January 8, 2018

Chiro Hustle Podcast 028 – Cyndy Shaft-Toll, DC

Dr. Cynthia Shaft-Toll was raised in a chiropractic family eventually numbering 22 in all in 3 generations. She was surrounded by chiropractors and spent much of her childhood listening in on seminars and conversations about the profession. The youngest of 3 children of Ray Elwart DC and Mary Elwart, her two siblings Dan Elwart DC and Linda Atkinson DC distinguished themselves in the profession as well. Linda held the first license to practice chiropractic on mainland China.

Dr. Shaft-Toll always wanted to be a chiropractor and finished high school early and accelerated the rest of her education graduating at age 22 as the youngest in her class as well as being a mother of 2 children. She eventually completed her family and now has 7 children and 8 grandchildren. She is married to William Toll IV.

The difficulties of balancing family life with practicing as a chiropractor inspired her to reach out to other WDCs and create a network of WDCs who are passionate about chiropractic. This led to the creation of Women Chiropractors, a nonprofit group working together to achieve these ideals.

Dr. Shaft-Toll has created a pilot program for struggling Doctors who have been out of chiropractic college for 2 years or have never been in practice because of health-related, pregnancy or other issues.

This program which is called ReEntry which is currently in the trial phase is already changing these Doctors lives for the better.

She enjoys speaking and sharing her love of chiropractic and spreading the word about the Women Chiropractors organization she founded.

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