March 27, 2024

Reversing Autoimmune Diseases without Drugs with Dr Benjamin Benulis DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 547

Dr. Ben is the author of the book “Create Health: Reverse Autoimmune Disease Without Drugs or Their Side Effects”. In addition to practicing as a DC in Scottsdale AZ, he coaches people on reversing autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis and MS using diet and lifestyle.


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LUKE MILLETT (PRODUCER):  Hey guys, welcome to episode 547 of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. I’m your producer, Luke Mallett, and here’s your host, James Chester.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So today we have the opportunity of interviewing Dr. Benjamin Benoulis. We talk about how to reverse autoimmune disease without drugs or their side effects on this episode. Stay tuned!

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Welcome back! This is another episode of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. They have Benjamin Benulis on. This guy has been out of Chiro School for six years.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  He is working on some of the worst case scenarios when it comes to people’s medical framework. And that is their scaffolding looks like a body, but they’re sick from what then. And that’s autoimmune disease. And a lot of people don’t know what to do or where to go for these things. So I’m really excited to talk to him about his book, Create Health and Reverse Auto Immune Disease Without Drugs or their side effects. I think it’s going to be a really powerful message that he’s going to share with us today. And we’re going to touch on topics of autoimmunity, the big seaward, COVID. I know that that’s something that a lot of people are still curious about and how to help people with those types of transgressions and where we are today, which is hopefully better, but we’ll see. And then I know it’s another big topic and I’m sure I’m going to get some social media pushed back from the platform. So we’re going to talk about vaccine injuries. And I think it’s kind of like one of those topics that’s like, if you know anything, don’t talk about it. But hey, this is Chiro Hustle and I’m going to give you the intro. So you are a big why. Why do we do what we do? Well, we believe in freedom of speech. We’ve never censored anyone. We wholeheartedly believe in the First Amendment. People should be able to say what they want to say when they want to say it, wherever they want to say it. And on Chiro Hustle, that’s what we provide. On top of that, we also believe in medical freedom and family health freedom. They’re not the same things, but we want to make sure that we support Chiro Project because I do believe that Chiro Project is the only thing that stands in the way between freedom of health and medical freedom and medical tyranny. So those things that I believe and I think a lot of people listen to our show believe in too. And all I ask people that get into this episode is to share the show. That’s our feat. For listening to what we do and for all the time I provide to everybody, please share the show. If you’re out there, it needs to hear what we’re talking about today. So hit the share button, comment, share the show on all platforms so everybody can hear what Dr. Benjamin has to share with us today. And then we’ll get more philosophical within the Chiro Project profession. I do believe in protecting the Sacred Trust that people want to know more about Chiro Project, go and search for BJ Palmer’s last words, go and search for BJ Palmer Sacred Trust. You’re going to find out more about Chiro Project than you ever knew I’d guarantee you. And then I know this is a long intro, but it’s all necessary stuff. And I always tell people if you don’t listen to the whole episode, at least you know where we stand with with our show. And then we support civilization based Chiro Project because they’re taking it out of the schools. And I want this to get on every campus and I want every Chiro Project present to hear these shows because what you’re doing is taking the philosophy out of these schools, which is not okay. It’s not okay with the Chiro Project profession. Like in intelligence and universal intelligence, they’re not historical context. They’re real deal chiropractic terms and knowledge and philosophy. So we believe that when man or woman, the physical gets adjusted and connects them to man or woman is spiritual. And with that being said, this is episode 547 of the Chiro House of podcasts. Dr. Benjamin, welcome to the show.

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  Glad to be here, Jim.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, lots of fire there, right?


JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. So I do like the first question that we always ask people is your story because I’m curious and I don’t know much about your background. I got a bio of like two and a half sentences. So tell me your story and how did you get into this beautiful profession?

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  Sure, and I’ll try to keep it succinct, but it’s a roundabout journey for sure, my man. So grew up in Massachusetts, very like traditional New England upbringing. A lot of medical doctors in my family was brought up heavily indoctrinated into the medical model. Grandfather was a medical doctor, stepdad’s a medical doctor, uncles, stuff like that. So actually wanted to be a biomedical engineer. And I went through like a special program in high school called the biotech academy, which was basically an indoctrination camp to become a pharma goon and went into college studying biomedical engineering and the first semester ironically was when they started putting pharmaceutical ads on TV and never seen them before, right? And that was like when it first came out, it was really weird because it was like, you know, take Prozac and like you’ll feel better. And by the way, side effects includes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, death, dismemberment, like shitting your organs out your ass. And you’re like, whoa, okay, that’s pretty crazy. And so I was seeing those and I was like, man, I just don’t. And then there was like Viagra ads. And I was just like, this is what I’m working on. This is my path. If I can like this, like innately something was like, no, no, jump ship, open the side hatch and roll out because this is going out a bad way, you know? And this was like late 90s, right? And so just, you know, I had an act for math and science. I went into mechanical engineering, worked about 10 years in the tech industry doing microchip stuff, you know, fancy schmancy tech job. And you know, who was good at, made good money, never really felt like I was doing anything like worthwhile in the world. And but just stuck with it because, you know, like it’s society’s expectations. Like I was in the eyes of the average person. I was, I was winning, you know? But I didn’t feel filled. And in my late 20s, I came down with sort of come down with a bunch of health problems that doctors couldn’t diagnose or really tell me what was going on. And I just kind of got the run around from the medical system. You know, if you go to the general practitioner, like I got chronic fatigue, I got chronic muscle pain. And at least digestive issues, my hands are breaking out in this weird skin condition. What do you do for me? Oh, we’ll send you to the dermatologist for your skin and the gastroenterologist for your stomach and the dermatologist for your pain. And it’s like, oh, okay, cool. Like I’m going to get the treatment. You know, so one doctor explodes into like five or six. And they’re just giving me, you know, like each one’s doing his own test and whatever. And then basically just giving me the run around like the Pope and an abortion clinic, man, like just no answers, right? And like, oh, your lab’s looking normal. Everything’s fine. I don’t think I was wrong with you. Oh, it must be all in your head. Oh, it must be anxiety. Oh, you know, I think you just need to, you know, you think you’re going to go in with the mystery medical condition. It’s going to be like a show house where they’re like, I’m going to figure it out and do whatever it takes to figure it out, right? They’re like, no, it’s more like, oh, if you consider that maybe you’re crazy, you know, you’re faking it. So you know, after about like six months of that, I just kind of get fed up of like, it’s getting worse, you know? And so I start like looking into things on my own because I’m like, I kind of put my hope in the medical system and just realized I just weren’t equipped to help. And so it’s very reluctant, right? And I start just being a, being a, you know, the term biohacker didn’t exist back then, but that’s what I was doing. I was just like massively self educating, massively self experimenting. And so just started, you know, reading up on things, trying things. And I came across information that was like, well, if you change your diet, you know, maybe realize problems go away and not doing that, whatever, you know? But it’s continuous things, you get worse and options kept running out. It’s kind of painted into a corner like, okay, I guess I’m going to do this. And so this is like 2010ish. And meanwhile, like my chronic fatigue so bad, I can barely function at my job, you know, like I’m in so much pain, like the conditions continuing to get worse. And so I’m like, okay, I’m just start making smoothies. Like I’m just, that’s a way of heating healthy, right? And then I went upset my stomach. Like I was eating everything out of a microwave, right? You put the food in the microwave, you close the door, you hit the button, the minute later you got your food. Well, okay, I’ll just do the same thing with a blender, like open up the blender, throw the food some vegetables in, hit a button or two, and bam, just knock it back because I don’t, I don’t want to make it complicated. So that’s what I started doing. And started feeling better. And like the more I did it, like, whoa, like, you know, the better I felt. So started educating more and more on it and came across a lot of the old school natural hygiene guys who were chiropractors around like, from about like 1920 to about 1950-ish who ran fasting centers and basically sanitariums where people would come and like just eat healthy food and fast and rest and heal all these crazy chronic diseases. And so that got me just real excited. Like I just became like, you know, I was kind of self-educating the beginning because I wanted to get better. But then as I felt better and saw results, I was like, man, how come I never learned any of this stuff? You know, and just started reading books and books and books and books. And it was interesting that all the guys that were doing this were chiropractors because I was taught growing up like, you know, you know, those people are just, you know, guys who are too dumb to go to medical school, you don’t want to stay away from them. You know, meanwhile my stepdad just has like fifth or sixth neck surgery, you know, can’t pull up his own pants. How’s that working out for you? So at some point, like I was able to heal everything with diet and you know, it’s still working the tech job, getting more and more disillusioned with it. And at one point I thought, man, I should just like, I should become a doctor. Like I know way more than all these like chuckleheads couldn’t get me better just from like reading books in my own healing journey. And I was like, well, what I want to do, you know? And I was like, MD was like off the table. I was like, I’m not going to spend five years learning drugs and surgery because I’m never going to do it, you know, like just for the credentials to help with that. And then I was like, naturopath, you know, maybe, but I was living in Texas at the time and it wasn’t licensed. So it kind of stumbled into chiropractic kind of backdoor. And then a lot of these guys that I looked up to were chiropractors. And you know, I had gone to them for various like sports injuries over the years, but they were all like pain docs, like kind of, you know, mixers, whatever you want to call it. Like they weren’t really subluxation based. But they helped me, you know, for sure. So I was like, there must be this like old school cadre that’s kind of died out, in my opinion. I didn’t really know about principal chiropractic. Like, I just thought that that was something that just kind of died. And but I was like, that’s, you know, that’s what I want to do. And so like we were talking about, I went to LACC and it was cool because I kind of fell in with the people in the know early on, like one of my classmates was like, we’re going to go to this dead chiropractor society thing. Like you should check it out. I’m like, okay, cool. Like, like you’re one of the cool ones. I’m like, okay, whatever. Like I really didn’t know I was getting myself into with the school and everything. And went to the first DCS meeting met Billy D. And was like, oh, okay, this is exactly where I’m supposed to be. Awesome. So yeah, went through school, did a preceptorship in place called True North Health Center, which is a fasting center run by Dr. Alan Goldhammer is a DC in Santa Rosa, California. It’s a residential inpatient inpatient place or basically people come and eat the food and do supervised fasts and heal from, you know, autoimmune disease, heart conditions, stage three, four cancer, all kinds of stuff, Parkinson’s, you know, all kinds of craziness. Like I saw it happen in real time. The people come in there sick and leave a month or two later like completely freaking transform. So that was a cool experience. And then, you know, just kind of, there was really passion about what I was doing. You know, first few years I’d in practice, I didn’t know what, I don’t know, I just wanted to help people. I had a skill set. I got really into network, networks final in school. Still practice that, love it. And it was just kind of slinging my thing, doing my thing and, you know, trying to help people and really struggle with marketing and sales in the beginning. But I caught my sea legs and put out a book last year like we were talking about. And so, so yeah, I mean, I still practice as a DC. And I put my time about 50-50 between adjusting and health coaching. And yeah, it’s basically my story.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  You know, you said a lot of really like fundamental things. I have one follow up question. Sure. When was your first chiropractor, Jess? And how old were you?

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  I was probably like 23, 24.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Were you on chiropractic school then?

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  No, no, I didn’t start chiropractic school too. I was like 31.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Okay. So what was your time like understanding chiropractic coming from a medical minded family and background and then starting to do all this study and when did it like strike you that like chiropractic was a thing that was helping besides the fasting?

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  Good question. When I first started, honestly, I was in a relationship with a girl who had like worked for chiropractors. And she was just like, you got to go see this guy. It’s like, you got to get adjusted. It’s good for your health overall. And I was like, does my insurance cover it? And she’s like, yeah. I’m like, okay. So I just go as guys, you know, and I’m just, my insurance is covering. And I’m just going and seeing this dude, Dr. Daniel Gonzalez Austin, Texas, awesome guy. And I just, I didn’t think much of it. Like I never really like dealt with back pain. So I, until I herniated to disc in the gym in chiropractic school in 2016, that’s another story. But yeah, it was just, then I had an experience where I was a competitive amateur hacky sack player in my 20s and I jacked out my knee pretty bad. And it just so happened at the office I was working at, they had these people that were treating sports injuries and you could get your first appointment free. And this guy worked on my knee. It was like, it was like soft tissue stuff, like kind of A.R.T. type stuff. And, and like, I really thought the knee was, he’s going to need surgery or something. He got me better in like three visits. And so I was like, oh, okay, cool. And then it was funny was like, when I started, I started like going to other chiropractors, just kind of as a hobby. And just like, I was curious because I was a mechanical engineer and they were dealing with biomechanics and like, it was just interesting to me. And I would like talk to these guys and I, I just found myself like interested in what they were doing, never thinking I would ever get involved. And it’s just the profession fascinated me like that, what they were able to do. And so, but then it was like what really got me was like, you know, I had experienced this, this, this healing whereby I just removed the obstructions to my body’s self-healing abilities by taking out all the crap food and just giving myself like the optimum human food. And, and we really had this real like firsthand realization of like, wow, the body heals itself. You just got to do the right thing. You got to remove the obstructions. And so when I was reading about, you know, like looking into schools and everything and like reading about chiropractic philosophy is like, oh, it’s the same principle, remove the subluxation and then innate and the body does the work like, oh, okay, that aligns with like what I’m trying to do. Like, this makes so much sense. Well, how come it took me 30 years to figure that out? How come there are people, you know, in labs at freakin Pfizer, like thinking they’re going to science up the next cure for fucking whatever. It’s already in here, you know?

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DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  So I want to get more into that stuff because I do think that they make a pill potion or motion for everything.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And you have to think that there’s an outside in perspective that’s going to like make their mind select the magic, you know, I think that we’ve been hook line and sinker into a position that we don’t know where to go who to trust. And I do think honestly, like, I don’t know because I’m not scientists, but I have to say that auto-mute is on the rise. And probably a lot of people are really like interested in finding a practitioner that can help them with that. And that being in the title of your book, do you think that the title of your book has helped you grow your practice and market better?

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  Yeah, absolutely. You know, and it’s funny because the title of the book was like a, I remember just going back and forth with the publisher like, what are we going to call this freaking thing, you know, because he came up with all these names and I’m like, I don’t like that, I’m like that, I’m like that, I’m like that. And it was, I think it was one of the, like one of the first chapters I was just trying to explain the overall principle of what I’m doing, which is very similar to chiropractic. That’s just like, it’s not about fighting disease, it’s about creating health. Like, folks, just stop trying to suppress symptoms and like fight your disease. Work on bolstering yourself and up leveling your health and creating health and that you’ll eventually create enough health to not have disease. I think that was the, like the fundamental principle I was trying to get across to people. And then I was like, well, let’s just call the book that. And I was like, duh, I want you, I want you, like, you know, it was just like a light shine down. It’s like, oh, yeah, of course, you know, Occam’s razor, make it as simple as possible. So yeah, and then the book, you know, just having a book, writing a book sucks. I hated writing, you know, basically the book people ask me how long it takes to write. It was like, you know, eight and a half years of procrastination and six months of hard work, you know, like having a book’s great. And yeah, it’s definitely helped throw my practice and it’s, it’s a calling card. You know, I actually just met someone, I’m sure we’ll get into this. The other day it was a PI attorney and she mentioned, just happens to mention, or she works for a PI firm and she just happens to mention passing. Oh, and we also do vaccine and injury litigation. And I’m like, whoa, we got to talk, you know, so I run into her today. I’m like, take this book and like we’re going to, you know, you’re going to talk to your attorneys to do vaccine injury litigation because I can help those people. So yeah, it looks great. Highly recommend it for every doc. Write a book on something.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So auto immunity, it’s a big topic. I know we have, we don’t have a whole lot of time, but I do want to cover auto immunity. I want to cover COVID and I want to cover the back injury topic. So let’s jump right into topic one. Auto immunity. Why are people so damn sick right now?

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  Good, great question. And yeah, like you mentioned, it has really bloomed up, you know, like in the 80s, it was one in 10,000. And, you know, you know, last I had checked in 2016, it was like one in seven. Someone told me the other day is one in four. It’s toxicity, man. It’s toxicity, you know, toxins, traumas and thoughts, you know, but I think for the most part like, you know, it’s a combination of those three without immunities, but heavy on the toxicity and it’s coming from, you know, the air, it’s coming from the water. It’s coming from the vaccines. It’s coming from the food. It’s coming from the soil, you know, we’re just decimating everything with pesticides. I mean, it’s, you know, it’s in the, it’s in the beauty products. It’s in, you know, it’s in everything. It accumulates in the body and that’s what’s really going on. It’s not really so much the body attacking itself. It’s just the body not having being so overloaded with toxicity that it can’t expunge it, but it tries to. And so that’s it. The autoimmunity is really the body’s attempt to eliminate the toxicity that it just has too much of.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, I’m a real visual guy and I tell people the reason people get sick is because they get too many toxins and it’s like a sponge. And if you never ring the sponge out, like it’s not like an old sponge, like, oh my God, I got to throw that away. Well, problem is that you can’t throw your liver away. You can’t throw your gallbladder away. You can’t throw your kidneys away. Yeah. But I think that those are the places that a lot of this stuff stores up and it stockpiles inside of people. And you know, from chiropractic knowledge, there’s things that cause subluxation, thoughts, and toxins. And a lot of times, the last thing for people to really get to is the toxins because they’re focused on the pain, the auto suggestion, love the thoughts. And then the toxins is the thing that kind of gets like, you know, if we get to weight loss, then maybe we’ll get to the toxins. But a lot of times you’re either a real deal of chiropracture that all you do is check into tech and correct retrieval subluxation, or you’re, like you said earlier on when you are doing our intro, a mixer. And you do nutrition and you do detox and things like that. And most of the way that I found that chiropractors make money outside of just doing adjustment is the detox option, which is weight loss. So if we get really lucky with a practitioner, they’ll take the title of being a mixer and they’ll go and help people with real conditions inside the body, which are diabetes and, you know, helping people with these toxicity, low issues, metabolic syndrome, and they help reverse some of these things. And that’s why I love reverse autoimmune disease without drugs or their side effects. And then we get to this thing that happened over the past couple of years called COVID. And I know that’s a topic that you wanted to jump on like a grenade today. So let’s talk about COVID and how that interlaces with these topics that we’re discussing today.

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  Yeah, sure. And it’s funny because, you know, I kind of smell the rat with COVID like right away, you know, because, you know, you’re prior to being, oh, everybody’s going to die measles. Oh, everybody’s going to die a Zika virus. I was like, okay, here’s the next thing that’s trying to hype up, you know. I didn’t really think that it would escalate to anywhere near what it did. But you know, it’s funny. I got into the vaccine thing just because I was like intellectually curious about autoimmune disease. Like I just kept digging in the rabbit hole. And it’s like everyone’s saying it’s genetic and like that doesn’t make any freaking sense. And we’re getting to COVID here. I’m just kind of backtracking. You know, it’s like how can with the gene pool change where, you know, now it’s 200 times, 1000 times more, you know, prevalent. Like that doesn’t make any sense. So I knew there had to be a cause and I was digging and digging and digging. And I kept, you know, my shovel kept hitting vaccines, you know, that they would show up as side effects and studies. And I was like, man, this can’t be. I thought those things were, you know, that those things were sacrosanct. And you know, it was just like the data was there. And then you learn, oh, wait, they’re not doing placebo controlled studies. And they’re only testing it for like a few weeks or a few months. Like this is, this is not really adding up, you know. And so that got me curious about vaccines. So it’s trying to find a freaking cause for autoimmune disease. And so that, you know, got me into the whole like autism, MMR, facts, the movie rabbit hole. And so when COVID was happening, I was like, okay, here we freaking go, you know, like 20, 20 giant vaccine commercial.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Do you think that their rabbit holes or you think they’re rat holes?

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  Either one. Yeah. You know, rabbit hole. A bit cleaner. Yeah. So yeah, you know, just started speaking up. And I really thought a lot of people in the profession would. I was kind of disappointed at like how many like just kind of stuck their heads in the sand, you know, put their, put their face rag on and just try to keep, you know, and so, but I was just like not having it. I was like, this is what I got into this profession to speak out against. And it’s funny because it like I was not intending to, like I just garnered all this social media attention just because I felt like, man, no one’s speaking up. Like I got to fucking say something. Excuse my language. And, and, and then I had a lot of other DCs, you know, 2020, I’ve been in practice like three years at that point. Like I was still a baby DC. I had guys who were in practice like 25 years reaching out to be like, thanks so much for speaking up, man, you’re such an inspiration. I’m like, dude, stop thanking me. And you speak up too, you know, well, I can tell you that I can tell you have a lot of

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  justice inside your, like your principal, why you do this stuff.

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  Yeah, man, because I was one of the people who was run over by the medical system and like, you know, left on the side of the road for dead. So, you know, I am, I do this out of, you know, a lot of passion.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So vaccine injuries, meeting with this potential group that are doing vaccine law and injury cases, where, where does that have you today?

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  Um, you know, it just kind of shows up in my doorstep, man. Like I had one guy who came down with this super rare autoimmune condition called Pemfagoid Bullis. He’s over in India. And the match, the internet, his daughter was a physical therapist in Australia trying to figure out something for her dad, finds my book on freaking Amazon, buys it, gets my contact info, calls me, begs me to work with him. You know, I’m like, oh, give this a shot, you know, and within like four weeks, like massive transformation. I was like, wow, okay, this, you know, because I, part of me was like, man, you know, it’s not a R and A, it’s different, it’s going to permanently change your DNA. Like I don’t even know if we can help it. No, the principle, the, the principle that the body heals itself when the obstruction is healing or removed is, is, is, is, is, um, I don’t know the right word I want to say, but it’s infinite. It’s always applicable. Yeah.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So we, without a doubt. So how do you get to, to point where you start helping people? Like what is your protocol that makes it what you’re doing work?

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  Sure. I mean, it’s, I, you know, I, it’s, it sounds like kindergarten level, but I’m just focused on eating massive amounts of fruits and leafy green vegetables. So I mean, we’re talking like, gerson therapy, 10 pounds a day, you know, whatever, like

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  the gerson method.

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  Yeah, the gerson method is based on juicing everything, but yeah, pretty similar. Yeah. Yeah. So, um, you reduce the incoming toxicity load, right? So like as close to zero as possible. And then the body can go, oh, now I can get rid of all this backlog of crap that’s built up in the liver, the kidneys, the gallbladder, the skin, the basses, whatever. Yeah. And that’s, that’s, that’s the fundamental principle. The body heals itself. Just give it the right conditions to do so.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. I say this almost on every show. The body needs to have an extra and it simply needs to interference. Once we clear the interference, the body’s a self-hailing organism.

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  It’s not mechanistic at all.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And that’s really the power of the adjustment. Once it clears up the subluxation, the body has a chance to chill out and go to parasympathetic and actually reduce systemic inflammation, reduce systemic, you know, pain, the pain cycle gets a chance to chill out. And that’s usually like to tear one of why people come to the chiropractor, unfortunately, is they have a pain response. They’re like, Hey, guy, I’ve tried everything else. And I’ve got these 17 things I take every day that are all synthetic and killing me. Can you help me with this thing? You know, like, yeah, sure, I’ll check you. I’ll do a quick x-ray on you. I’ll do an orthopedic exam. I want to find out where your body has some dysfunction and our store function to it. And the body has this magical thing that it does when it functions, right? It starts feeling better. And you know, the thought process change. And the cool thing is, Dr. Ben is when I meet people and I talk to them that have been under chiropractic. You and I worked in the clinic for six years. I’d ask people like, Do you remember what you originally came in here for? Nope. Do you remember how grumpy you were when you first came in here for like the first month and how much of a pain you ask you are towards us? Nope. Okay. Well, you were you’re super grumpy. And now that you can’t remember what you came in here for originally, that means that chiropractic is something that is a miracle in your life, right? Yeah, maybe. But I think that that’s what happens is people are at the end of the rope. And that’s where we are today as a culture is people are like at societal, like like collapse where they’re like, If I have to trust a chiropractor, I’ll go to them because I sure as hell don’t trust the other ones that forced a shot at me.

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  Yep. Totally man. It’s, you know, it’s unfortunate that it had to get so bad. You know, I remember saying like, Oh, you know, medical system is going to collapse, blah, blah, blah, you know, like chiropractic pressure is going to return. These natural healing methods are going to return. I didn’t know it would be some crazy death whale where they try to take everybody down with them as they’re collapsing. But you know, it’s unfortunate that it’s had to have such a high body count to get it to end. But I mean, it’s better than it continuing a perpetuity. Say that. I think we’re definitely winning. You know, it may not look like it in a lot of ways because the mainstream media still is kind of grasping onto their last bit of cool non stuff. But you know, it’s, we’re making progress.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So this is the part in the show where I ask if people want to work with you, what do I send them to?

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  Sure. Best way to reach out to me is on Instagram. That’s one of the most active, so it’s my name, Dr. Benjamin Benulis on there. And then of course you go to if you want to pick up a copy of my book. And yeah, I would say those are probably the two best ways to get in touch with me.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Create health book. That’s I like the title a lot. And then Dr. Benjamin Benulis over there on Instagram. Yeah. But there’s a lot of questions I sent out to you that we didn’t ask you. But is there anything I didn’t ask you that you’d like to share with your audience today?

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  Oh, no, man. I mean, I, I enjoy this. I think we hit all the hot topics. So this was great.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Cool, man. Well, I appreciate you being on with me today. Your episode 547 in the Chiro Hustle podcast. And I really appreciate you taking some time out of your schedule to be our guest today and to share your mission and vision.

DR BENJAMIN BENULIS DC (GUEST):  All right. Thank you very much for having me.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So I closed out this way every time that you’re just one story away. Keep hustling. I’ll see you guys on the next episode. Dr. Benjam Benulis, thank you for being our guest today. Have a good night now.


JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  All right. See you for now.


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