May 30, 2021

Fast Food to Chiropractic with Dr. Danny DeReuter DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 252

Hi, I’m Danny DeReuter, and I want to save the world.

I’ve been told I have a Superhero complex. That’s probably true to some extent. I want to help everybody and part of me is still that 14-year-old boy that fell in love with comic book heroes. I’m a chiropractor living in Chattanooga, TN, and practicing in Dalton, GA. I want everyone to be healthy naturally – without the use of drugs.

I’m an occasional writer-I’ve written some stuff.

Sometimes people think I’m funny. Maybe some time I’ll come up with a bit of courage and try my hand at stand-up. (seriously, that’s a thing on my vision board)

I’ve become somewhat of a social media expert managing my online presence. I help show people how to do social media more effectively.

I’m also a speaker. I prefer to speak on topics that I’m passionate about-like natural health, chiropractic, and social media.

Be nice and you can ask me to speak at your event.

Recently, a dream of mine was realized when I had an opportunity to become co-owner of Earth’s Remedies, a local health supplements store. I see my chiropractic clients at my office: Natural Life Chiropractic

I was born in Colon, Panama, and moved to Miami, Fl when I was fifteen to go to High School. (Jose Canseco, the baseball player was a classmate)

I have 2 beautiful daughters, Audrey and Chloe that are not impressed by anything written about me on this page.

A random injury from a fall from a Wendy’s restaurant sign introduced me to the wonders of chiropractic.

After floundering in random jobs, I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life! Soon after I enrolled at Life University College of Chiropractic. Since graduating I have done some work learning various techniques so I can serve my community better.

I’ve done a mission trip to Honduras with Lifeline Ministries and there I had the opportunity to adjust hundreds of people.

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