May 8, 2024

Chiropractic is Inside ALL of us with Dr Eric Becking DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 559

The ultimate guru right here. He is ALL THINGS in the motivation and breakthrough department.

His leadership skills are unmatched in seeing our clients have long-term life changes. He is involved daily with live videos for clients on the program and consistently offers breakthrough coaching for people in need of transformation. He is a God lover and the originator of Becking Clinic.

The Doc is in and he is ready to serve! Get to know Dr. B. It just might change your life!


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Now let’s hustle!


LUKE MILLETT (PRODUCER):  Hey guys, welcome to episode 559 of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. I'm the producer, Luke Malette, and here's your host, James Chester.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So today we have the opportunity of interviewing Dr. Eric Becking. If you want to hear the story about how chiropractic is inside of all of us, stay tuned. Welcome back. This is another episode of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. And my hat says expect miracles. My shirt says expect miracles. We might just be expecting a few miracles today. On episode 559 we have Dr. Eric Becking. I'm over the moon excited because I was researching back on our time together. And I've interviewed Dr. Eric twice in person, live at events. And it's been an honor to get to know him over the first couple years of our relationship. And he's been a chiropractor 20 years, graduated from Logan down in the St. Louis area. And I know that there's going to be a lot of great things we're going to talk on today. But before we jump into this episode, I always let people know our big why. Why do we do what we do over here? And not to take anything away from this episode. But if you guys don't listen to this episode at all, I want you to hear this first intro bit because this is important. We do protect freedom of speech. It's a Second Amendment. That's so important. We've never censored anybody. We've never shadow banned anybody. Are any of those things that are like common today? So we have to actually tell people that we support freedom of speech because it's not so common anymore. We also believe in medical freedom and family health freedom. They're not the same thing. So take charge of your health and know that you should require more questions as to what's happening to you and your families as you develop a chiropractic lifestyle with us. We'll get a bit more philosophical. Chiro Hustle believes in protecting the sacred trust. That's BJ Palmer's last words. He was the developer of chiropractic. If you don't know what the sacred trust is, go and research BJ Palmer's last words right now. Stop this episode. Go and find out what BJ Palmer had to say about the sacred trust and why it's so important to chiropractic. And then we do support subluxation based chiropractic. And I always transition that right into innate intelligence and universal intelligence. We believe that when man or woman, the physical gets adjusted, it connects them to man or woman, the spiritual. And with that, Dr. Eric, welcome to the show.

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  Man, thank you. What a great monologue that you just rolled out. Powerful.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, you know, I honestly believe that a lot of times people lose themselves and other decisions and they don't know chiropractic is the right thing for them. So if I can just let them know that chiropractic is based on science, philosophy and art, then they're going to come into the profession with a different resonance. So I always like to also let people know that your friends, your family, your colleagues, your patients, your practice members, everybody in the mix is going to listen to this show. So this is a good opportunity for us to reintroduce you to everybody out there that loves and appreciates you, Dr. Eric.

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  Man, thank you.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Love that. Mm hmm. So your story, this is really my favorite part of all the segments that I do because I get a chance to hear how you got into this beautiful profession. So if you would share with our audience today, what inspired you to become a chiropractor?

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  And this is such a, I don't get to tell it very often, but I actually was telling that I got to tell it yesterday in practice. Somebody noticed my hand. And I got to tell the story. So I had a farm accident when I was 12 and I'll kind of, you can kind of see my hand here. I'll put it up here. But I lost my index finger and my thumb and they had to do reconstructive surgery and I spent a couple of years in and out of the main hospital in St. Louis Barnes Hospital, tons of hand therapy and all the medical, everything. And, but my hand therapist and my plastic surgeon were amazing humans. And they changed my life and the way they took care of me at a 12, you know, that was a, it was a massive accident. You know, I was an athlete. I was a popular kid and never in my life had I been dealt something that just, it just kind of rocked my whole world. So that was my life. I had to get a tutor and I was home, my home schooled me because I had to go to the doctor so much and man, it was a, I had to reinvent kind of myself and dealt with a lot of, you know, just overcoming new, you know, how am I going to do this? Even though I was right handed still, you know, my left hand is like, it's totally different now. So that happened. So fast forward, I guess maybe 10 years. I was just going on with life. You know, I had gotten married. I was, um, had already graduated college, really didn't have a huge plan with my life, but I was going to make a difference. But I ran into some of those spots where you're like, what am I going to do? Like what am I really going to do? I don't want to job. I had a good job and we were living in California. I always wanted to live out there and we were just kind of living our dream. We didn't have kids and we're just kind of like living our dream, man. I'm just taking it in. Cause I was like, you know, if not now, when am I going to do it? And that's kind of where we were. You know, we're 22 years old and we're just kind of exploring. But I kind of ran up against a, like I said, a deal where I like, I got to figure out what I want to do with my life. And I kind of always thought I would be working in the church. I was always very faith oriented and I really wanted to just be involved in people's lives that way and I tried that, but that just wasn't where I was going to go. And this is old school, but I had a cassette tapes of Tony Robbins. And it was a series on essentially just discovering your purpose. And I was just, I had that old school walkman. I was listening to my tapes and he was just walking me through, you know, really finding out what do you want to, what are you, what are you made to do? And it was hard, you know, because here I am already graduated college and married. And I'm like, now I'm asking these questions like, what do I want to do? And I'll never forget it kind of got me to a place where I was like really willing to just say, okay, if I can do anything, if I can do anything, like no restrictions, what do I want to do? And I knew deep in my soul that when I was 12 and that 13 year old guy, it got planted in me that I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to do, I wanted to be a part of someone's life like my doctor in my hand there was like the way they were with me. They just, they just really changed my life. And it really wasn't about being the doctor, it was just being in a role that could have influence. But I thought doctors the way to do it. So I ended up going to the public library in San Diego and I literally go to the reference section and I just look up doctors. And I'm like, you know, what kind of doctor would I want to be? And it's crazy because I started looking through, you know, what there's dentist or the donut and all the, you know, surge, all these things, but chiropractor, it was like it was highlighted. It was like it was flashing neon signs. And I really didn't know much about it. I hadn't been to, and I've been adjusted in high school a couple of times, but you know, he was kind of a weird duck and I didn't know really what I thought about him. But it always felt good. But I didn't know there's my daily alarm, the 3-16 prayer time. It can happen just like this when you're doing something and you just pause and you just were thankful, you know, and it's that easy. So chiropractor, there it is, and I'm like, what in the world? And I just had a feeling, just I just knew that this was something that was bigger than just being a doctor. So I end up going, there's a couple doctors there in San Diego that had graduated from Logan. I didn't even know there was a chiropractic college. I mean, I really didn't know much. And I go and visited him and it's funny, one of them said, don't do it. He was like a halfway physical therapist, but the other guy was sold out. And he was said, man, is nothing better. And so I started looking into the schools and found out there was a school pretty much where I was from, St. Louis. And kind of one thing just started to happen after another. And it was so crystal clear that this was my path and kind of the icing on the cake is I just knew in my soul of souls that I was really destined to be what I call a natural healer. Even since I was a kid, I was always someone that I was so interested in healing and faith-based healing and just expecting miracles. Exactly what you're what you're what you're what you're wearing. But I always thought it was going to be in a church setting. And then I find chiropractic and the parallels, you know, laying on of hands and the natural I mean, there's so many things that are just right on that I didn't even know. So, so I'm just I put this out there in the universe that I'm going to I want to be a natural healer. And so I had been in correspondence with Logan and I didn't know more have thought that and I get one of the first mailers that came to me. It was like an oversized postcard. And it literally said, have you ever seen yourself becoming a natural healer? And I was like, whoa. I mean, it was exactly like the verbiage that I had used. So for me, it was like, stamp. This is exactly the plan and and I was sold sold out on this is going to be my path and 20 years in, it's been it's been an incredible journey because it has been seasons of discovering like the way I deliver chiropractic and and it just gets better. You know, for me, it's just gotten better and it's it's always been the same though, because it's always been healing. That's the thing. That's the common denominator always brings me back to I love the one on one laying on a pants and you're experiencing a person like innocent, never the same and it never gets old.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And you and I had a chance to meet each other five years ago. Do you remember that energy?

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  Oh, man, of course. I can see it right now. Yeah.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And I just originally felt like brotherhood.


JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And I was like, gosh, this guy's got some things figured out with life and I know that we haven't always been like as close as I think today we're a lot closer than we've ever been. But I think that we've all obviously both of us have taken a chance to have some present time consciousness a lot more about what's going on energetically in the world, what's going on energetically on an individual basis. And then one of my mentors always tell me that maximum evolution happens at the borders of chaos and order and that support and challenge. Wow. So maximum evolution happens at the chaos are at the borders of chaos and order and at the borders of support and challenge. So I think that we are at this maximum evolution within not only in the relationship, but the conversation of chiropractic.

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  And so profound, man. Right. Chaos and order. And that's a, that's such an important challenge and support and challenge. And it's a, it's a delicate spot. Like most of us don't like to be there.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And we want it to quiet down.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So, and I know that, you know, you're talking earlier on, you used to train with Fred's Go Field and Fred's Go Field had a profound impact on me. And I tell people all the time, it's like, Freddie had a lightning bolt and he threw it at me and it hit me right in my chest. And he said, uh, it's called a buff down inside out. It's a buff down inside out. Yeah. That's how the body heals. Yeah. And as you told that to me, it was like this like weight of misunderstanding of everything I've ever been taught and anything anybody's ever delivered to me. I never heard that before. I never knew that the body held from above down and set out. I never knew that there was a principle and there was real philosophy behind a chiropractic adjustment. I never knew that it was a science. I never knew that it was a philosophy. I never knew it was an art. I never knew that every chiropractor did things a little bit different. I thought every chiropractor did everything the same way. Like you said, you met some dude that was taking care of you and you're a teenager and he was kind of kooky. Right. Yeah. And just thinking about this like present time consciousness, um, how are you reflecting on 20 years of practice today?

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  Well, even just what you're saying about Dr. Fred, like he had that impact on me too. I was, I was in chiropractic school. I showed up at an event at this hotel in Arizona and I walk in and it's, you know, a big circle room or something. Circled chairs in this conference room, it's probably 50 chairs in there and people, doctors start coming in. And again, I'm a student, so I'm a little overwhelmed by myself. And I'm like, I don't even know what to expect. And really didn't know much about Dr. Fred, but like he comes in the room and I'm like, holy smokes, this dude. And our very first interaction, it was before the seminar even started. He probably doesn't even remember this, but somehow we got to talk, he was making his way around and shaking hands with everybody that was there and he gets to me and, you know, we'd never met, but we had an energy and he's the big on Rhino, you know, so here we are. We're a couple of rhinos meeting, you know, early twenties and whatever age he is. And you know, he's a rugby player and Dr. Fred Scovum, Dr. Brecking. I mean, you just know it, man, he's laying to you, but he starts talking pushups and now he can out push up anybody. And I'm a pushup master. And I said, I said, I can take you. Bring it. And he's looking at me. He said, okay, I said, when? He said right now. And we did right there. And then man, we got forehead to forehead. He said, we're going to do slow pushups. He's like, well, I'm going to count down and up. And boatman, we, I don't know, I think we did 10 maybe and we were both about to just die. And we called it and got up and like shook hands and went on, but it was one of the most powerful moments ever, man, because you're just like a couple of humans. So it kind of relates to the present time, what I'm saying is I had to be willing to do that. You know, I had to be willing to do that. That was not my plan. I had no idea that that was going to happen. And if I was even willing to do it, but something inside of me just knew that this is exactly what I had to do. And I've kind of lived my life that way, even down to us talking right now, like I really try not to be prepared. I don't even like to get questions ahead of time a lot of times because I don't want to think about it. I want to be present with you. And I think about what it took for you and I to be on this, this live stream today, like right here, right now, is it's some of the most profound stuff that you can ever even accept if you're willing to. Because this can't be duplicated. This actually couldn't have been, I mean, we couldn't have set out to do this. You know what I mean? Even down to the exact day, I'm just celebrating just a few days after my 49th birthday. In September is a huge month for chiropractic. There's just so many things that are so exact, but it feels like it's new, like it's unexpected, but it's exact. Even down to when you introduced me to the love frequency that I had never heard of, you know, we're at a looking at an event and I told you that we were dealing with like the stress frequency. We were, it's de-stressing and I was telling you all about frequencies, having no idea who you really are and what you know. And you laid out the 528 love frequency and that has been so pivotal in my life because I really feel like we can all vibrate truly at a frequency of love, which is what aligns us. You know, even like relating that to chiropractic, it's an ultimate alignment beyond, beyond even understanding sometimes. I know like it's kind of like out there, but man, it's so powerful. It's a vibe. You know, you pick up on people's vibes, you walk into a room and you just know.


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JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, there is a message I sent to my girlfriend this morning and I said to her love and all capitals and we are only here for a short time. Let's love more. I think, you know, when you think about the frequency, the 528 Hertz frequency, if you guys don't know about that, go search 528 Hertz frequency and it is the frequency of love. And I think that the vibrational frequency is a tone and chiropractic isn't always about, you know, I think so many times people think it's about the adjustment. But really it's the tone. It's the nervous, the tone of the nervous system. It's the old school philosophy, not adding anything extra and the body simply removing the interference. And I think that's a lot about like our present time consciousness. Maximum evolution happens at the chaos of, at the borders of chaos and order or support and challenge. And I think if we think about the frequency of love, if we can channel that message and that method and that motivation into our lives to just vibrate at a different frequency, our tone changes. And they always say when you change everything else changes around you. But when your environment changes, that's epigenetics. So we can have a chance to like modify what's going on inside of our bodies through a health standpoint and relationship with chiropractic, that transcends like healing. And healing only happens is when the environment's ready for it.

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  Yeah, it's beautiful. Even just like what you're talking about that tone. I mean, I'm even just thinking about, you know, some of the patients that I adjusted today. Because some people are, you know, they're not, they're not comfortable with a lot of, you know, whether it feel aggressive or whatever. And so that as the doctor sometimes you're like, well, how am I going to affect them? And what is it going to take? And honestly, sometimes just, just my hands on them with intention and with exact purpose and just, just that true healing transfer. You know, even yesterday, a little five year old, he was super scared and nervous and he just thought it was going to hurt. And I just put my hands on it and just calmed them down. And it was just such a powerful moment and experience. And I am so thankful to have that opportunity.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  What a blessing. And what a blessing to be five years old and getting adjusted.


JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Like, let that set in for a minute. Yeah. You know, how old were you when you got your first adjustment?

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  Um, probably 17 and it was.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I was 16. Yeah. Was this sports related?

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  Yeah. Yeah. We had a guy that came out to our football team and said that we could come in like the day after like on a Saturday morning and I did it like twice maybe. But again, there was no like real explanation. It was kind of weird, but I felt like it was positive, you know, I mean, it couldn't hurt.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I thought so, you know, yeah, you know, when I was in high school, a lot of people have heard me tell a story, but I hurt myself playing high school football. And uh, messed up my shoulder and the athletic trainer from high school said, Hey, you should go check out Palmer College and get an extra in your shoulder. Wow. So at 16 years old, my athletic trainer told me to go and check out Palmer College. So I did my mom took me over there and they x-rayed my shoulder and then they asked my mom, this is really the truth. They said, do you mind if we actually a spine two to see if there's any subluxations? Wow.

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  Are you kidding me? Dude, if that's like freaking profound and like just like predestined, like you didn't even have a choice.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  No, and when I was 30 years old, that's when I started working in chiropractic. And the doc that I ended up working with, he said, Hey, do you want to come up and help me run my chiropractic office in Chicago? I said, man, I don't know anything about chiropractic except for, I know when I get adjusted, I feel better. Wow. And he's like, I'll teach you everything else you need to know. And that was 15 years ago. Can you imagine the impact? Then he introduced me to Fred's Go field. See, same guy that you did the 10 pushups.

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  Right. It's these types like it's, and this was so amazing. He's like, none of this is scripted. Like you and I did not talk about what we were going to talk about in our path and where we've been. And when I play it out, like from initial to right now, and I think of all the different ins and outs, nearly all of it is, is complete like divine orchestration. Like there is zero like, Hey, we should meet. Hey, we should get together and talk. There's been a sum of that. The majority of it has been just just this. It hasn't my chance. Oh my gosh, it's true to line it. And even just talking about Dr. Fred's impact and the way he was with me and for you, you know, to have a story here at Palmer College at 16. And here we are today and look at what you look at the impact that you've had in our practic, the people that you've sat down with, that you've shared to the world and with the world and just your, your passion. And like I said, it's almost like this, this is, it's so confirming.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So that brings me to like a really interesting segue to bring us up to the end of our time together is chiropractic. Why why chiropractic for you? Why chiropractic after 20 years? Why chiropractic going forward?

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  You know, it's interesting because I had taken a, I had stepped away from chiropractic, not because I didn't want to do it, but it was just the time of my life where we were focused on just other areas of, you know, we were doing a lot of weight loss and, and I had just poured my life into my practice for like nearly 15 years and it was like 30 years of life. And I was just kind of in a place where I felt like I needed to shift gears. And honestly, very spiritually, God kind of nudged me and just said to me, I need you to be more available. Your schedule is too rigid. And I was in a place where I could do that. And so literally for about six, almost even seven years, I was pretty, I was not in my clinic. I wasn't doing any chiropractic other than just like my family. Still going to chiropractor, of course, routinely, regularly. And I was just telling the story this morning and I'm, I'm at my chiropractor getting adjusted and he says to me, Hey, do you have been here in town forever? You know anybody or have you heard of anyone that might want to, you know, step into the clinic and start doing some chiropractic just to help us. We're growing and, and he didn't know more say that and everything in me just just turned and thought, and I just knew it was, it was like, you need to be in this clinic. This is where I want you. And I was, I was like, no way. I have my own operation. Am I going to go into somebody else's clinic? And it was very prideful and all that kind of stuff. But it was so obvious that I was supposed to, to jump back in. So I've been there for two years now, completely different setting, but it's straight chiropractic the way I live and breathe and I love it. So for you to ask me, like, why now like chiropractic? Because I kind of thought that I wasn't going to be able to do that because I had, I had gotten out of that as far as the way my clinic was set up. And then God is so sweet and he just brings me right back around and puts me right where he had planned already. And so now being back in it, I have these stories just like yesterday with a five-year-old with a two-month-old baby with a 70-year-old. And I'm laying my hands on these people with 20 years of experience. And there's nothing else like it. And we're getting back to some pure chiropractic in our office. We just got a bunch of signed graphics in our rooms. And one of them is expect miracles. We do. So it's just powerful. And the room that says, you know, the power that made the body heals the body, BJ Palmer. And so we're getting back to the very freaking grassroots of what it is that we do. And it couldn't be more pure to my soul and pure to my like calling in life, you know, since I was probably 12 years old. And I'm 49, you know, so you're like, whoa, it's just not, it's just getting ready to start, you know, start. It's getting good. And I'm so thankful to have the opportunity now. And there's just a lot of unknown and I'm open to it because I'm more present-minded like we were talking about. I'm open to like it's the best way.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, one of my favorite BJ Palmer quotes of all time is, I love you because you love the things I love. Yeah. And back to the 528 Hertz frequency, the love frequency. BJ knew that. He knew that people were connected. He knew that we were spiritual beings. He knew that we all needed a little bit of love or a lot of bit of love. And he knew that he could perpetuate and become the developer of a healing art that could change the trajectory of the people on planet Earth. Yes. And you know, I was on a hike this past Sunday with some people and I said, you know, I would like to go on a journey and follow the path that BJ Palmer did on his trip around the world and go around and see how chiropractic on that path is still being represented and see if that path is still knowledgeable about this beautiful healing art that BJ Palmer came across the world. Four airplanes before like mass transit, this guy was taking steam boats and he was taking trains. He was trekking across, you know, all across the world. Right. And to bring what? To perpetuate the future of chiropractic and the healing art, like creating WOC, the radio station, hiring Ronald Reagan. Like his most famous book was on radio broadcasting. It wasn't a green book. It's crazy. Like he was a marketer. Big time.

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  BJ was a mark on the road, the elephant around town.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And he was, he was, yeah, he was, he was homeboys with Barnum and Bailey. The first like, why seems that he put on, they were under Barnum and Bailey's big tent. Like he, he, he, he, he used the Barnum and Bailey. Yeah, to put on the, the, the Lyceums, which are the homecomings for Palmer College, the Palmer School, the P, the PSC, the Palmer School of Chiropractic is what it was originally. And I tell everybody like the early anatomy books were made by Mabel Palmer. And it was a woman that created the anatomy, the A.M.P. books, the anatomy physiology. So I just, you know, I would do history lessons at a lot of the screens that I would do just fun things. I say every person in the world learned anatomy and physiology from BJ Palmer's wife, not BJ Palmer.

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  Man, I love all of that that you just packaged to, to, to consider how this really got going. Like I resonate so much with DJ. Like I'm back. Yeah, yeah. And here we are. I'm like, like we are the, we are the guys that will, that will ride up an elephant around town just because it gets attention. And we need to get the message out there. But I love that you also brought it back to the healing art. There's, it's it. It is the one. Like to do what we do on any given day. There's nothing like it. And man, it just gets me excited, even just really talking about it. And, and that was, I didn't finish that up. But when I was trying to decide if I want to be a chiropractor or not, the question that I asked myself is if I, if I, what couldn't get paid, let's say for some reason, whatever I took on as a profession, if I wouldn't get paid at any kind of stint, would I still want to do it? Would I still have passion and would I still be driven because of what it is? That was kind of like my question that I had to ask. And I was like, absolutely. I love what happens when you, when you present like true chiropractic to someone. So, so it's all those things, you know, powerful.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, I want to thank Fred Schofield for instilling the principle of chiropractic into both of us. Big time. And I also want to close out today with a miracle story. And then it's off with something that might make people fall in deeper love and gratitude of this profession.

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  You know, honestly, I want to, the one that stands out for me, well, there's, there's two that one, my mom had in struggle with hearing issues her whole life. She had had tubes in her ears and one of the very first adjustments I gave her, her hearing totally changed. And she couldn't believe it. My mom and all people. And how fitting, you know, that being one of the first chiropractic stories. But the one that just does it for me every time was a client that had come in low back pain is a young girl. She's probably 25 low back pain chronic like bladder infections, urinary tract stuff, just kind of standard stuff. No, nothing out of the ordinary. And so we just started working on her probably four months into her care. She comes in and tells me that she's gotten pregnant. And well, well, this timeframe under care and I was like, Oh my gosh, that's awesome. So exciting. And she said, no, you don't understand. We've been trying to get pregnant for like six years. And we've tried all kinds of stuff. Is there any way that what you've been doing could have helped this process? And so I showed her the nerve chart and I showed her the area I was working on. And turns out all those reproductive systems are related to everything that we were doing. And so that that lady has a name, you know, it was like whenever that was a go, he's 13, 12 or 13 years old. And she said, she'll tell you to write down. She's like, I would not have a kid if I had not gone to see to be an anneurucic chiropractic with Dr. Beckett.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Man, if that's not enough to get people enthusiastic and heart centered at the same time, that's all that's the chiropractic. Why? Why do we do what we do? Well, medical freedom, family health freedom, the power of choice, the power of the future. Where do we see this profession going? Wherever these stories will take it.


JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Wherever these stories will take it is where this profession will go. And that's why we document this. Because we know that there are people out there that would like to rewrite history and take chiropractic out of the past and the future. So this show stands correct to tell people that that's not possible. We have documented 1300 interviews in the past six years on this beautiful healing art called chiropractic. And we have a fundamental timeline now that will not ever be disrupted. It's all pure. It's all real. And it's all stories of chiropractic. So hopefully there was something we said to inspire the next chiropractor out there, the next chiropractic patient out there, or the next person that wants to be interviewed on Chiro hustle. Dr. Beckett, thank you for being our guest today. This is episode 559. If people want to connect with you or learn more about you, we're going to send them to.

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  Really my Facebook page is the best. Just my personal Eric Beckett. I do live videos there every day and I've just found it to be the most steady place to go. It's not business and it's just me. Yeah, we'd love to connect with people.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So go check out Dr. Eric Beckett on Facebook, send him a DM, send him a friend request and keep on sharing this beautiful profession with everybody, Dr. Eric.

DR ERIC BECKING DC (GUEST):  Yeah, man. Awesome. Man, I appreciate you so much. Thanks for the opportunity.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. So I'm going to close that like I always do. I'm going to tell you guys, you're just one story away. Keep hustling. I'll see you guys on the next episode. Thank you, Dr. Eric. I'll see you soon. Okay? Cheers. Bye for now.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Thanks for listening to Chiro Hustle. Don't forget to subscribe and check back next week to continue hustling. Please remember to give us a 5-star rating on iTunes to continue hustling.


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