March 24, 2024

Bio and Primal Resonance and Vibe Technology with Dr Steven Schwartz DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 546

Dr. Steven Schwartz is the founder and President of Bioharmonic Technologies, which is a human optimization technology and therapeutic music company created to raise the vibration of the planet and harmonize humanity using sound, light, frequency, and vibration.

Since 2000, he has been specializing in the bioenergetic correction of systemic inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases, allergies, and chronic pain, as well as the optimization of human performance.

He has been the clinic director and chief over-seeing practitioner of numerous multidisciplinary alternative integrative medicine facilities throughout Colorado.

Dr. Steve studied Sports Medicine and Biology at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College.

He is an exemplary lecturer and teacher that has educated countless doctors, healthcare practitioners and the general public on integrating a new understanding of human physiology along with new cutting-edge technologies.

He is a visionary technology designer, sonic alchemist and evolutionary performance expert, who has developed numerous vibrational-based technologies and biofeedback systems since 2007, with his most recent product called the V.I.B.E.S. (Vibrational Individualized Body Enhancement System).
Dr. Schwartz’s practice philosophy has always been to access physiology at the point of origination, the level of cellular communication, and the level of bioresonance, which supersedes biochemistry. Bioresonance can correct biochemistry, quickly, naturally and non-invasively.

He knows that, the more people who believe in their own greatness, the more humanity can evolve as a collective species.


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LUKE MILLETT (PRODUCER):  Hey guys, welcome to episode 546 of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. I’m your producer, Luke Millet, and here’s your host, James Chester.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So today we had the opportunity of interviewing Dr. Steven Schwartz. If you want to hear about bio-resonants, primal resonance, and vibe technology, and how it can help with chronic inflammation, stay tuned. Welcome back! This is another episode of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. Today I have Steven Schwartz on Dr. 5, as you can see. This guy is just really exceptional with some of the things that he has been working on. We’re going to talk about his book.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  We’re going to touch on a topic I’m really not very familiar with, which is bio-resonants, which seems to be something he’s really capable of discussing with us, and we’ll probably get some good target information on bio-resonants. And then he’s created something called the vibe technology. I’ve tried this technology personally. It’s pretty ingenious, and there’s a lot that goes into it. I’ll let him talk more about that. But before we get into episode 546, the Chiro Hustle Podcast, I let everybody know why. Why do we do what we do? First things first is freedom speech. We believe in the First Amendment. I had never censored anybody, even though me as a small guy that just produces a chiropractic podcast has been shadow banned and marginalized within the social media platforms. So I would never do that to someone else. Other things that we stand for are medical freedom and family health freedom. They’re not the same things, but chiropractic, I believe, is the last spot between medical freedom and medical tyranny. So we had to support this beautiful profession. And then we get into more philosophical parts of this profession, which are subluxation and the universal intelligence and sacred trust. If you want to know more about what the sacred trust is, go search for B.J. Palmer’s Last Words. And that will teach you a whole lot more about chiropractic than you previously knew. And then subluxation shouldn’t have to be mentioned in a chiropractic podcast, but it is because they’re taking it outside the school. So my fee for you is to share the show. Share the show with chiropractic students, share it with chiropractic colleges, get it on these campuses that are trying to remove philosophy with subluxation and intelligence and universal intelligence out of these curriculums. So that’s my fee for everybody. Let’s just share it. Share it with the up-and-comer. Share it with somebody that needs to hear this message. And then lastly, the reason I mentioned inate intelligence, universal intelligence, because we believe that when men are willing to physical, get to justify chiropractor, it connects them to men are willing to spiritual. And with that, this is episode 546, Dr. Stephen. Welcome to the show.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  Thank you, James. I’m really excited to be on your show. I didn’t realize that. So you’re saying that they’ve taken subluxation off the campuses? That’s in no-no word now?

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Probably out of the 18 campuses that I last knew that were on US soil, they’re removing the lexicon and telling people it’s an antiquated terminology. And that it’s historical reference only, and it doesn’t exist.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  Interesting. What do they replace it with?

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Intersegmental dysfunction.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  Intersegmental dysfunction. I mean, in all fairness, subluxation is not really the, I think of subluxation as like your bone out of play, you know, like, I have a subluxated joint. But that’s the original traditional word. I see that. I see that. That’s an interesting. Process that a little bit.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I feel you. And I didn’t think it was a thing either until back in 2016, I go over to speak at a college in southern England, which was called, it was in Burmeth, called the AECC, the Anglo-European Carapractic College. And I made a movie called Carapractic for the documentary. And I took it around Europe and took it to a handful of Carapractic colleges and a few schools and a conference over there. And it was kind of a big thing. And then we took it toward it through Mexico. We also have a translated in Spanish so people could learn about the history of this profession. So I went over there and one of the people that was in charge of the institution came up to me and said, hey, just let you know when you address the students, we can’t talk about three things. And I went with those B. And they said, well, you can’t mention subluxation and you can’t talk about any intelligence or universal intelligence. Wow. So you know what I did, Dr. Stephen? I addressed the students before we showed the movie. We showed the whole movie, by the way. And I said, I was informed that in order for me to speak to you guys tonight, I couldn’t talk about three things.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  And I mentioned them. What was the third thing?

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  An intelligence, universal intelligence, and the word subluxation.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  I got a couple of them. Okay, innate universal.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yep. So they’re like, you can’t talk about these things.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  They’re essentially knocking out the whole philosophical aspect of chiropractic.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yep. So I, my feed of people that listen to this show is to just share it so that those things don’t get removed from the lexicon and the languaging.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  So that’s it. Well, I think it’s interesting just to not to get off the topic here, but I think it’s really interesting because I was in clinical practice from 2000 to 2016, 15. And then there’s been this, I’ve started developing technologies between 2015, well, the vibrational technologies since 2015, so basically present. And now I’ve been reintroduced back into the profession. And it’s amazing because I see the next generation. I’ve been meeting a lot of new chiropractors coming out of school. And like I was saying, I was just at the Cell Corps conference and some other chiropractors in areas. And they’re like star seed chiropractors. It’s kind of what I feel like the Palmer’s really were trying to manifest back in 1895 or in the turn of last century. And then there was this whole like, you know, the Mercedes 80s and everything went on in the 90s and in 2000s. But now all the, all the, all the indigo children that really are feeling resonant with this holistic, more Western approach, which is known as chiropractic, I feel it’s actually has a window of really stepping into its, into its highest expression of itself. Probably first time ever, I think it’s, it’s putting on the, it’s pants. So now I didn’t know that it’s being regulated. That kind of takes away from a little bit.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So before I get into your story, I have a couple questions for you. Have you been adjusted by any of these, these new age youngster chiropractors?

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  I have actually. I’ve had some really good experiences. And a lot of them are very open to a lot of energy work. They became really like the people I’m thinking of really dove into, I think what I call like, you know, the titans of the, of, of chiropractic, you know, dejone and good heart. And so I think almost those guys are almost what I’d say like almost like lost, lost knowledge in the chiropractic profession. So I think it’s exciting. When I used to study them in school, they were the true wizards. You know, I’ve read those textbooks like, what are these guys? What were they channeling? It was all channel information. You’re reading this book. I mean, we don’t learn about channeling in chiropractic school, but my whole practice really shifted into energy based medicine after I came out of chiropractic school. And I graduated from New York chiropractic college, which I thought was a pretty, you know, medically centered school, which I really enjoyed my experience there. But we didn’t. We learned about chiropractic philosophy, but you know, it was more like scientific base, which I liked, but my soul really enjoyed digging into the, into the past, you know, the foundation that that started this profession. So and even magnetic healing, like what was it? What was D.D. Palmer doing as a magnetic healer in the 1800s? Did you ever think about that?

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Oh, I think about a plenty. And as I may be in a non chiropractor, me thinking about this profession as a whole, I get a different like scope and a different looking glass to look at it because I talked to so many practitioners. And my, what I gather is the youngsters don’t have good adjusting technique. They don’t know how to do like applied like, um, gonset moves. Like they’re all trying to be more energetic and less like, let’s correct. Less physical. Yes, less physical.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  You know what I think the thing about chiropractors, you go to a thousand offices, you’re going to get a thousand different adjustments, which is the blessing and the curse of our profession, you know, that’s the, that’s the philosophy. Um, you know, I, I really, even in terms of, of what I, what my practice has turned into, um, I love that I’m a chiropractor. Um, I love identifying as a chiropractor. The problem is when I talk about my, they say, Oh, what kind of doctor do I say? I’m a chiropractor and immediately everybody goes into, Oh, you know, oh, my neck hurts, my shoulder hurts, my back hurts. And, and my background is actually in sports medicine. Like I went to undergrad for sports medicine. I went to chiropract school for sports medicine. I wanted to work with Olympians and Olympic, um, extreme sport athletes. That was where my mind was, but within my first year of moving to Denver, Colorado, right out of school, I had my spiritual awakening and next day I know the floodgates open. I came to San Diego and I learned about, um, kinesiology, muscle reflex testing, energy medicine, that was all new, but my body was getting a full by like this. Why? Like, wow, like it just, it was like filling in a lot of blanks that I didn’t have in school. And my practice transformed overnight and really the next 16 years to date to present is hardcore bio energetic and bio resonance technologies. And I adjust, I adjust when I feel people need to be adjusted. I’m a really good, ossius adjuster. Um, doc, Dr. Ken Padgett was the president of New York chiropractic college at the time. And I remember there was a big pushback from students because we didn’t learn all the bio energetic, um, techniques. And you know what he said? He goes, you can always learn those techniques, but there’s, there’s a technique to being able to adjust somebody’s spine, like to really move a bone. And, um, and I, I enjoyed it. I mean, I, I learned a lot in chiropractic school and I feel, um, I, I enjoy that I have these skills of, of adjusting and resetting the bones, like just like the ancient bone centers of the Mayans. I’m living here in Tulum, Mexico. I feel that I’m a chiropractor. But if I go back even further, my lineage, I was probably an ancient Mayan bone center.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, I, I just listen into like you described like the, uh, the love of the profession really matters because, you know, coming from your position as, you know, an adjuster to now, a energetic guy. And I think that they kind of coalesce with each other. You can’t have one without the other. And I think that every chiropractor works with the subtle energies of the body, whether it’s a, I’m going to go instead, like, you know, drop, drop table, you are going to, whatever it is type of adjustment that people are doing. There’s always a shift. And like you said, the reason that chiropractic is easy to come at is because everybody does a little bit different. So I spoke a couple of years ago at a, at a philosophy night up in Boulder for the mile high philosophy night. And my talk was on unity through diversity. And I said that if I go to 10 offices, everybody’s going to have a different technique. So I was like support and love on every practitioner in this room, take each one out to lunch, like meet with each other, support each other and love this profession more rather than say, I do it differently than they do it wrong. So I said, if that’s the case, then we need to become a lot more sensitive with the understanding of what this profession really is. And all of you guys are healers. And all of you guys are right. And all of you guys are credentialed. And I said, for that matter, even the person that becomes the last in class as a doctor, there’s still a doctor.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  Well, you know what they, you know what they said, my first day in orientation when we started chiropractic school, they said, D’s and C’s make D C’s. And you know what my, one of my dear bestest chiropractic buddies, Mark Habif, if you’re listening to this podcast, I’ll give you a shout out. He was definitely that D and C guy. And I think he’s one of the best chiropractors. I know and you know what he’s ready to retire and do something else, but he kicks him over in a whole time, but he runs a really awesome practice and he’s really heart centered and he’s been able to create a very beautiful light frame self and he’s got a lovely wife and two sons and he’s helping a lot of people.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And see, that’s another thing is chiropractic is an identity and a chiropractor looks at another chiropractor says if they want to go do something different and do something outside of just sitting over a table adjusting people that they’ve somehow abandoned the profession or they’re somehow no longer a chiropractor anymore or they’re doing the wrong things and they got lost longer way or whatever. But I think when you have a career doing anything, you can choose to do something new.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  Exactly. So, in fact, people ask me that’s the number one question I get. They say, Dr. Schwartz, you don’t do chiropractic anymore. And you know what I say? I said, I’m doing the highest expression of chiropractic because chiropractic is not about neck pain, back pain and headaches. Not about adjusting your neck and spine. It’s about removing interference from your nervous system. And what’s happened over and I noticed this in my, over my, my career, there’s an interesting point in time I graduated in 1998. So like in the end of the 90s into the beginning of 2000s, if just look at like humanity, there was really this shift from like even in 2007 when I developed my first biofeedback system, you know apps didn’t even exist tablets did not exist in 2007. So go back seven years prior, we were not bombarded with all this negative electromagnetic fields. We didn’t have 5G, you know, people still sat around and just watch like regular television. We had like cable TV and things like that. It wasn’t, there’s no streaming. You know, there was still genetically modified foods, but kind of at a different level, you know, things went to this hyper toxic, hyper synthetic, hyper, hyper vibrational, negative, positive and negative area that went through this transition into the new millennium. And it’s been building through really if I go esoteric through the end of the mind calendar 2012 and now into 2020 and beyond where we’re in this energetic space, more ingrained now than ever before. And so when they asked me if I’m ever doing, if I do chiropractic anymore, it’s the highest expression because I used to, I learned this in chiropractic school. You learned about three, the three reflexes. Is that okay if I share about the three reflexes?

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  For sure, for sure, for sure.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  You have the somatosomatoe reflex that’s body to body, my neck hurts. I adjust the spine, boom, now my neck doesn’t hurt anymore. The somato visceral, that’s like, oh, I have asthma and I went to my chiropractor and you adjust my neck. He’s a, or she is a total wizard. I don’t know, it’s weird. Now my asthma got better or my cold got better or something like visceral like that. And then the third one is the visceral somatic reflex. And these are the ones that people are coming in with all kinds of conditions, whether it’s like, you know, respiratory dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, whatever is stuff’s going on. They have that, that subluxation, well, I’m not sure these are, it’s intersegmental dysfunction that, that is, that is always out and it’s never, the chiropractors are always adjusting the same thing over and over and over again and it never gets adjusted because it’s not that the chiropractor doesn’t know what they’re doing. It’s because they’re not addressing the visceral somatic response. And that was my entire practice. I used, that used to drive me crazy and I’m like, okay, I don’t want to just sit there and just the same thing over and over again. Like what is that imbalance that the circuit breaker, the spine is off, just like a, just like, you know, you end up tripping a circuit. There’s something in that chain of command that keeps triggering this, that spine to go out, that intersegmental dysfunction. I’m excited to use this, by the way. I’m totally working this into my new curriculum. And so that takes me into working into cellular memory, bio resonance, chronic inflammation, toxicity, infectious agents, infection, vaccines, if the V word is just as poisonous now as the C word. You can’t say V, you can’t say C. So these were all the areas, but we started to work in accessing the nervous system from the inside out. And if you go back to DD and BJ Palmer above down inside out, these guys were working with visceral somatic reflexes, D. Jean-Ann. I mean, these all, and good heart, the people I referenced earlier, when you read their stuff, it was all organ based, all organ based. And so now how do you address them? You know, we do muscle reflex testing to all the different organs of the body and then work with working with the peripheral nerves that would be triggered and cause that visceral somatic reflex. So along my journey, I mean, I created this technology called the VIB which we’ll talk about soon, but I also worked with this laser system. And I created a whole system called neurocircuit repatterning. And it was a kinesiological system where I would muscle test, I would do all the nerve root testing of C1 all the way down to L5. And then I would see which nerve roots are off. And then I would see what organ reflexes were associated with them and see which ones them are off. Then I used a laser. And then with that laser, I would go through and I would use either red or infrared depending on what I wanted to treat. And I would stimulate the nerve root and the organs, clear out that system. And then if there was a third level, if there was still something stuck, it was a cellular memory, some kind of emotional thing. And then we do a whole clearing process there. Miracles. I’ve always wanted to teach that class actually. That was another, that’s one of my programs that I worked with neurocircuit repatterning. It doesn’t exist because I created it. But if you Google it, you’re not going to find it. That’s why I took my name. But it’s a really specialized laser kinesiological program. And it works with the same thing. How do you clear cellular memory? How do you clear the visceral somatic reflex?

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  You know, usually I listen to the next question go, but like, this is like really special because it goes back to old school philosophy. There’s three things that cause a vertebral subluxation, that’s traumas or toxins. And there’s three different levels of it. And there’s old school philosophy that says the body needs nothing extra in it. It simply needs no interference. So when you clear the interference, the body’s a self healing organism. It’s not mechanistic at all. But if you can find that root cause and you could pinpoint that with laser, you could pinpoint that with, you know, muscle testing, muscle testing and then adjusting with like an Osteous adjustment on top of that. Now we’re clearing multiple layers within a person. And now we’re basically on subluxating their nervous system. We’re allowing the body to flow the way it was meant to. And now their pattern is not going to be present long term. You’re actually going in there and bio hacking the pattern of the misalignment, whether it’s a scoliotic shift and it’s getting worse or whether it’s forward head posture and you have a locked atlas. Like when you go in and hit that nerve root, it allows the body to chill. So it goes into parasympathetic and then you adjust and it takes the pressure off that nerve system. Now the body’s able to actually readapt. And that’s really the root of chiropractic is adaptability.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  Exactly. And that’s what we did. That’s what I’m saying. It’s the highest expression of chiropractic. And because the vibration has raised over the last 20 years and it’s always raising. But you know, when we’re talking about Harvey Lillard in like 1895, being able to restore his hearing with a controversial subluxation and subluxation adjustment, you know what? That was an energetic treatment in 1895. But where we were more dense and there wasn’t this interference around us with all these things, when you raise to a different now and we’re in this soup of energetics, it’s important to also match the dysfunction with functional energetics because we are, hey, repeat after me. I talked about this in my book. We are physical manifestations.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  We are physical manifestations.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  Of our own. Of our own. Energetic expressions.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Energetic expressions.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  We are energy first and a physical expression of that second. And I talk about that in detail in my book. Can’t see it all blurred out. But any of our primal resonance, discover the secrets to health, vitality and optimal human performance. It specifically talks about chronic systemic inflammation, which I wrote in 2014. We talked about a new epidemic in America. And I wrote this in 2014. It came out 2015. And you know what that is? Chronic systemic inflammation. Nobody’s dying from COVID. People are dying from chronic systemic inflammation. They get a co infection or something like that. And that’s another thing we’re not going to get into here during this call. But that concept of the epidemic is widespread. And how do we clear that? How do we effectively reduce chronic systemic inflammation? And that’s why we are living in this toxic world. The food that we eat, the air that we breathe, the water that we drink. And you know what? The most toxic pillar of them all? The one I didn’t say. The air that we breathe. The water that we drink, the thoughts that we think are more toxic. They cause more energetic disruption in our bodies than all the rest. Because you can have contaminated water and you can put energy of love and light and higher vibration into it and transmute the water with your own mind. And you can drink it. And the chance of you getting sick is less. You can also completely poison perfectly good water with your own thoughts as well too.

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JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, the energetic shift to humanities at all times high because I do believe that we’re being bombarded constantly. And I interviewed Tim O’Shea for my first movie and he said that we don’t have a lack of information. This is in 2015. And he said we have influx of too much information and we don’t know what to choose. We don’t know who to listen to. We get 20 different people talking about the same thing with different opinions on it. He goes, so to find the real truth of a topic, it’s really challenging for people and exhaust people and they just want to put it down. So I think that that’s what we’ve done. They call it input esphasia. You get too much information going or too much input of energy that people just want to shut down. And that’s why we have people that aren’t very energetic and they’re not go-getters and they’re not high level vigilant and they’re not charismatic because they’re complacent because there’s too much energy on them and there’s too many choices.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  Well and I think that actually segues really well into the vibe, the vibe system. Because one of the aspects that I was sitting in is if your body, here’s the question I asked myself. So really it all originated from, I had an idea because we had the three pillars, the three pillars of my practice was how do you reduce inflammation, how do you clear cellular memory and how do you balance the body? That was my equation and I had something called, we went through the causal chain progression. We went and treat symptoms. It was all causal. It was how do we clear information at the top to give the body the information to restore itself, to work normal. If you’re having an allergy, and if you have, if you’re having information that’s coming in that’s blocking your system, negative information, then if we can put positive information, it’s going to create positive chemistry. It’s kind of just that simple. So why would somebody have a food allergy to dairy? Like all that is, and if you read in my book that’s a whole chapter on elimination of allergies, it’s an awesome chapter. We talked specifically on the cause root cause of allergies, but really it’s like the primary allergy, there’s two kinds of allergies, primary allergies, secondary allergies. Primary allergy is literally a glitch in the nervous system. Somehow your mind and your environment got crossed with a stimulus and boom, your nervous system is now having this response. So Dr. Namboudropod, the NAET, and Namboudropod’s allergy elimination technique. She was the queen of eliminating primary allergies. However, if it was a secondary allergy, meaning that it’s coming from another source, and now you’re having allergy symptoms, there was some other factors that needed to be addressed. So I’d ask myself, why would that computer system get scrambled? Why would that happen in the first place? Usually it goes back to something emotional, usually something exposed to some kind of toxin. There’s something in the food, there’s something in the water, there’s something, and it all gets looped together, but we’ve had miracles where literally you just, you know, let’s just use dairy. Somebody, you know, they have explosive diarrhea every time they consume ice cream or something. And this is a case study. Boom, we treat them for dairy next to you know they can eat ice cream, that’s a miracle. Primary allergy, and if it doesn’t work, means it’s a secondary allergy, I mean there’s something feeding into it. But our bodies are that smart that we can reprogram the computer very easily, but also if we’re not getting the reactions, if we’re not getting the response that we’re expecting, it’s because we are missing something and we’re not paying attention to the language that the body is expressing to us. I’m down in Mexico, I’m trying to learn Spanish, I’m working really hard at that. But one language that I am really fluent at is the language of human physiology. And it speaks in terms of stillness and in terms of symptoms.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So, do people come to you ever when they’re like not like a pain responsive thing and they’re like, doc, I want them to go just go make more money. Can you help me like do that? Are they like, hey doc, I want to fall in love. Can you help me do that or doc? I’m really having a really tough time on getting fit. Can you help me do that? Like are you finding the way that you’re able to communicate and get breakthroughs with people go to a different plateau outside of neck pain, back pain headaches?

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  Love that. That is, thank you for asking a question. My 16 years in clinical practice, I spent working and specializing in reversing chronic illness. The worst of the worst people in Denver, Colorado. And I’m trying to talk about bio resonance and people are like, just go see, you know, weird doctor, Dr. Viben is voodoo. I wasn’t Dr. Viben then. I was Dr. Steven Schwartz. Go see the voodoo guy. And they didn’t really understand it, but they knew we got results. And what was interesting is I separated from there and now I kind of started solar life in California. Now I’m living down to Loom. And really, like I said, when I wrote my book, it’s about discovering secrets to health, vitality and optimal human performance. Like when you’re sick, you’re like down here. Okay, like, can you please help me with my headaches? Can you help me with my, with my ear to bow? Can you help me with my fibromyalgia? Can you help me with my chronic pain? Can you help me? Help me with all these things, all these symptoms? Okay. Okay. So now this is the question you just asked. If you don’t have any of those things anymore, what do you want after that? What do you want next? And you know how many people that they look at you like, what are you talking about? They can’t even imagine a life beyond there. So I love you ask that question. And it’s the same continuation. It’s optimal human performance. So if you go, I have something, I have a digital business card. I think you actually, you have it. I gave it to you when we met. And it says, Dr. Stephen Schwartz, evolutionary performance expert. And really that job is, okay, cool. You’re in pain. Let’s get you out of pain. But really, how do we get you to the next level? These are in quantum world, I call them interdimensional portals. How do we align you to a new dimensional reality? And here’s the secret of your choosing, of your choosing. What do you want? And we ask this question all the time with the vibe. We haven’t necessarily gotten into what that is or defining what that technology is. Is it okay if I just state what that is?

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Absolutely, absolutely. That was one of the things I wanted to touch on, but we got so deep into the… It’s all related. Yeah, we got so deep in the metaphysics of what chiropractic is.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  Well, we’re not even talking about chiropractic. We’re talking about human physiology. And you’re talking about an adjustment, like a chiropractic table. Okay, lay on this table. You have drop tables. The thing goes up and down. It raises this way in that way. You can… In the video, I was getting these multi-directional traction, lumbar and cervical traction. I’ve seen them in the whole bed with vibrating. I’ll send you the video. It’s hilarious. Amazing, amazing. I got that done, Dr. Andrew Becker’s clinic in complete wellness chiropractic in Denver, Colorado. I was getting that done, but really, what was amazing is this vibe is kind of an advanced chiropractic table because it works specifically with clearing cellular memory. And it’s not a vibration table, the vibe, it stands for vibrational, repeat after me, vibrational, individualized, body, enhancement, system. It’s a vibe system. It’s a vibrational individualized body enhancement system. It’s not a bed, it’s not a couch, it’s not a chair. It’s its own thing. It’s a vibe. It’s a vibe system. And why we developed it as a delivery system for specialized music called sonic pseudicals. Sonic pseudicals. And I formulated them very specifically as if you would take a homeopathic or an herb or a concoction, you put all these different things in it. It has different brainway states, sacred geometry, mathematical ratios, specific for the connective tissue. A variety of other ingredients, frequency-based ingredients, all created in this contemporary music that we broadcast through this full-body process for clearing cellular memory. And it’s a process known as body hypnosis. We’re all familiar with brain entrainment, right? Oh, it’s on your head. It’s not all in your head. It’s all in your tissues. The issues are in your tissues. And the brain in your head is the relaxation of input from the universe. Wait, I can’t talk about universal intelligence. It comes in from our external environment. And it comes in through the field. And it gets interpreted through the skin, through the most intricate part of our nervous system, the living connective tissue matrix, which feeds into the fascia, which feeds into other areas. And it plugs into the peripheral nerves. It plugs into the cranial nerves and into your spinal cord. And then all that information is then interpreted through the brain. And then the brain starts releasing all this chemistry. And then it feeds that back out. And you might ask, what chemistry? It depends on the input. So if your input, your negative input, just 5G input, you’ve got to fight with your partner, your boss. You know, you would Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, whatever, walking down the street, people honking their horns, your McDonald’s fast food, I can’t say McDonald’s. Fast food, whatever input is coming into your body, then that’s creating negative chemistry. However, if all of that is going to create negative chemistry, what if you lay in the field of harmonic resonance, then it’s going to do exactly the same thing except it’s going to create positive chemistry? It has to because this is how our nervous system works. We learned about this first trimester in neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, how it works. Depolarization versus repolarization. And it airs going both directions. And I think what’s so fascinating about our nervous system is think about how easy it is to create a habit. Like, you can watch a movie and next to you know you’re having digestive issues and you’re having all these thoughts about like that movie for weeks and potentially for the rest of your life by watching a stupid movie. Why can’t you just lay in a field of harmonic resonance and create something totally new coupled with your intention? And that is the magic ingredient. When I talk about that, it’s called the genie’s lamp phenomenon. I talk about this in my book. There’s three ingredients to the genie’s lamp phenomenon. You want to take a guess what they are? Thoughts? That’s even more basic. You know about the genie’s about a genie, right? You got your wishes? So you got three components. You got the genie, right? You got it’s lamp. I wish. And you got the wishes. So but you have a lamp and the story goes that you know this poor soul is traipsing through the desert and they see this oasis and he comes across this lamp. And you know what? Just because what’s inside the lamp?


DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  The genie. The genie is inside the lamp waiting for something to come and how do they activate the lamp?

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Intentional. They rub it.

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  That’s the whole thing. You get your three wishes from the genie’s. The genie. But until you rub the lamp, that genie is sitting inside of that lamp for perpetuity. You got somebody needs to come along and rub the lamp. So how are you going to rub? So what is the lamp? The lamp is the body. What’s the genie? It’s your thoughts, your attention. And how do you rub it? That’s how you activate. And so the vibe is one way of getting that cellular rubbing of our connective tissue coupled with your intention to create a new energetic expression of yourself, a new dimensional reality of yourself, interdimensional portals. And that’s what the vibe is.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So at this segment, we’re almost at the end of our time. If people want to work with you, they want to learn more about you. Where are some places we can send people to?

DR STEVEN SCHWARTZ DC (GUEST):  Yeah. So probably the best way to connect with me personally, we have, we actually have four Instagram channels. All over Instagram. And actually I would love it. Anybody listening here? All four of them, three of the four got hacked. So we’re building, so if you go there, it doesn’t seem like Dr. Vibe has any followers. We’re literally starting. We have like 200 followers in the last month. So we’re just getting things started. But you can find me at Dr. DR, underscore Stephen Schwartz, S-T-E-V-E-N, Schwartz, S-C-H-W-A-R-T-Z. You can find me there. Bioharmonic Technologies is my company. We haven’t even spoken about my company. But that is my company has been founded since 2007. And I make therapeutic music. We’ve been running all kinds of, that’s what we program. That’s the Vibe system, the Vibration and Vibration Body on Hands-width system. It’s through Bioharmonic Technologies. And that’s B-I-O-H-A-R-M-O-N-I-C technologies. And you also, it’s if you want to find our website. And then also my book, Primal, it’s Read, R-E-A-D, Space, Primal Resonance. Read Primal Resonance. Not residence, but like resonance, like resonant frequency. And the last Instagram is Vibro phile, VIBRO PH, I-L-E. And that’s the world’s first immersive music app. It hosts all of our music and all of our sonic pseudicals. And so whether you have another vibrating technology that accepts music or you want to get aligned with Dr. Vibe and the Vibes system, you get a prescription, you can get a subscription to our app Viberfile. Follow us there. And then like I said, our website is Bioharmonic And I have a personal website, Dr. Stephen I have an online course that you can see through our website and we teach how to make immersive somatic music. It’s really an amazing course on quantum physics and music essentially. And yeah, and then Facebook, Stephen Schwartz. And that’s all my places you can find me. I love talking about these things. I live down into Loom if you’re ever down here look me up. But I’m all over the world speaking and lecturing on these topics of the top 10 ways on how to reverse aging and degeneration using sound light frequency and vibration, how to clear cellular memory, interdimensional portals and how to step into the highest expression of yourself. That’s really what I’m all about and how we can raise the vibration of the planet and harmonize humanity using sound light frequency and vibration. And every vibe that is on this planet is its own mini vortex. So I know that it’s spreading good vibes every place we have it. So if you want to participate in spreading the vibes all around the world, connect with me and we can get you a vibe of your own.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Thank you. Well, Dr. Stephen, it’s a really great episode. Your episode 546 of the Chiro Hustle podcast. I just want everybody to consider doing a vibe session with you or more about your vibe technology. Take a sound bath. That’s my takeaway is I want people to take some sound baths with your vibe technology and check out his book Primal Resonance. It’ll help you deal with your chronic inflammation and any of your autoimmune diseases and your allergies. So that’s just really good stuff. And I learned a lot about bio resonance. If you guys had some takeaways, just share the show. That’s the fee that I ask of you guys that are watching this and that follow what we both do is just share this because there’s somebody out there that needs to hear these shows about chiropractic. And we are protecting the sacred trust and we are keeping things chiropractic over here with Chiro Hustle. So with that being said, Dr. Stephen, thank you for being our guest today. And I want everybody to, as I always close up, just keep hustling. You’re only one story way. I’ll see you guys in the next episode. Thanks a lot. Bye for now.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Thanks for listening to Chiro Hustle. Don’t forget to subscribe and give us a 5-star rating on iTunes to continue hustling.

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