May 12, 2024

How the IFCO and Chiro Hustle UNITE with Dr Grant Dennis DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 560

Dr. Grant Dennis is an Amazon Best Selling Author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and upper cervical specific Doctor of Chiropractic and a proud brother of the Delta Sigma Chi fraternity.

While in full-time private practice working alongside three associates across two clinics in the central Arkansas areas, Dr. Dennis also works as the COO (Chief Operating Officer), for The Specific Chiropractic Centers franchise (which is currently at 13 clinics nationally).

Dr. Dennis also teaches The Art of the Specific Knee Chest solid head piece upper cervical specific technique to aspiring students, and dedicated doctors from all over the globe and oversees their International Outreach Program. The Art of the Specific International Outreach Program is a philanthropic initiative that provides Chiropractic services to underserved, and unregulated areas of the world such as El Salvador, Mexico, and the Philippines in an effort to garner political legitimization while serving the masses.

Dr. Dennis also has served as the President of the IFCO (International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations) since 2021, and served as Vice President for one year prior to that. The IFCO’s mission is to protect, and promote the salutogenic, vertebral subluxation centric practice setting and a patient's right to receive that type of care for every man, woman, child and animal, internationally.

He is a past IRAPS presenter and has been a proud supporter and Regent of Sherman since 2017.

In August of 2020 he released a book called A Life without Migraines – A Little Holistic, and Little Known Method for Living a Headache Free Life, which hit the Amazon Best Selling list on its first day of release in more than one category.


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LUKE MILLETT (PRODUCER):  Hey guys, welcome to episode 560 of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. I'm your producer, Luke Millet, and here's your host, James Chester.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Today, we have the opportunity of interviewing Dr. Grant Dennis. And on today's episode, we discuss how the IFCO and Chiro Hustle unite. Stay tuned. Welcome back. This is another episode of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. This is a collaboration episode with IFCO, President Grant Dennis, and myself, pencil owner of Chiro Hustle. Really excited for this. We're going to pump the volume up. We're going to let you guys know why we do and what we do it for and who benefits at the end of this. We want people to support the work that we do at Chiro Hustle and IFCO. But before we jump into this episode, I'm going to let people know our big why. Why do we do it? We do over here. We're going to speech Second Amendment. It's big time. We've never censored anybody. We've never marginalized anybody. If you speak on our platform, you get heard. That's really important. We believe in medical freedom and family health freedom. Those things are not the same thing, but that's what Chiro Project stands for is I believe that Chiro Project is the last thing between check and make within medical tyranny. So I support Chiro Project unequivocally torn for hours today. After that, we get a bit more philosophical. I know that the audience really loves it when I talk about B.J. Palmer Sacred Trust and supporting the Sacred Trust. If you don't know what that is, stop this interview immediately. Stop it now. Go over to your favorite search engine and look for B.J. Palmer's last words. You're going to learn more about Chiro Project than you ever knew previously. We do support sub-luxation based Chiro Project and we believe in innate intelligence and universal intelligence. So if you've got a school out there that doesn't teach that and believe in that, go to a different school. And with that being said, we believe that when man or woman, the physical gets adjusted. It connects them to man or woman, the spiritual. Grant Dennis, welcome. You're episode 560.

DR GRANT DENNIS DC (GUEST):  560, baby. Hey, listen man, drop the mic. What do I have? What else do I need to say, bro? Your intro is like, it's gas, bro. It's fire. It's what gets me up every morning, man. I believe in every one of those things you just can resonate with that. I certainly hope all your viewers do. I love what you're doing over there at Chiro House. I love everything you guys stand for. Thanks for having me.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, man, I know that we were having a really second level, third level, fourth level, fifth level conversation before the mic got live. And we were talking about how there's a sense of urgency and we need to get people to believe in what they're doing rather than wanting somebody else and an idea of leadership to step up and do it. There's room for all of us at the table, right?

DR GRANT DENNIS DC (GUEST):  Oh, man. There's so many seats at the table. You know, there's a whole lot of Indians, just not enough chiefs. And I think that one of the things that bothers me about chiropractic that I see across the spectrum of our beautiful profession is, if you were to walk outside your chiropractic office right now, or if you were to walk outside in the street, you saw a newborn baby lying out in the middle of the street and there's cars flying by it, would you stand there and would you just look at that baby infant in the middle of the street? Or would you have a sense of urgency to say, you know, that baby can't fend for itself. It's, it's literally helpless. I feel obligated to go out and grab that child out of the middle of the street. You most would do that, Jim, but here's what's crazy to me is that when it comes to the chiropractic profession, it's no different. There are people out in our communities right now who are subluxated, who are sick, they're helpless. Their bodies don't adapt. They don't heal. Their innate intelligence has got all sorts of interference in the body's ability to heal and the brain to body connection. They're truly helpless. They're no different than that infant laying in the middle of the street. But yet, we have no urgency to go out and reach those people. We have no urgency to go and spread our message. We have been seeing 10% of the population for decades now. And I think the one thing that I just, that really, I wish people could understand is there's never been a better time to be a chiropractor if you have a sense of urgency, people will flood into your office. And I know you get this because you go out and you're not even a chiropractor, but you still go out with a sense of urgency and bring in hundreds of new patients into offices because you stand behind the principal. And if we had just maybe 10 to 20 more Jim Chester types of urgency in chiropractic offices, and I don't just mean from the standpoint of going out and getting new people and bringing them into your office either. What I mean is going out and getting people into your office, getting them well, giving them the big idea, taking the funds they give you and taking those funds and putting them into things that perpetuate our message that continue to push the puck forward, that guard the sacred trust, that guard our ability to do this, that stand behind the same vision and mission that we're trying to achieve here. But man, we have so many Indians who are sitting around waiting on chiefs to guide us. We need more chiefs to be put into place to be able to be leaders in our profession. And if we can get that, I think if we can start to view the world that way, 2020 primed us bro, it's never been a better time to be a chiropractor. People are looking for alternative holistic health. It's not if it's when there's going to be another thing that strikes our communities, that allows them to wake up to what it means to be healthy. We saw in 2020 people are flooding our offices because they want holistic health. They want to understand where health and healing comes from. But if we're not showing up with the right message, if we're showing up with needles if we're showing up with STEM units, if we're showing up with all this garbage that honestly is just confusion to our profession, then we're missing a massive opportunity. And I just think that urgency, urgency to be more principled, urgency to get better results, results being removing the interference to the middle impulse, which we know is detrimental to the optimal life expression, becoming really good at that, becoming really good at selling and telling that message. And if we can do that with a sense of urgency, I have no doubt that our potential is limitless. I just wish a lot of people would understand the urgency that it requires and what's at stake here and what's required to make that possible.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  You know, you said a couple things there and I want to key in on a couple of them. One of the things is the leadership positions and how people can step in and do work. And you know, acknowledging me for going out and scheduling a bunch of new people into chiropractic offices and believing in the standard of what that means to people. I was once told that if we don't tell people the truth about chiropractic, someone else will close them for drugs or surgery. And if that doesn't like fire, light a fire under every chiropractor, it listens to this episode under their butt to go out there and to save some lives and to like do that thing and to help more people. And then, you know, taking that money that they're making and then like you said, putting it back into chiropractic related organizations that are doing the right thing for this profession. You know, I always tell people I'm not a DC, as you mentioned, but give money to your state associations, man. Like support those that support you. Give it to the IFCO, support those that support you. Give it to the colleges that still protect the sacred trust that haven't been bought and sold by big pharma. Like that's the problem too is a lot of these schools that per pretend that they're producing great chiropractors, they've actually been infiltrated by a group of people that have retired out the professors that stood up for philosophy, that talk about subluxation, that talk about innate intelligence and universal intelligence and real deal philosophy. Like a lot of the schools have been bought and sold underneath our nose and they still pretend that they're producing real chiropractors. And I hear all the time, I get a chiropractor, it goes into my office and they don't know how to adjust as an associate or I have to hire somebody and train them for six months before they're ready to be a chiropractor. Like there's all these themes that I hear or they tell us not to adjust and to refer out because we can't do like a cervical adjustment on people. And like I think that we need to support a few good schools and then we need to be like church planters and we need to go out there and plant new schools that have old school ethics that have old school philosophy and real deal adjusting like standards. And the hell with what they're doing right now with these schools and selling them out and putting kids out there into the real world, they don't know how to be chiropractors, man.

DR GRANT DENNIS DC (GUEST):  No, they know that well, there's only there's no secret, there's only there's only one, maybe two chiropractic colleges to send students to right now if they want to learn the principal and learn business. I want to go back to something you said a second ago, Jim. What I hear a lot. Why should I join the state association? What's in it for me, Jim? Why should I join the Chiro hustle? What's in it for me, Jim? Why should I join the IFCO? What's in it for me, Jim? What do I get? What do I get for that? Here's the thing. To me, this is an opinion and you know, my two cents keep the change showing up in your office every day and earning a living through chiropractic is the minimum. That should be the bear. That's the requirement. That's the bear. That's a given. You do that. That's what you should do. You should do that. And guess what? You have all to gain out of that, not chiropractic. Now, let me get this straight. You go into your chiropractic office and you sit on the shoulder of chiropractic to make a living to produce finances from it. But yet you don't give anything back to the very thing that provides in your office for you to have the lifestyle you do. So why should you support? What's in it for you? There's nothing in it for you. It's a minute. It's a requirement. It's what's expected when you show up in your office and take funds from people. Because I got news, it's the same people who say that are the same people who have 90% of their clients come in and say, can you get me out of pain? What's in it for me? Why should I start care here? And then their retention rate's terrible and they had nobody to stay and their back door is just as open as their front door and they wonder why? It's because you're not congruent. You know, I just think if you can find congruency in chiropractic and you support the thing that allows you to receive support from, in other words, if you support chiropractic and the same light that it supports you, your chiropractic tithe, if you will. You know, I'm a spiritual man. I'm a man of faith. I tithe 10%. Not because I'm like asking for accolades from that because it's the system that's what I'm required to do. It's what I'm called to do biblically. Well, in the chiropractic Bible, BJ has been saying this for, you know, was saying this when he was alive, is still saying it from his grave. In fact, Chris Kent has been quoted several times saying that the polar vortex shifts in the universe are created by our founding fathers rolling over in their graves. Hey, at looking at what's going on in our profession, but be looking at how few of them actually support the very profession that they accepted. You know, it's a slap in the face to a BJ Palmer to say, I do it exactly like BJ did. No, you don't. He'll support at the level BJ did. You don't check all your patients at noon. You don't still, you know, send half your clients home without an adjustment. You don't have people flying in. So don't, so don't, let's not, let's not lie to ourselves and say we're doing things the same because it's a slap in the face of our founding fathers. But secondly, you know, when you talk about, you know, supporting these different initiatives and leaders and, and, and that sort of thing, you know, listen, I genuinely feel like there's so many leaders in chiropractic out there who want to be leaders and they don't know where to step into. They don't know where to lean into. They say, you know, I want to lead. I just don't know where to start a place to start is your state of state association and say, hey, I'm going to become aware of laws, legislatures, lobbyists, my state board, what's going on at my state board level so I can make sure there's nothing. If you claim to be about the principle, you're not aware of legislature that come, that comes across desks that aim to threaten that, you're not principled. You basically say, oh, I just want to sit in office, take care of people. Right. It's legislation in your state via your state board that allows you the ability to do that. I'd probably be aware of if there's anything that's threatening that. Good enough for you. There's a lot of state associations out there that do that and an international association and an organization that oversees all those state associations at the state and domestic and international level looking for these types of threats. And so, listen, you got time, talents, treasures and resources. If you're not going to jump in in the leadership role, that's fine. At least support it financially. At least read the emails that you support that come through. At least read what's going on that's being done on your behalf because look, I just think as a, as a profession, we're confused. We're confused on what the principle is. We're confused on how to execute it in our office. We're confused on where to support. I see people all the time who are supporting things and claim to be principled that literally are putting money into initiatives and organizations that aim to strip subluxation from our lexicon that aim to expand our scope and bring drugs into the profession. And they're sending their monthly dues into these associations that literally are open about, hey, I just want to hex all the subluxation. I'm a subluxation denier. It's outdated. And they then call themselves principled but then put send their funds to associations and organizations and businesses that aren't for that. And it's in can grow it, man. And honestly, for so long, I've just been quiet about it. It's kind of over here churning my hamster wheel. But I think it's time people wake up, bro. We got to have a sense of urgency. We got to really understand what's at stake here and what's on the chopping block. And it's people's lives. People's lives are at stake, bro. And if we're not going to take it seriously with a sense of urgency, I think we're in for a little bit of trouble down the road.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  But I know that my belief system is popular amongst a small group of people when I say, hey, we just need to go back into these unprincipled schools that have lost their way and take the leadership back. And I say that in a lot of closed rooms. And this is like one of the first times I'm like airing that out to people is like, look, if you guys want to complain about the 18 schools or whatever that have been bought out by the cartel, and that have been retired out by their initiatives to come in and infiltrate these schools that are doing this stuff, then you got to go get back in there. You got to get back in and participate in these schools instead of just telling me that there's only a couple of schools that we can send people to now. Because if that's the case, then we have to find out ways to go in and do the right thing again. And the North Star agenda should be all schools should be principled for chiropractic. And if they're not, then we need to go wash it up and clean it up and then get it back on track again. So where my hometown is down in Port Iowa. Like I know that there's a lot of difficulty going on right now within like the understanding of where that college is going. Those are the people that started my career 15 years ago. So when I hear things rumbling in the ranks about like what's going on on top of Brady Street Hill, I'm like, all right, guys, what are you going to do about it? Like that's the problem is like we've sold out the principal for a few dollars today, but like cast rates of profession moving forward. And we don't even know what they don't even know what they've done. Like they're so blind and ignorant to the fact that they've actually like done something like to destroy what BJ Palmer and the Palmer family have done on that hill. And we have to go at least when the fountain head pack man. Like that's one place that we have to course correct. Otherwise, who knows what's possible for them to come into the really great schools that you and I give money to.

DR GRANT DENNIS DC (GUEST):  Yeah, it's well, you certainly bring up an interesting strategy, Jim. You know, definitely going into those schools and reigniting the principal. And what I've found is a lot of times the most on fire principal students come out of the most unprincipled schools. And it's because they want the principal. They don't get it. They're searching for, you know, what they feel a calling that's deeper than what they're getting at school. And so they search it out on their own. I was certainly one of those. I went to Parker College of Chiropractic Medicine, you know, and I wanted more. I wanted more than my education was giving me. I sought it out in green books. I sought it out in techniques, seminars, the very ones I teach in now. So you bring up an interesting strategy. I like that. Another strategy is one. You know, it'd be interesting, Jim, if maybe we just started opening more chiropractic colleges that are principled. You know, I hear that there's one in Scotland that's just opened its doors. That's pretty principled. I hear there's one in Europe, the European Chiropractic Academy. I know that one's principled. So there's a strategy of, you know, hey, listen, if the homelands lost and we lose our homeland schools to medicine and osteopathy and proctology and minor surgery and obstetrics and all that stuff, you know, okay, so we lose a few. But hey, let's just open some that maybe you're from the principal stature that gives students the opportunity to learn the principal. And you know, hey, if the homeland is lost, hey, maybe we have an international presence that sweeps chiropractic. You know, for a long time, it's no secret. The United States has held up the torch when it comes to chiropractic. They say interesting things happen in historical context. Maybe that it'll be Europe or the UK one day that holds the strong hold. Maybe it's Asia. Maybe it's Australia. Some interesting things happen in chiropractic colleges in Australia. Maybe internationally. You know, that's why I get involved with international chiropractic politics. I don't love this stuff. I don't lie. I don't enjoy being political. What I do enjoy though is seeing things perpetuated for chiropractic principally in a positive direction that impacts people's lives for centuries to come. That's what I'm in this for.


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JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Or these people making these poor decisions and the scope that I look through, the lens I look through, maybe they should come on my show and tell me why they're doing it. Maybe they should come out and say, hey, this is why we're doing these things.

DR GRANT DENNIS DC (GUEST):  Yeah. Well, I would love, you know, there's these stupid movements like the Forward Thark Thinking Chiropractic Alliance that's infiltrated Palmer with this subluxation denying outdated garbage. Anytime they want to debate this, and the only time I want to talk about why they think that's nice, I'm open to that. I've said this multiple times. I would love to debate the forum on why it's stupid to expand, why subluxation very much still exists in practice, how it's been validated scientifically. Our science every day has caught up with our philosophy more and more and more. Research and science of validates our philosophy. And anyone who says different is confused or ignorant or both. Just that simple.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And if they stand on that, then they should be willing to speak publicly why they made those decisions. And I think that that's where we're at in today's communication world. Like a lot of people are making decisions for not the greater good of chiropractic and if they want to continue doing that, then they should be able to say, hey, in full transparency, we don't like the principle of chiropractic and be honest about it and not be what in biblical times they call it a wolf and sheep's clothing.

DR GRANT DENNIS DC (GUEST):  Or a Trojan horse. Yeah.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. Well, I think that if that's their real agenda, then they should say this. And they should be a bit more honest and upfront with people that are like supporting their initiative and still sending chiropractic students to these schools that are not teaching them to adjust, telling them that these historical messages that we stand for are outdated because they're not. They're always going to be relevant.

DR GRANT DENNIS DC (GUEST):  Yeah. Well, like I said, it says in Stevenson, condemnation without investigation. They've never investigated the principle. They're ignorant. Is it difference between ignorance and stupidity as awareness, these folks are not aware of what chiropractic is. If they were, they would know, but they're not. So they infiltrate that with false ideology. And so what happens is they're ignorant to what chiropractic is stupidity is when you're aware, but then you choose to look the other way. And so, you know, listen, maybe you can be the one to make it happen, Jim. I've been calling for several, you know, I would love to debate this on an open forum with some of these folks who are subluxation deniers and where is your information coming from? I'm not going to read the green books. I know what chiropractic is. Our founder and our developer said in Stevenson volume 14 in volume 18 in the various green books, what chiropractic is and what it is not. And so if you're going to come out with these crazy things behind closed doors, do it publicly. Tell me, you know, our constitution, if you will, for chiropractic is volume 14. Where is the constitution for, you know, forward thinking chiropractic alliance to say, hey, you know, we're going to, we're going to just subluxation is outdated. Great. So, where's the founder and the developer talking about that? Do we have a new founder and developer I don't know about? Is there new green books being put out there that talk about the context, buying chiropractic's origination? Jim, maybe you can be the one to start that forum, but we've been calling for that for, I don't know if you call it a debate and open discussion. I'm open for that because we're in a place in America where we just can't disagree anymore and we can't disagree jovially. We can't say, hey, I disagree with you. Let's talk about that in an open forum conversation. I'm confident in where I stand. It probably won't ever happen, but listen, if it does, I'm going to stand confidently in principle sound and here's the important part. It's all based off one thing, truth. There is truth behind everything. There is a truth. I'm just not for standing on things that are not truthful and spreading lies and spreading things that are just not true, right? And so chiropractic's for since, you know, 1895 is very clear on what it is. We're not confused on what it is. Others are confused, but it's because they're just not aware of truth. And so because they're not aware of truth, they substitute that with lies. BJ said that in the early green books. He called his shot. It's we're still seeing it today. He said there's going to be a day where chiropractors try to be medical doctors and medical doctors try to be chiropractors. He called it, man. He was so far ahead of his time. But here's the deal. Now there's medical doctors who are trying to do upper cervical type stuff. They understand the implication of the vagus nerve and the brainstem and the central nerve system and interference to the mental impulse. They're just saying it in medical terms. And now we got chiropractors who want to perform minor surgery, right? So it's coming to fruition, but it's not going to be, you know, listen, it's going to be over my dead body and I'm willing to die on that hill.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, you know, I was that, I think it was a year ago, I was out at New Beginnings, New Jersey. And we were like really emphatic and we were all kind of like up on our feet talking to ourselves after one of the speakers. I think it was Ron Sinagra and he was saying like, what is your message? What will you do? And my message was I'll die on this hill. I will die on this hill. I will die on this hill. And I kept on shouting that as loud as I possibly could in that room full of probably like 200 other chiropractors that were on their, whatever their spiz words were. And I was like, it's so important that we have a future of chiropractic that you and I will be proud of that your kids and my kids can get adjusted by a chiropractor that does the right thing and locates the texts and corrects of retrieval, subluxation, allowing the body to do what it's supposed to and be a natural organism that self heals and self regulates. I always tell people when I meet them in like a screening scenario, the body doesn't need anything extra in it simply needs no interference. And that's such a novel idea to a lot of people because they've never heard anybody say that to them. They've never heard anybody say that. Just get your spine checked, do some extra, see what's going on, see if we can help you. Like no one's ever said that to them. That's such a foreign concept to them. So we need to do a better job of community outreach. I think that that's a big win for us is the people will appoint what they want. And like you said earlier on in our conversation, people don't know what to want because they've been fed so many cross different ideas of what they should do to be healthy. But no one during the past three years said, Hey, go get your spine checked by chiropractor. Check out your nervous system. They're the nervous system specialist. If you're having like a neurological problem, go see a chiropractor or you know what, you should probably drink a gallon of water each day and keep your body hydrated. And you should probably think about exercising for 30 minutes every day, not just like when you feel like it, but this is a part of your vitalistic front to where you can remain healthy long term. And the greatest like thing in the world to make people healthy is moving the body. Like that's the number one thing. So if people are subluxated and there's lack of movement in that spinal joint, go get that thing checked. Go get it. Go get adjusted. And I was talking earlier to another guy's like, look, if everybody that never saw chiropractor, everybody, not the 7% that chiropractor fight over, but the other 93%. If they went and actually like got their C1 checked, they'd be like, this is the greatest thing that anybody's ever done to me. Thank you.

DR GRANT DENNIS DC (GUEST):  Well, I wonder how, yeah, I can't help but wonder how many subluxations and ours are subluxated. You know, I mean, look, it's, it's no secret. Like I, so he's checking you, bro. You know, I mean, because, and here's the problem, Jim is a lot are really confused, even on, you know, the sad reality is Jim, a lot of chiropractors out there think, you know, the unsticking of stuck joints for cavitation is adjusting. And I think that that's, you know, in some way, former fashion, like without any pre or post check of the vertebral subluxation, you're somehow, because I heard a bone crunch. And I, so I just, you know, what people think in their head, Jim is like, Oh, okay. So like, I just adjusted my own hands. Like I heard the crunch. Like if that's the criteria, a lot of PTs can do that massage therapist can do that osteopaths can do that. Anybody can cavitate a joint. Anybody can unstick a stuck joint. Your foam roller can do that. That's right. Yeah. And this is what people are coming into office is thinking, and you don't present the big idea. You don't tell them the difference in what makes you separate, unique and distinct. What makes you any different? Why shouldn't they just go down the road? And that's what they do, by the way, is they're like, Hey, so if that's the criteria, you know, and then how, and then the other side of that is, how long does this continue to go on? How long do I have to just continue to go in once a week and have my spine crunched and go home? Like what's the end game result here? I wish that we would get to a point in chiropractic where we sell the check. And that's what we sell is the analysis, the location, the check of the verbal subluxation, the adjustment is part of the fee. And you may not get it every time you come in. You know, my office, I adjust two bones, two sides, all cash, no insurance, because I don't, you know, I'm not knocking those that do, but I'm not going to portray to an insurance company. I take care of M nine, or M nine nine, oh, one, which is segmental dysfunction. I take care of M nine, nine, one, one, which is the vertebral subluxation complex. I'm not going to lie to an insurance company about what I do to get paid. I'm not knocking those to do. I'm just saying for me personally, I'm congruent in the message I sell and I'm not confused. And people are not confused when they come in the office. They come in, they get checked, some get adjusted, some don't, because what they value is the check. They value being assessed because that's what people understand. By the way, I've never seen anybody enter a medical setting and say, I can't wait to test positive for COVID. This is great. I can't wait to walk in and be like, all right, give me my positive test. They come in and they hope for what, Jim, they come in and hope for a negative test. So in the same fashion, when they come into my office, they don't want to come in and hope they have a Jack that central nerve system. They want to come in and be like, am I clear? Is my body healing and self regulating or not? I'm hoping it's self regulating, which means I'm clear and healthy and healing it. That is a message people can get behind. What, what in my opinion, they cannot get behind is that I'm subluxated and have an interference to my nervous system every single day of every single year. And in that case, what's the point?

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, you really set me up to tee this one off. So I'm just going to tell people at the end of our episode here, chiropractic is not medicine. It's a healing art and chiropractors detect, check, detect, correct, vertebral subluxation. That's what chiropractors do. Every chiropractor is an artist. So every chiropractor does things a little bit differently. Unity without uniformity, unity through diversity, whatever we want to say, whatever like little catch like slogan, we want to attach to it. But chiropractic is not medicine. And my like from interviewing, searching her chiropractors, I think it's blasphemy when they put that on a diploma. I'm like, what are we doing here? Well, how are we, how are you going to confuse the people walking across the stage and tell them that they practice medicine? I'm sorry. And then I'm so confused. And I see one of those diplomas on a clinic I walk into, I want to grab it off the wall and smash it.

DR GRANT DENNIS DC (GUEST):  I do. I haven't seen one yet in an actual, I hope I don't, but I, it's hard not to, Jim. I mean, look, it's like, you know,

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Carve, last thing, last thing chiropractors adjust. There's no many, no manipulation. Nobody wants to get manipulated. I don't want to get manipulated. If you think about the, the term manipulation, it's ironic, isn't it?

DR GRANT DENNIS DC (GUEST):  It's ironic, isn't it?

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  It's awful. So everybody I think would go for a good adjustment if needed, but nobody wants to come in for a chiropractor manipulation. So the semantics really matter. And when they want to like castrate the philosophy and cut it out of chiropractic and say, okay, we're not going to talk about subluxation anymore. We're not going to talk about innate intelligence or universal intelligence. Like go kick the can down the road, bro. Like they had me speaking seven years ago or sit, like I went to Europe and I spoke at this school called the ACC, the angle European chiropractic college. I was on stage. And they were talking before I went up and produced and, and showed our movie to the student body. They said, Hey, Mr. Chester, there's a couple things you can't say when you come on this stage today. You can't say subluxation and intelligence or universal intelligence. So the first thing I did, Dr. Grant, as I said, Hey, just to get this out of the way, I'm going to let you guys know what your guys as faculty told me I can't talk about today. It told me I can't say three words. That's subluxation and intelligence, universal intelligence. So now that we got that out of the way, let's watch your movie.

DR GRANT DENNIS DC (GUEST):  Yeah. Good for you, bro. Listen, I mean, you stand for something to your fault for anything, you know, I mean,

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I'm just bullish enough that I think everybody should do that. I think everybody should when they have a talk at any organization, any school, any philosophy night, any state talk, like go shoot your truth. Go tell people what the truth is. And I think that if you said, Hey, I don't care if you guys are subluxation deniers. You guys can do that all you want to. But the profession of chiropractic was founded on subluxation based chiropractic. It was founded on any intelligence universal intelligence. It was founded on these things. You guys can go create another profession, but don't change chiropractic. That's what they need to hear. And maybe when I go speak at the field are at the Pennsylvania chiropractic association out here in a couple of weeks, I'll just open up my talk like that. Why not? And if people don't want me back, then at least I know that I earn my keep with the people that do want me back.

DR GRANT DENNIS DC (GUEST):  Yeah. Well, here's the thing. You know, is for far too long, it's happened in America, right? I mean, we're seeing that the founding principles and truths that America was founded on are trying to be changed. They're trying to be altered. You know, it's just it's one word confusion. You know, is when you when you condemn something without investigating the true source of its origins, then you can poke holes in anything right to trying to take the second amendment from us, bro. You started off the segment with this is what we stand for, right? Well, America was founded on that thing, man. Like, why are we taking that away? Like who who are we that the founding fathers, you know, they were founding fathers of chiropractic just like they were founding fathers of our nation that makes that holds, you know, our truths to be self evident on men are created equal. I mean, look, there's certain unalienable rights we have, you know, like there's a reason they wrote these things and it wasn't just because, hey, this sounds nice on a piece of paper. It's because they lived it. It's the same with our founders in chiropractic. They lived this. These people forget, man, there were people who were jailed for our ability to do this. People who literally who literally gave up their lives, bro, the Herbert Ross Reavers, you know, the the list goes on of men and women who their lives were drastically altered. They gave their lives for this profession. And you feel like you you have the cajones to come in here and be like, ah, that was all in vain. I'm going to change this because I know better. So I'm going to move it forward. No, you're not. You're moving it backwards. You're taking it right back to the inception of what started this whole thing, laying where the impacts and back in the day, bro, that it started then, right? But who are you dude, like to come in and say, yeah, so that's nice, but that was historical in nature. We got to move this thing forward and become pain doctors and crack joints and and put people on, you know, muscle stem and East stem and all this junk dude that's for physical therapy, bro, you're confused. You could have went to physical therapy school and spent way less time and way less money to be a really good physical therapist. So I got news for you, man, I do great work collaboratively with a lot of physical therapists in my community, but it's because I'm very clear on what physical therapy is and what chiropractic is. And so are they. Like, Hey, let me stick to the neurological system. You stick to the musculoskeletal system. We're going to help people and guess what? You can collaborate with people in your town that way. You know, there's nothing that pisses a physical therapist off more than a chiropractor who does physical therapy. Because here's what's ironic. You know what pisses chiropractors off when physical therapy does manipulation. Yeah, right. But you do the same stuff. You go out there and then you do physical therapy on people. You're incongruent and you're confused. It goes back to the just quit being confused. Be solid on what it is that chiropractic is and sell that. Sell the big idea. Let other professions do what they do. Stay in your lane. You can build a lucrative practice. You can build a really successful practice. People who come in and get it. And by the way, you can be happy doing that. Not miserable, chasing pain, not just your whole entire existence of your office is built around pain. It's just a terrible, I don't understand how people do it. How they just have a strictly pain based clinic when it comes to just everything around my office is surrounded about and getting around pain, right? Like people don't care about the pain, what they care about is function. You can sell function. People when it comes to how much value Mrs. Jones do you place in your cervical curve? And I'm not knocking those who look at cervical curves. I've never met one person. He was like, yeah, I put $20,000 on my cervical curve. What they put $20,000 on is my central nervous system functioning. Because I see you the detriment of that one. I see that it's not working. Look at quads, look at paraplegics, look at people in their apothees, neurological debilitating disorders, they will put emphasis on their nervous system function. Not going to put emphasis on structural alignment. That's just that has proven time and time and time again as not an effective strategy. It's why I think you and I were talking about before we came online. How come we just sat at the same utilization rate for years? I think it's a protective mechanism because the universe knows our offices aren't ready to see 50, 60, 70% of the population. If we had 70 to 80% of the population flood our doors, our offices and our doctors are not equipped to be able to locate, analyze and adjust vertebral subluxation and that many people adequately. They're just not. So what happens is the 70% will flood our offices, we'll get exposed and we'll dwindle right back down to the 10% again. Because we will be exposed. For so long it's been dragged out and at some point we're going to have to wake up and say until we're ready to locate, analyze and adjust vertebral subluxation on a grand scale and be really, really good at that. And only that and we're not confused with that. The universe will not deliver on its promise to send us more people because we are not ready for it.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I'm going to close out. Thomas Payne once said, give me liberty or give me death. And I believe that that's a message to the chiropractic world right now is freedom of speech is something we have to like anchor on. And the future chiropractic hinges on each one of us stepping into that gap and doing the right thing. You know, when I was a little boy, I knew, I always knew if I did something wrong, I'd be punished. And I always knew that there was a wrong way to do things because I was reminded. And I just want to remind people out there that are in this chiropractic professional, we call the beautiful profession of chiropractic. You know when you're doing something wrong. So my call to you is to just do the right thing and to stand in the light, stand in the gap and do what's necessary to move this profession forward, not forward thinking or removing but forward to the point that everybody in every community understands what principal chiropractors do. And I believe that that's the message that we need to anchor down on is chiropractic needs to turn back into a principal based system and take leaders that actually would die on the hill for this profession and support them and join them. And I really believe that there are some institutions out there that are doing the right thing. The IFCO is now joining with Chiro Hustle on some initiatives. So be on the lookout guys. We are going to start doing the right thing. And that's the most important thing you will ever hear me say is we will continuously do the right thing. And we will then align the people doing the right thing with us. And that's what we need to all hear. And the next time somebody tells me not to say subluxation and intelligence or universal intelligence in front of their audience and their students, that's what I'll lead with because that's doing the right thing. And I believe that I could do that because I want to stir the pot. But no, I want to do that because the people cannot suppress our freedom of speech and they won't suppress our freedom of speech. We'll always find a new outlet to go and produce on. We'll always find a new outlet. Even if five people listen, that's five better than lying to them. So let's keep on delivering the truth, Dr. Grant. Thanks for being episode 560 of the Chiro Hustle podcast.

DR GRANT DENNIS DC (GUEST):  You got a gem. Thanks for having me. Let the truth set you free, my brother. Appreciate all you do.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Amen. Let's stand on the shoulders and giants and do the right thing until next time. I'll close out by telling everyone you're just one story way. Keep hustling. Keep guys on the next episode. Thanks so much for listening to Chiro Hustle.

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