November 21, 2021

From a Punk Rocker to a Network Chiropractor with Dr Darin Mazepa – Chiro Hustle Podcast 302

A lifelong resident of the Lehigh Valley, Dr. Darin is passionate about four things, being the best father he can be to his son, Kaimana; his love for the Hawaiian Islands, especially Kauai; attending concerts and hearing live music; and transforming the lives of suffering people through Reorganizational Healing. In 1996 he and his former practice partner set out to create a new paradigm in healing for the Lehigh Valley. In January 1997, Vitality was born.

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Darin has helped thousands of patients live happier, more productive lives. Whether it's through the most gentle form of chiropractic, allergy elimination, nutritional counseling and support, or any of the other tools in his professional arsenal, he always gives 100% to the person with whom he is consulting. He is the proud recipient of several awards over the past two decades and has been asked to speak at local, national, and international health conferences.

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