February 18, 2024

How to Build the Chiropractic Story with Dr Ishi Rodriguez DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 536

Experienced Chief Executive Officer and Doctor in Chiropractic with a demonstrated history of working in the Wellness Industry for over 20 years. Expert in Spine Remodeling, with a special focus on Scoliosis treatment. Skilled in Wellness Services, Nutrition, Public Speaking and Social Media. Strong business development professional graduated from Life University. He is a regular contributor to “Dia A Dia” which airs daily in Telemundo. His work has been featured in Telemundo, WAPA TV, WKAQ radio and other media outlets. You can find his content online at When he is not running his successful practice, he spends time mentoring aspiring young chiropractors. Also enjoys his free time Surfing, Running and spending time with his Family.


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LUKE MILLETT (PRODUCER):  Hey guys, welcome to episode 536 of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. I’m your producer, Luke Millett, and here’s your host, James Chester.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So today we have the opportunity of interviewing Dr. Ishi Rodriguez. We talk about how to build the chiropractic story. Stay tuned. Welcome back. This is another episode of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. It’s episode 536. Can you guys believe it? I can because I’ve done every single one of these. And it’s a passion project. I absolutely love what we do. And I have Ishi Rodriguez on with me today. We’re going to talk all things chiropractic. But before we jump into this, we hope to inspire you. We’re going to talk about your innate ability to heal. And hopefully we can create the relationship with you that he can be in your life as long as you choose to have a relationship with chiropractic. So this episode, before we jump in, I just let everybody know our big why. Why do we do what we do? Well, number one, freedom of speech, the First Amendment, so important. We’ve never censored anyone on our show. We don’t plan to. But as we know that the past couple of years have been really challenging for people telling the truth about medical freedom and family health freedom. So we support that. We support medical freedom and family health freedom because censorship is real, shadow banning is real. And we’ve experienced it firsthand. So we’ll never censor anyone on the show. Just have some clarity on that. After that, we do protect Vijay Palmer’s Sacred Trust. If you want to know more about chiropractic than you ever knew before, go and find out what Vijay Palmer’s Sacred Trust is. Go search for his last words. You’re going to be indoctrinated with the reason why chiropractors are so proud of this profession. And then we do support civilization based chiropractic. I shouldn’t have to say that, but we need these contextual chiropractic languaging. We need this in chiropractic schools. We don’t need to remove it from the schools. It might be a historical context, but it’s still the real and the reality of this profession. And then we do believe in innate intelligence and universal intelligence. We believe that when man or woman, the physical is adjusted, it connects them to man or woman as spiritual. It just clears the subluxation. So with that being said, Ishi Rodriguez, welcome to the show.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  Hello, James. How are you? Thank you so much for having me. It’s a great opportunity.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Oh, thank you, man. And you’re coming in from Puerto Rico today, right?

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  That’s right. It’s on one Puerto Rico, the island of enchantment.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, you know, we were reminiscing a little bit. I’ve been down to Puerto Rico twice over the past couple of years and absolutely love where you’re from.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  Yeah, it’s a beautiful place and it’s getting more beautiful as the years go by. You know, the weather’s great all year round. The people are amazing. And we got some all year round, you know, so we got the vitamin D hitting us all the time, which makes it makes a better mood, a better immune system. That’s a great asset to have in this geography.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So 20 years is a chiropractor.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  Yeah, 2003 graduated from life university. And my life has been a wonderful, great adventure up to this point. We really, really enjoyed our time there alive. And I can’t wait to tell you many stories of how the journey has been in our lifetime.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, so you’re a second generation chiropractor. So you come from a chiropractic family.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  Yeah, my father Felix Rodriguez, he went to school in New York, chiropractic. He was going to go do study medicine was going to become a medical doctor. And when he was in school, he tells me that at one point a professor told him that there was two types of medicine, there was medicine for the rich people and medicine for the poor people. And when you heard that, of course, amongst other information that he was getting at that time, he became very disillusioned with the medical field and he found chiropractic completely changes life. It was a crazy idea in those times, you know, and mid 70s, it was kind of a clandestine in some states. So he decided to become a chiropractor, marry my mother, who’s also like a chiropractor also, but without the degree. And we were born in our home. He basically was there during the birth for the three of us, me and my two siblings. And we’ve been living the chiropractic lifestyle since day one, you know, no vaccines. Our diet was really dialed in. We always were very skeptical of the traditional educational system. And I grew up in a very, very interesting environment and a very interesting perspective on the world. And it’s been such a great blessing and also a great challenge because it makes you question everything around you. Why is the world not like my family? And why doesn’t the world completely have set the chiropractic principle and lives it at 100%. It’s kind of a challenging sometimes to understand that.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  And when it came time to become a professional, I saw my father. So his lifestyle, patients loved him. He had a great, a lot of free time to spend with us. And when it came up, the moment to decide that professional was going to choose, I chose chiropractic. It was a very easy, easy decision. It wasn’t very sexy. It wasn’t like a miracle story. It didn’t change my life in a very radical way in an episode of something. It was just natural for me to organically move into that profession. Once I got into chiropractic 20 years ago in chiropractic school, that’s when I got in a clear love with the philosophy and the power of the principle that we have and we share to the community. And from that day on, I just haven’t stopped. It’s been great.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  How old were you when you decided that you’re going to go and become a chiropractor?

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  I was about 17 years old. Yeah. 17. I was looking around, like I couldn’t find something more fun, more fulfilling and more aligned with my philosophy, my in-age philosophy, because I didn’t understand intellectually what in theory what my philosophy was, but it makes so much sense. It’s what I had to do with my life.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  How did you learn how to adjust?

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  Interesting. My father never pushed me to become a chiropractor at all. He was like, you do whatever you want. I remember at my first MLS, making love to the spine seminar with Arnold. That’s when I did my first cervical adjustment and it was amazing. I was there. Maybe there was maybe 50 students learning to make love to the spine. Arnold’s way connecting with the spine, visualizing the facets. For some reason, I couldn’t get over my feeling of inadequacy and imposter syndrome. I just couldn’t do it. The seminar was like three days. At the end of the day, Arnold said, raise your hand if you haven’t been able to do an adjustment. I shied, he raised my hand, somebody like arranged for me. I said, I couldn’t get it done. The doctor’s right, the name was Sarnoff. He said, I’m going to help you out. He gave me the name of Zanewell and all the crowd, all the older, the staff and the students were all around me seeing if I could do this one adjustment. Arnold was coaching me, complete silence. I visualized it, connected with my power.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  It was a great connotation. Sarnoff was the patient that I was smiling, every big roar around the room. That was it. I kind of got over it from that point on. A respected professor for helping all those young students overcome that fear that was placed in school sometimes. The educational system.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Do you have any advice to the future chiropractors that might be listening to us that are in school right now if it comes to them not being? Yeah, secure with their adjusting abilities.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  You know, Chiro means hands in Greek. Remember that. It’s in your DNA. If you’re a chiropractor, you have to understand and be very skillful at using your hands. Instrumentation is great. We use a lot here in the office. But five years ago, we had something called Maria cutting away five hurricane. There was no electricity in Puerto Rico for months. I still had my hands and I could serve people, I could serve children, I could serve my family with confidence. I was very valuable asset to society and community because I still have this and the skills that comes with it. So whatever fear you have, whatever obstacles you have to dominate or developing the skills of using your hands for adjusting, you have to get over them, find good mentors, talk to people. Even if you’re resisting it, it’s just a great asset to having your life. You can intellectualize however you want, but you have to learn how to use your hands. You can’t graduate from school and not be able to adjust a spine without your hands. You just have to.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. One of my all time favorite musicians, his name is Ben Harper. Oh, I love it. He has a song called With My Own Hands or something like that.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  You can heal the world with your own two hands.


DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  And it’s true. So true.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. The power of chiropractic is amazing. They can turn the lights off, they can erase the internet, they can suppress the truth. But the one thing that will always stand at the test of time is the training and the ability for a chiropractic adjustment. Yeah. So here’s the deal, ma’am. If they took money away, you could still adjust people. If they took insurance away, you can still adjust people. If you meet people that don’t speak the same language, you can still adjust people.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  Yeah. If they cut your lights, they put you in general.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  You can still adjust people. Yeah.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  Yeah. And then on the technology in the hands, you know, like the innate wisdom and this equipment is beyond anything. You can buy, quantify, measure. It’s just one square centimeter of a finger, a thousand of pressure receptors, you know, that’s just the tip of a finger. Imagine your whole hand and that has connected to your whole nervous system, connected to this brain, to intuition, to everything that you are and you’re connected with through your senses. It’s mind-boggling. You know, it’s it’s uncanny. You can even describe the power of this technology that you have in your hands for free. So why not optimize it with experience, with passion?

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  My friend Keith Wausung made a post last night. He says, not all heroes were capes, but many times they use a lot of face paper.

None:  So true.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  You got to get in like industrial cases. You know, it’s so much.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  You know, it’s a funny thing. I’ve thought about making my own face paper and putting Chiro Hustle logos on it. So everybody gets the face paper. They buy it from us. Everybody sees Chiro Hustle and everybody gets our website. So it’s a good stuff that I’ve thought about. So let’s talk practice building a little bit. You’re in Puerto Rico. What are some things that have worked for you over the past 20 years? What are some things that you did that you’re like, I’ll never do that again. Or like, what, what, just tell us what, what’s working today too.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  Oh, mistakes in the past. I would say just the fear of speaking your truth, the fear of being rejected, the fear of feeling like you’re inadequate, especially next to other people who have fancy or sexy or credentials, I thought credentials were like a secret superpower that some people were entitled to and some were not. And the truth is credentials have nothing to do with healing or capacity to serve and heal people. So that was a big obstacle in my, my mindset back in the day. So get over it. And the way you get over it is building confidence. And the way you build confidence is you have to find something that you’re good at. And it’s very highly reproducible that you know, it’s like your go to toolkit, you know, maybe you’re great at adjusting cervical is where you’re great at exams, maybe whatever you think you’re passionate and you’re very skillful at, that’s your anchor for that confidence. And you start from there and you start sharing that and you start practicing that. It’s going to transfer into an exactly, it’s going to extrapolate into other aspects of your practice. But that confidence is very, very important. And you build it with experience. Another also very, very important thing is what we were talking about also, like we started the podcast is the why, the why of your being, the why of your existence, you have to dial that in all the time and it’s dynamic. You got to be working on it all the time. But like Victor Franco says, once the why is bigger, that it never comes anyhow, you know, any what. So your why is supreme, you got to have that big why. And then any other chances that come up, you’re always going to overcome that. I’ve had opportunities like to be on TV, you know, 80,000 maybe even people watching you on the television, I get nervous and some people ask me, I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know how you can be on TV or doing speaking to 100 people, hundreds of people and make it’s my just my why. Like I’m thinking, what happens if I don’t do it? What are the consequences of that? You know, people are going to suffer, people are going to die, you know, because they don’t get the message maybe. So I can be a coward. I got to I got to step into my power, I got to step into my why. And that just gives me, gives me the energy to do whatever is necessary, you know. And it’s a skill you develop at the time to start with the why, overcome your fears, empathy, you know, put yourself in the other people’s shoes, 80% of people suffering from chronic disease, number, you know, first causes of death are chronic diseases caused by lifestyle that we basically address with our lifestyle interventions and chiropractic if you’re to share your message, you’re accomplished to that, you know, because you do know the truth, you got to share it, you know. So that’s that’s huge. Getting understanding the stats sometimes helps a lot if you’re very intellectual, like I am analytical, knowing the reality of stuff, you know, the number 10, 10 cause of death right now in the States is suicide. Like, you know, we can help with that, you know. So what are we doing? What are you doing? Are you posting? Are you sharing? Are you doing your work every day with communicating your message? If you’re not, then you got a great potential to grow more. Yeah. And I think that’ll, if you do those things, start with the why, build your confidence systematically with very small increments, or you keep building and building, and you understand the consequences of reaction by default, you’re going to be successful. You know, it’s like you cannot be, you can’t be unsuccessful if you do that, because the wind behind your, your wings is a universal intelligence. It creates everything. It wants you to see, it wants you to be, to help people. So you’re just going to get there.

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A lot of people have watched our show or listened to our show or pay attention to what we’re doing for the chiropractic profession, but a lot of people don’t know that I actually worked in a clinic for six years. And I worked hand in hand with chiropractors, helping them with traction. I’m trained in chiropractic biophysics as a traction technician. So I worked in an office.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  And then I was… If you’re looking for part-time, we’re actually hiring traction technicians and Aligna Health and Buster.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  We would make the biggest practice in Puerto Rico, brother. Oh, yeah, we’re fired. And you know, as I went through that, I went out and I did 600 spinal screenings in 36 months. Wow. So I went to 28 screenings a month, like for two and a half straight years, 36 straight months. Wow. So when you talk about this, why? You know, and the other part of it, fear. You know, there’s an acronym for fear, false evidence appearing real. Yeah. And a lot of times, you know, my first mentor, Matthew Walker, he gave me my first job working in a chiropractic office 14 years ago. And he said, Jim, if you just get out of your own way, you could change the world. And I was so pissed at him. I was like, man, why is this guy like making me feel like a fool? Why is he making me feel like I don’t care? Why is he making me feel like I’m not doing my best? But I was afraid. And he saw my fear greater than I would admit it. Yeah. That’s why I’ve just always kept my head down as soon as I got the big idea with chiropractic. I said, you know what? There’s something to this. We have to tell more people about this. We have to get this to more houses and more families and more campuses and more kids need to know about this and more doctors need to know about this. And we need to unify this profession rather than letting it be what it’s become is this ununified thing. So if I can create something within my going into my power, like you say, if I could get my power back, I could make a profound impact on the future of this healing art, which is chiropractic. And that’s why this show has done what it’s done because they have somebody that believes in the methods. And if I could ever settle the score out there, I want to be the guy that goes on to Joe Rogan. I want to be the guy that goes out and tells him why he should reconsider his ideas about this beautiful profession of chiropractic and to see that we’ve been doing the things right for a long time. And maybe he had a bad experience. Okay.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  100% 100% and I think it’s going to happen. Definitely going to happen. I mean, it just comes in sense. The way the universe is changing, you know, it’s just inevitable.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  The people that are decision makers in this world need to align for the future of humanity. And I think that that’s why I jumped on board with chiropractic 14 years ago, because I saw it different. And then I learned something. I learned that there wasn’t money in healthy people. And chiropractic made people healthy. And that’s why the big box medicine associations, they push chiropractic around and want to discredit it and put it out on the fringes until people not to trust it, but they hurt people. But really, they get adjusted to man. Like the people that want to like see chiropractic like dissolved, like they get adjusted to.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  Yeah, all of them, all of them. I see them here all the time, you know, we have some lawyers that are in the trenches, let’s say, executives of hospitals, executives of insurance companies, they’re cutting benefits, they come to get adjusted. It’s like a side, guys. It’s an energy that kind of takes possession of people’s minds. And they’re not even aware of it. And we were talking about Napoleon Hill before, and his book that I mentioned before, I’d win the devil, he says that 98% of people have been infested with this evil energy. And only 2% of the population is free and has 100% love and God in their presence in their life. And that’s a big percentage. It’s kind of impressive. First time I heard that, but when I look around, I’m not surprised, you know, the majority of people are not getting adjusted, you know? So there’s something going on in our culture that we need to change and we need to be proactive in. And it’s been going on since the beginning of time. And it kind of pumps me up, because we’re the good guys in the movie, you know?

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, one of my other favorite musicians is Bob Marlboro. And he, one of my favorite quotes is his, says, the bad guys don’t take a day off, so why should I? There you go. And here’s the thing, man, to give everybody some hope and some inspiration, because that’s what I know you wanted to do is give people some inspiration today is 2% can win. That’s right. 2% can win, because the other 98% have been bought and sold. And we have so much passion and control of our own emotion and our own motivations. 2% can win, guys. So just know that 2% of a population is a lot of people.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  It’s the most powerful people. So we are away the rest of them.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Easy. So I know that we’re getting to the last eight minutes or 10 minutes of our show, but I want to ask you a couple of questions, like, other than your father, who are some people that have inspired you to become the man you are today?

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  Well, you know my mother also, I have to admit, my mother and my wife have been thinking about this. And of course, the great PJs of our time, our love, my father, Don Harison, just giants of Incantract, and their legacy’s gonna live forever. So my wife, she’s the daughter of a pharmacist, she comes from a very medical paradigm. And she kept our family tradition of having our two children at home. And to see her transition from somebody that used to take medication for, you know, certain diseases or medical conditions. For someone that was kind of skeptical with the chiropractic principle in the lifestyle, to see her transition to the point where she decided to bring light to the world, which was my children at home with meaning supporting her and adopting this philosophy at a such primal, deep spiritual level, it takes a lot of courage, it takes a lot of openness and in common sense also to go to something like that. So I would say that and my mother for being a warrior in the 80s, you know, alongside my father was very hardcore. It was very outspoken when it came to health and healing chiropractic, to have her hold it down for us at home and staying true and stay on the path of the truth and the light through all the challenges. It takes a lot of courage, it takes a lot of spits, a victim and audacity and she’s a wonderful woman, you know, and my wife is one as well. So they’re great. They’re heroes of my life for sure. I always look to them for guidance and orientation and I’m losing my grip and things.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, here’s the here’s the chiropractic truth. The body needs nothing extra in it. It simply needs no interference. It’s a chiropractor checks the text and corrects retrieval subluxation and clears it. The body’s a self healing organism. And a lot of times we just need to go back to the principles. And a lot of times the women have the greatest innate. They say that women have the sixth sense, you know, and so that we do need that type of inclusion. And it sounds like your mother back in the 80s was protecting the sacred trust. And, you know, that’s a big fundamental why about our show. So understanding that you come from a chiropractic family, understanding that you were born into chiropractic. It’s a really special interview for me today and to be able to share your story with our audience. It’s a real honor, you know, and to be able to, you know, know who you are, why you do what you do and who you do it for. That’s the most powerful type of introduction I can give to anybody to our audience and to our world is this is Ishirad Riga, chiropractor San Juan Puerto Rico. The man who is the second generation chiropractor inspired by many. And I’m really excited to have you on today, ma’am.

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  Thank you so much. Thank you for your work and your inspiration and your consistency. You know, you are, you are the liaison, you know, for us in the world. And, you know, I’m so grateful for you and your work and your team. So thank you. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity. Now, hopefully we’ll keep this conversation going sometime in the future.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Absolutely. And before we close out today, I want to close, I want to share people a miracle story. What’s something you’ve seen in the past 20 years that you would like to share with our audience that might inspire them about chiropractic?

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  You know, I would say the, you know, I just mentioned it, that the birth of my two children, you know, when I was there in that setting, and we have the candles and the Bob Marley in the background and that environment of pure light, you know, and that is just a manifestation. I think it’s the ultimate manifestation of the principle, you know, and to have those two children grow up still living that principle and seeing the world around us and how the contrast is so drastic, you know, the way we live and the way the world is living and the suffering that goes on because of the lack of awareness that this is possible and this is real. And you can, you can participate in it. I think to be a witness to that magic and that miracle of life through the hands in that moment, I think that’s the greatest miracle, you know, and then every day, there’s so many, I’m sure all your chiropractors say that, but it’s so amazing. I had a patient of mine who died last month from pancreatic cancer and maybe you would say, yeah, it’s not a great miracle story. The interesting thing is her husband was a chiropractor in Mexico and she was married to this man for many years and he passed away and when she was, she was my patient here in Puerto Rico, she’s an accident and when she was going through her process of transitioning, she asked her family for me to go take care of her through this transition and, you know, she just told me she really needed me in her life at that moment. She needed a chiropractic and I felt like it was her husband using me as an instrument to help her in her suffering in such a delicate time in her life. And it was so beautiful to be part of that, to be invited into her home and to see her transition in such a wonderful, peaceful way. And it’s such a miracle. It’s the same coin to sides of the same coin, the birth and the death is just a transition from one realm to another and we as chiropractors are hoping to make that happen in the most beautiful, natural, respectful way that nature intended and that is right. So I was part of that miracle and definitely changed my life and it impacted me a lot and we’re seeing that every day in our practices, you know, even if you’re not aware of it. So your job is just to be aware and be the best tool you can as an instrument for that in a universal intelligence that is working through you and that’s your job. That’s the more you do that, the more miracles you’ll be.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, thank you for sharing such sensitive moments of birth and death. You know, I tell everybody that chiropractic is from womb to tomb from first breath, the last breath from cradle to grave. And this interview today is a direct testimony to that. So it’s not just little catchphrases that I use to share with people about chiropractic given years to your life and life to your years, but it’s the truth. It’s the reason that we do what we do and why we do it. So Dr. Ishia, I appreciate you being on this episode with me, your 536th The Chirophasa podcast. If people want to conduct with you or they want to reach out to you, where can we send them to?

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  Website is called And there you can find all the socials on there, so Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. And that’s it. And you can also email me through there. There’s an info email. You can send me a message. I would love to connect with anyone out there that wants to talk. It was connect.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I had to serve. Thank you so much. At this juncture, is there anything I didn’t ask you that you were hoping to share with our audience today?

DR ISHI RODRIGUEZ DC (GUEST):  You know, I think the point of integrity, you know, being accountable, having skimming the game, I think as chiropractors, we need to be aware of that as well. You know, over 2000 years ago, there was an emperor called Hamurabi. I know if you heard of Hamurabi’s code, he wrote the first code of law in the world. And in one of the, basically, the summary of this code, the Hamurabi wrote, is that you are responsible for your actions. He was very detailed in this example. He said, if you’re an architect and you build a building and the building collapses and it kills people inside the building, as an architect, you’re responsible for that. And you need to, and basically they didn’t, you know, take out the architect and so on and so forth. The point of this is whatever you’re doing in your practice, I know it’s a service and you’re creating a great service for people, but also be accountable for your results. Be obsessed with great results because the more you do that and the more you can embrace that and hold it in your power and be confident in that, the more you’re going to grow and the more indestructible you become. So remember Hamurabi’s code, read about it, try to own it, try to be part of that philosophy. And I know you’ll be just a greater human being from it and a greater chiropractor for a profession that really needs that in our ranks.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  I love it. So if you guys want to know more about Dr. Ishi Rodriguez, go to and check him out, find him on all of the socials as he mentioned. And I just want to thank you so much for being our guest today. It was a really, it was an honor to be on with you. And next time in Puerto Rico, I’m going to come down and get some of my phone go with you. All right. Well, I’m going to close up by telling everybody, you’re just one story way. Keep hustling. I’ll see you guys in the next episode. Bye for now.


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