November 28, 2021

PI Care and Getting Better Cases in Chiropractic with Dr Mark Slater DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 304

Mark Slater, BS, DC is a healthcare entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia who practiced for over 20 years in Personal Injury marketing and patient treatment.

Mark grew up in Birmingham, AL, and attended the University of Florida where he received a BS in Zoology and Health Science Education. After graduation, he moved to Atlanta in 1994 and began his journey in Chiropractic at Life University. Mark graduated in 1998 and moved back to Birmingham where he built a brand-new office under the mentorship of Dr. Peter Fernandez’s Practice Starters program focusing on personal injury.

Mark knocked on over 1000 doors before he opened that practice and sold it for a large margin 2 years later and moved back to Atlanta where he bought an all PI/WC practice.

In that practice, Mark employed an MD to handle all the patient treatment while Mark was in the field every day meeting attorneys, taking them to lunch, networking with MRI reps, and courting doctors for referrals. While owning that practice, he also started a chain of med spas called The Fountain Laser and Med Spa in greater Atlanta. Mark sold everything in 2015 and took some time off.

Mark was recruited back into the PI game and was hired as a VP of Sales and Marketing for a multi-million-dollar orthopedic spine surgery practice with multiple locations in Georgia where he coached and trained over 10 marketing liaisons in the field for that practice. He was instrumental in bringing the practice to over 200 new PI patients per month and breaking a record for most spinal surgeries performed in a calendar month in the practice at 30.

Mark realized he enjoyed being an entrepreneur rather than an employee, so after 11 months as VP of Sales and Marketing for the Spinal Surgeon, he decided to start his own consulting business to help chiropractors and providers all over the country with his time tested and effective methods to generate more PI patients with his simple, 5 -Step PI Accelerator Method. Mark has also engineered a process to attract more PI patients with training on how to turn your non-utilized social media platforms into revenue generators for your PI practice.

Mark is an expert on healthcare marketing who helps companies go from where they are today, to get to their desired situation by providing time-tested systems to building strong Personal Injury practices with his program. He has personally managed over a million dollars of marketing budgets and digital ad spends on behalf of clients and he has been able to consistently provide robust returns for his clients.

Mark lives in Atlanta with his beautiful wife, his hard-hitting teenage hockey player son, and his creative and sweet teenage daughter.

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