October 18, 2020

Get Ready for Real Talk with Dr. Adam Trachsel – Chiro Hustle Podcast 188

Dr. Adam Trachsel is a 34-year-old chiropractor, graduated LCCW in 2016, he lives chiropractic and loves what he does, every day he's doing the best he can to love on his people and show them that health is wealth, your personal health is the only tangible thing you have and you can improve upon that daily by living a natural, healthy, organic life.  His passion is kids, and he got a post-graduate diplomate in pediatrics, kids are the future and probably the most at-risk group for developing health issues as we have the sickest generation of kids we’ve ever seen! So, helping them every day is his goal and showing them that they can be healthy and independent of the medical death system, medications, and surgery!

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