January 20, 2022

Be At Home in the World with Chiropractic with Dr Gabrielle Goldach DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 319

From a young age, Dr. Gab was drawn to the work of helping people to live more gently, fully, and naturally in their bodies. She knew that she wanted to pursue a life of having trust in the innate capacity of her body, without the use of medications and surgeries to make alterations from the outside in. She wanted to live a life driven from the inside out, and assist others in doing the same.

We all know the saying in chiropractic: you don’t find chiropractic, chiropractic finds you, and dr. gab’s story is certainly no exception.

When she was just four years old, she remembers being carted to her mom’s chiropractic appointments. While all of the clicking and popping she heard in those appointments didn’t hold the same meaning for her as it does now, she was heavily impacted by the results, as it prevented her mom from having surgery. As a child who hated to go to the medical doctor for fear of what would be done to her, the chiropractor became the first type of doctor that she actually looked forward to going to see.

Dr. Gab took her education, love of chiropractic, and passion for novelty all around the world upon graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri in 2018. She spent several years practicing internationally in Norway, Spain, Singapore, and Belgium (an absolute favorite!). Each of these places has forever left an imprint on her heart and her hands, altering the way she steps up to serve the people of this world.

After several years of not only meeting, but colliding, with some of the most incredible people this planet has to offer, she felt like she needed to land on both feet in a place that felt familiar to her, where she could reconnect with her roots, and most importantly, with herself. So she landed back in the very place that raised her — Columbus, Ohio.

Her practice, The Inside Space: a family chiropractic studio, was born shortly after her arrival stateside.

To Dr. Gab, The Inside Space is so much more than a practice. This is a place where life happens. Where people come to experience the full range of emotions. Where people come to liberate. Where people come to heal.

It is a place in which people come to live, come to be, come to see, and be seen.

In the process of creating and growing The Inside Space, she has gotten to learn that she possesses a huge passion for things like branding, interior design, and content creation (oh no—SHE’S SAID IT!). She has grown so fond of these three things because she feels that this is a beautiful way to express the authenticity that resonates within us out into the physical world, to be shared, to be felt, and to be experienced in real-time.

She has a big fire for building community, and furthermore, creating and cultivating open and loving environments that welcome the spread of knowledge, wisdom in all things perinatal and pediatric.

She is ecstatic to see where The Inside Space will take her and the local community of Columbus.

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