain. So I became that antagonistic naysayer into this freedom fighter for the profession before I ever became a chiropractor saying, how come people don't know? Why are you in your living room? Why aren't you in that big building? Why? Why do they have that money? Why are they on that white coat? You know, why is that being sold? I was like, why for months trying to figure out, I didn't get why I didn't know about this thing this guy just did to me. So it became such an inquisitive and curious journey for me to go visit a chiropractic school because I didn't understand why was it such a secret? I didn't understand.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Where did school start? Where'd you go?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  I went to life university in Atlanta, Georgia.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. Was Sid still there?


JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yes. What was it like being around Sid?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  I was with a lot of the New Yorker, New Jersey guys in the back of the room making a havoc, getting yelled at and we were, you know, it didn't take to Sid's message and he grabs us, he puts us in the front row, sits us right down, he gives us message, we're dropping into the keys and it was, it was, you know, I'll never forget that moment. I could taste it, see it right now from where I was and it just resonated with the message at that moment that, you know, based on physiology, a bumblebee can't fly. You know, it's just the wingspan. He's talking about just science and innate and how everything works in nature and the message was like locked on. If he didn't do that, I don't know if I'd be as principal as I am today. If he didn't grab us and shove us in the front row and make us listen and the message was just massive conviction and life changing.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, actually that's where we reconnected down at the life of student like weekend.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Yes, that's right.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, what do they call those weekends? Leadership weekends?


JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, life force, yes. Yeah. Yeah, it was really cool to see you down there. So how have you seen things changing on that campus over the past 25 years? Pretty cool, right?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Yeah, it's amazing. Just the expansiveness of it, the vision, they've done great work over the years.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So get out of school. What's next?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  I opened six clinics my first six years. So I moved kind of fast. I was building out my second one nine months in the first one. Wow. Two associates six months in and was looking at a build out and built one a year for the first six years in multiple states, built an operations manual and ran kind of an enterprise level business pretty fast. I can't say it was without lots of adversity and trials without having the business experience of what I know now. But it was just this complete frustration, how dare my mission to spread that word that I can't believe I didn't know this thing with my story that I was like, everyone needs to know this. So it was true mission based and I backfilled the business, the marketing, the clinical as I perpetuated through this journey. But yeah, it was just hungry.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So before social media, what were you doing to grow these practices?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  I was a guy with the spine walking through the mall. I was, you know, any group of people anywhere, you know, car wash, a grocery store. I didn't care. I had no ego in it. I was just spreading the word again. Just set. And that's what I try to teach docs. If you're that mission based, I've never had to get a patient. Wasn't like a concept of getting like it was a gap or something I had to acquire. It was like spreading this message. Like it seems cliche, but that mission based of a concept, I never had an issue. I was just always trying to spread this message of people that didn't know because I didn't know. And I just felt like I was serving the community by spreading this message. And I never had an issue with, you know, growing a clinic.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So, so let's like give a snapshot to like somebody that's coming out of school and they want to go out there and be successful as a chiropractor. What would some advice you be to give to them so they could go, you know, jump out, I'm besides working with the Lion Life clinics. What would you tell them to go do to grow their practice?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Yeah, I think it first starts at mindset. So like when people say get a patient, that's a scarcity. That's a try. That's a force. I say we, you know, solve, assist people in providing solutions to their suffering is what you're really doing. So start with mindset. That difference of mindset is going to change the, you know, your cerebral synapses, your hormonal makeup, your consciousness. It's just going to, you're going to walk a path a little bit different, a path of abundance, a path of serving versus a path of scarcity and getting and trying to acquire and force. It's just a different way of approach. So I find that's the biggest gap is we're living in our stories or limiting beliefs and all of that. And I've proven that with using the Lion Life systems and having two groups of people, the mindset's right, these are system, they scale mindset's wrong. These are the same system that they don't. So I would really start mindset. I'm very mindset based. So when I get out of a screening, sit in the car, meditate, deep breathe and think of the people you're looking for, the little girl that's about to have a brace, a rod put in her spine, the boy with ADHD that's going to be put on riddle in and graduate to antidepressants, living life, subpar life. Not getting the right job, the right spouse, the right life. You know what I mean? So I really try to get deep into who am I going to serve? And then I end up meeting amazing people that are suffering and need help.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  That's really good insight, man. And I know that you wanted to touch on some things about your passion and interests moving forward into the profession. What are you interested into right now?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  My life purpose is to prove chiropractics. I've always been interested in accumulation of data and anything to do with natural health. I also formulate products. So I look at pre-post labs and that kind of chiropractic. I'm like pre-post x-ray. I'm looking at anything I can do to just prove the innate healing capacity of human body. So we got some exciting things. I've personally been part of three studies published with the ACA RAC. I've done a lot of publications in the nutrition field as well. It's just constantly validating the beauty of what we have to do for the chiropractic profession. So, you know, my dream and a line life is to pool enough clinics that I could start segmenting data by condition and publishing large-scale research. So we're in the process building a research department right now in our organization to start the journey a little bit more refined. So I'm really excited for that.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Cool. And that gives me a good segue. So if people were looking to join the Align Life group, how do people jump on and start working with you?

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  You think go to AlignLife So if people were looking to join the Align Life group, how do people jump on and start working with you? You think go to AlignLife Go to AlignLife We can do everything from simple audits on different verticals like marketing or your business and give you some insights.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  We can take you through our discovery process to look under the hood of service offering or just give some general advice being the profession 25 years. We're not focused on a sale. We're focused on serving any which way we can guide. Sometimes it's right inside of our deliverable and our offering, but sometimes it's a direction helping a Chiro find their way in any other capacity. But we just love the open conversation of chiropractors that have the hands and the heart and maybe need a little direction in how to navigate the industry for success.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  It's really cool. So, go check it out, see if it's a good fit for you guys that are watching the show. If you're looking to get into a great network of chiropractors, I think that what you guys are doing is exceptional. You're at 40 offices now. I'll save a few more questions based on the brand as we go through the interview process today. But you have a podcast too, which is really exciting. You said that you're one year into that AlignYourPractice podcast. Talk a little bit about the podcast. Is it fun?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  I love it. Yeah, it's such a fun journey because I get to take doctors who are in the midst of the limiting beliefs they're in and I do a breakthrough right there or they just got on the other side of it and they've doubled the practice in two months because they broke that mindset. Or we implemented systems and they took off. You're listening to true stories or true doctors going through the journey. So I think we'll get a lot of good feedback from it.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  That's cool. How frequently do you come out and where can people find it?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Once a week AlignLife… No, I'm sorry, You can look us on YouTube or you can see us on Apple Podcast or any of the podcast outlets. You can find us.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, I'm going to subscribe and listen. So thanks for doing something for the chiropractic profession. I'm always learning too. There's always new things to learn. And then business guidance. I know that's a big part of your brand. You said that you can bring people in at any different level of what you're up to, whether it's the launch, the build, the scale, the team, or the exit. Let's touch on all those segments. So launching. What does that look like? Yes.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  So we have a process of launching from everything, from helping you get loans to sign the lease, to build out, to build the team and do the marketing and get all your social and website set up. So it's a very strategic method because we know the biggest reason any company fails is running out of cash flow. On your funded. Yeah. You're funded. We're very diligent about that process to get people up and launched as cheap and as successful as possible. So the launch phase is one of our forteys. And then once we get to build is when they start to churn this engine and serve people. So part of build is building your team, right? And building the infrastructure on the system. So day one, day two, your workshops, your resigns, the whole flow. Our goal is to create strong monthly recurring revenue and making sure we have some diversified revenue streams. The line life is an integrated model with some other services such as nutrients. We do some lab testing. We look at body composition. So we're looking at multiple factors that affect human physiology all around neurology and managing the subluxation. So so builds a phase until you get to hire your first doctor. That's part of your team and that's the transition to scale. So getting into the scale phase, we help you vet out doctors, help you learn the leadership that requires required to actually manage another colleague, another chiropractor. So it takes a different skill set than building your practice leading other doctors in your organization. I think that's a huge transition. And I find I don't, you've talked to a lot of people, you probably see this too, is most chiropractors just buy themselves a job. They don't build a business, meaning they can't step away for a week or go on vacation because if they leave the business stuff. So we're very passionate about helping doctors build a business that they don't have to be chained to. They do it. They adjust because they love, they love the profession, but they don't need to because they have a business. That makes sense.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Work, work, life, balance.


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JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And I think that that's a really important part of the whole chiropractic profession is, like you said, I've talked to a lot. And what I find is that people suffer their marriage because they're focused on the business. And if they don't focus on their family first, then the business takes over and then they always say happy life, happy wife. And I think that if you can have that type of practice freedom where a person's not the golden handcuffs, they're not attached to the adjusting table, they can actually have like time to like spend time with the family and still have a profitable business. I think that's like the real, the win for chiropractic that everybody's always looking for, how do you create a business that you can be a part of and not have it supersede every other part of your life?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Yes, 100%. Because it's in our, in our off-reince, either multiple doctors or multiple clinics, and we try to set the stage where the doctor wants to go. And we straight up, I talked to someone yesterday that was looking at a line life and they just want to be a doctor. And I said, don't open a business because if you're not going to enjoy scale or exit, those are the two benefits you gain as owning a business. You can build any business by being an employee. If you don't want to scale and you don't want to exit, then you're losing a lot of the value of why you launched a brand new business and took the risk. So it's really important to teach that business component to new potential business owners.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And I'm sure you've seen like a lot of things happen within people's like lifestyles where they go to that exit stage. And like life gets really exciting for them because now they can like focus on something new or they can like open up another office or they can become the clinic director and they're not, you know, over the table constantly.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Yeah, there's an emotional state that they feel there, like you said, is golden handcuffs to an office. I bought and sold so many offices. I have no issue of like building, selling, moving, new town, build another one. Once you understand it, you don't have to be chained to anything or any location at any time because you and your heart and your mind, you know what it takes to build. So I like to teach the freedom of that to doctors and allow them to gain the business value of being able to exit. And that maybe another whole podcast for us to talk about is really the science of exit, which is a big misconception. One thing I'll say about that. I know that's the fourth phase is you have to separate the sale of a business and the end and your retirement are two separate transactions. Retiring and selling a business are two separate things and all doctors do it. Most doctors do it at the same time. They wait until they're retiring to sell their business when they've already cut their hours, cut their marketing, cut their value. And now like, I think I want to retire, so I'm going to sell my business. You sell the business at the height. You retire years later after you gain your value. So I've taught that a lot and it's really eye opening for doctors. They say, what? That doesn't make sense.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Or you, is it like they stick around and still work and pay themselves like a salary then?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Yeah. If you want to exit with three times, four times, five times the value of what you would sell a practice to a solo practitioner, you would do it inside of a group. And in order to get that value, you get two turns on your money. You sell a good portion of it right up front and they expect you to stay and help build, but you got a nice nest egg payout. You stay for three, four years and you get your second payout. But collectively, it's three to five times what you would have got if you sold one. So you don't wait till the end. You say in the next five years, I want to retire, but I want to sell at my high value. Three times more. No one thinks this way, but that's the science.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, that's good business.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  That's smart business.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yes. Yeah. And then you keep yourself on as a high-paid doctor.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Huge. And you still do what you love because think about the guys at the end, the last five years. They don't want to do with the office managers. They don't want to do any marketing. Like, I just want to see my patients. Well, that's, you might as well cash out at that point, get the top dollar and then get the second payout three, four years later instead of saying, I want out in 30 days, you're going to get a 25% of the value.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I love it, man. I love it. That's really good advice. If there was one takeaway that anybody is watching here today, that would probably be the golden nugget for anybody to walk away with is establish yourself and then talk to Joe.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Yeah, we're putting together a group exit for those that are looking at exiting the next three or five years if they want to, you know, multiply their value significantly, like more than double. So I always say, do you want to exit by the fishing, your, your bass boat? Or do you want to buy the bass boat and the condo on the island at the same time for this time? It's funny.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I made a post today on the social and it says, let's see, what do I say? Very insightful to your cut to the conversation. He's ready to retire from chiropractic and sell it all. That was my post today. The things gone bananas, 39 comments on it. There's a lot of people out there that are looking to transition the markets moving quick. You know, there's a lot of people out there that are towards their like swan song years. They're at that like final chapter of like practice and they're, they don't have a legacy built. They just have like old files and X-ray and tables and, you know, like that's what their assets are. And they never looked at it from the ones that you're talking about right now. They, they'd never looked at it as like, how do I stick around for another couple of years and maximize my business that I've built for years and years and years and not just retire and have it go to nothing.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Yeah. I think over the last 20 years chiropracts mature as an industry. It's matured in business. We've matured our marketing sense. I want to help Kyros mature in their knowledge on their personal wealth at the end, making sure they make smart moves to gain maximum value. Because I think there's still a, a maturity on our industry and that segment. And I think we need to serve these Kyros to support them on their, you know, their final

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  stage. So I guess the question that I just have to ask you is when you get to this chapter of career for practitioners like a mom and pops, it's a solopreneur. Is there a chance for you to come in and help them like sort out that like, that, that plan for themselves?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Yeah, we put a full strategy together. We look at the numbers. We project what we think we can do to help them gain that value. And we put literally a three to five year plan to say, if you really want to do this well, what they do is just keep working because they can't retire because they're getting one time. They're profit, so they only get one year. So if they knew they're going to be like a five years or eight years of value.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  They would start that process earlier.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  It would start now and say, wait, I think it's that. Yeah, it changes their whole mindset.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So yeah, I think the sooner that people are interested in this whole, like, how do I make the most of my practice life, they should talk to you before it's like, rage, like ring the bell.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Yeah, and it's not just in the franchise offering that we have. So just for clarity on those that are listening, if you're at that stage of curiosity about exit, you know, we, we have program inside or outside of our group to collectively support the exit. So there is really meaningful conversations we can have to give some direction.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So yeah, the next podcast that Joe and I will be doing will focus specifically on the science of the exit. Awesome. So let's go quick round. Who are some of the heroes that you've had in this profession? Who are some of the mentors people that have taught you how to become the man you are today?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  I guess one, I'm a gun-joyed at heart. So Dr. Gons did, I think, got me forward thinking of challenging process physiology of what, how to navigate a patient's health from, he would put people on the floor, cross-crawling, he'd be giving kelp tablets in the 50s where no one even knew what that was. You know, for iodine for thyroid, he was just a renegade guy. And I took that to heart since I've gotten to practice. I've gotten, you know, probably 12 post-graduate degrees to study just human physiology. I've been obsessed with outcome. People think I'm a business guy, but I'm really a clinician by heart. So he was one, probably one of my…

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Find it, find it, fix it, leave it alone.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  It's not done. Who else? Dr. Mark Wurking, who was a gun-seductant I worked under who became a personal friend. May I rest in peace? He passed about two years ago, but he really guided me well on this journey. And a lot of people in the business world that too many to count to really understand value is hugely important. I think I, in the beginning, I was so passionate, but I didn't understand value. And I learned that over time from so many greats.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  No, it's really great. It's one of my favorite questions to ask during this. And then, you know, I close out with something of a miracle story. What have you seen over your 25-year career, something that just sticks with you, that just kind of almost brings you tears just thinking about it?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Yeah, two of my favorite stories. Well, it's hard to pick the one with the little girl who came in with neck pain. And she was 11 and she looks at her mom. And I say, is there any other things you're dealing with? She looks at the mom and she, mom says, it's okay. And the girls starts crying. She says, well, I've been vomiting. I, well, you know, how often? And she's like, like a hundred times a day. And I start, in a sense, laughing at that she was kidding. Like, well, no, I do. But I don't projectile. Sometimes it's just my mouth. And the mom says she's going to Mayo Clinic and they're going to cut a piece of her diaphragm off and they're going to wrap that piece of diaphragm around her esophagus and sew it down so she never vomit. So they're going to Mayo because she's losing the nambor teeth, ulcerations. Just rotting, yeah. Liding inside that she's 11. She can't go out of her friend. She can't go to lunch. She can't do anything. Smells. I'm going to lose her teeth, breath smells. So it's like destructive. So I adjust this little girl. I check her and I see subluxation around the upper sphincter of the stomach. And I was like, you know what? I don't fix vomiting, but I hope to remove a condition called a subluxation. We talk through it. And then after like two, three adjustments, it's crazy to her mom say crying and saying my daughter only vomited about 30 times today. But just beyond my mind to even register or write that down is beyond even recognition for me. Well, within four weeks later, she never vomited again. And they canceled the surgery at Mayo Clinic. And the moving part for me is a year later to the day they told me she didn't vomit. I get this big plaque of a guy holding a little kid's hand facing the beach, like holding the hand from behind. And she sent me a handwritten letter, the little girl saying it's been one year today that I didn't vomit. You canceled my server, you changed my life, you improved my friendships, this whole long letter. And I broke down and I took a picture of it, sent it to my sister and I just started the franchise. And she's in the military Naval Academy grad in the Middle East. And four days later, a week later, she resigns from the Navy and says, I'm coming on board. And she became the president of the franchise and says, if I could be part of anything, that can do that to a person, it's more than I'm doing now. So that was real touching, obviously, a kid to write that letter was just, you know, changed my life really, really inspired me.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Man, that is so good. Well, I mean, it touches me just to hear these stories and to know that, you know, we can make an impact on people's lives. And I was just telling you, I went up to Alaska and I did three weeks of screenings and there was this little girl that came over and I had this little spinning wheel out in front and she spun it and she goes, special, what's a special? And I go, well, you have to have your parents over here in order to get, you know, a prize with us, but it's a special to come see the chiropractor. And she's like, oh my gosh, my daddy needs a chiropractor and he's not here with us. So she runs over and gets her mom and brings her mom over and she's like, mom, I want dad a special. And like the wife starts telling me dad was hit in a car and has messed up his low back and not functioning well. And this little girl like brought her mom over, made her sign up dad because she won the special on the wheel.


JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Right? And it's, it's those, those moments that make us remember like why I stood out there for 12 hours that day in the pouring rain trying to save people's lives from drugs or surgery. Because this is a theme that we tell people. If I don't tell you the truth today about chiropractic, someone else will eventually convert you to drugs or surgery and this little girl comes over and wins the special. Then we, I don't know, we, we scheduled her dad. I don't, you know, work in the office. I don't get that like feedback or that satisfaction to know that we're changing these lives. But the story that you just shared is like, it's a, it's a bonder, right? It bonds you to like the mission of why you continuously do what we do.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  Yeah. It drives you to, you know, it's such a beautiful thing for the mission that those of us in the business and scaling and building offices. If you're mission based, it's just a different journey in life. It's a, you see the world in a different way, you experience more. You have a higher consciousness when you're on purpose, when you're telling the truth, when you're, have the chance to impact someone's life. So I, I don't regret one minute, one day, one hour of this journey in Chiro. I, I'm just blessed from day one to now. My excitement enhances per day. It doesn't, to the fire does not get lessened any day on this journey.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I'm 25 years, I'm 15 years in the making. Is there anything I didn't ask you that you would like to share with your audience today before I get them to go to check out your websites?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  No, I think what I started saying in the beginning is mindset. I just, just realized that you are, you, you're a servant of, of society and it's not about you. So once you realize it's not about you, all your limiting beliefs will go away. You get yourself into the way of your impact, of your success, of your abundance, of your prosperity because you're adding stories in the way of you being a servant. It's not about you. It's about what you do. It's what you can provide. It's what your innate genius is to serve. So when you separate yourself in a selfless way, all of that ego and all of the doubts and all of the insecurities just melt away because you're on mission, you're on purpose and you, you're a servant of society. And when you get to that point, nothing will be in your way.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So 40 clinics are already operational running. What's next?

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  We're on aggressive growth trend to go to 100. We've had, you know, a year and a half of slowdown is speed up to rebuild some infrastructural components to align life, so we're really excited about where we're at now and we are excited about the growth ahead. So yeah, we're ready to serve the next large group of chiropractors that are looking for, you know, our three uniques, which is diversified revenue streams, peace of mind through monthly occurring revenue, and durability through multiple doctors or multiple practices. Those three things unified together will provide you a dream practice that most people are looking for.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):,, check out Dr. Joe. Appreciate you joining forces with us and supporting Chiro Hustle. It's been a long time coming and I'm thankful to have you on board.

DR JOSEPH ESPISITO DC (GUEST):  I look forward to your thousandth episode. I think you're on a mission and I can feel it in your energy and what you're doing. I just appreciate what you're doing. You're doing it for the right reasons, for the right purpose. I appreciate everything you do.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I close out every show the same way. I tell everyone you're just one story away. Keep hustling. I'll see you guys on the next episode. Thank you, Dr. Joe. I'll see you soon. Thank you. All right.


JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Thanks for listening to Chiro Hustle. Don't forget to subscribe and check back next week to continue hustling with the greatest influencers in the profession on the world's number one chiropractic podcast. Please remember to give us a 5-star rating on iTunes to continue hustling.

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