March 21, 2024

Save Time and Money with CLEAR Imaging with Michael Tokash – Chiro Hustle Podcast 545

President and owner of Imaging Services
Leader is the field of Radiology products and services
Company located in suburbs Of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. As a national distributor
Of x-ray and Digital equipment
Started my journey in the Medical field 1975, worked for serval companies and decided in the year 2002
To start the business with James Kreiger, as a partnership and in the past 5 years grew
Business to the leader in Chiropractic sales
Husband ,Father , Grandfather, Advocate for chiropractic, giving back to Chiropractic organization
Hobbies; family, fresh water fishing, hunting, carpentry, and always honey to do list
Success due to customer service, treating Doctor with respect as part of family,
Can be contacted by cell 24/7


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LUKE MILLETT (PRODUCER):  Hey guys, welcome to episode 545 of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. I’m your producer, Luke Millette, and here’s your host, James Chester.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So today we have the opportunity of interviewing Michael Tokash, and on today’s episode we talk about how to save money and time with clear imaging. Stay tuned for the full episode.

Michael Tokash (Guest):  Welcome back. This is another episode of the Chiro Hustle Podcast. Long time coming, Mike Tokash here with me with Papa Cave Imaging Services. Go to their website, Imaging Services. I’m sure they’ll fill you in a whole lot about what they got going on.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  But between Mike, 47 years in chiropractic, doing some type of facet within the profession, and Paul, 43 years doing some type of chiropractic services, we have 100 years of experience here on this interview. So it’s going to be a good opportunity for you guys to be introduced to Paul with Mike here today. But before we get into this episode, I’m going to let you guys know that why, why do we do what we do over here at Chiro Hustle? First things versus the First Amendment, and that’s freedom of speech. I think it’s really important that people have a platform where they can go where people don’t get censored. I’ve experienced it personally. I’ve been shadow bat fan. I’ve been low priority within the news feed because I tell the truth. And what is the truth? I believe that we should have medical freedom, family health, freedom. They aren’t the same thing, but that’s what we’ve been doing for a long time, because we’ve been protecting those rights. I always tell people, I think that the chiropractic profession is the last piece on the chess board. Like if the chiropractic profession goes down, it’s medical tyranny. So that’s why we do what we do over here. We also support civilization based chiropractic, which I shouldn’t have to say that, but when it comes down to the profession of chiropractic, they’re taking that out of the schools. So let’s get this show out to the schools. Share this with the student you guys know. Share the show. That’s your fee. Pay the fee and share the show. That’s what I ask people nowadays. Share the show because you never know whose life we’re going to have an impact with when they hear this message chiropractic. And then we do support and believe in BJ Palmer Sacred Trust. If you don’t know what that is, go and find BJ Palmer’s last word. You’re going to learn more about chiropractic than you ever knew before. Last, we believe in in intelligence and universal intelligence that when man or woman physical gets adjusted, it connects them to man or woman in the spiritual. With that, this is episode 545. Welcome to the show guys.

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  Thanks, good welcome. Glad to be here.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  So imaging services, you got a guy that you’re trying to get out on the road more. Mr. Paul introduced him to us and tell me what’s going on.

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  Hey, hey, Jim, you know, been a long journey. I jumped on his train with chiropractic man. I’m loving it. It’s getting more trained for me. I can’t I can’t cover all the dreams. I can’t do it, right? So Paul’s been with me since 2009. And now I’m getting him out on the road. You know, he’s kind of a lot of local Pennsylvania Jersey Delaware, right? A lot in 43 years, right? So before comes from the service background also, you know, we’re looking in the tables trying to make a full solution for chiropractic. So my apologies to introduce himself a little bit. But I just want to say stay on don’t get off this. We got so many products coming off and so many specials going on. You know, this is a show to really watch.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Right? Yeah, I mean, we’re going to talk about motion X ray full spine imaging and this program you guys have called a dark and blitz. So I’m just getting people like a little preview of what we’re going to jump into. But Paul, let’s hear it, man.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Hey, thanks for having me. This has been awesome. Awesome ride with Mike. My background with chiropractic goes way back from zenith tables to X ray, the therapy, all kinds of products that I’ve been involved with. And the thing I like the most about it is the relationships that I have. You know, they’re a hard working group of people and I try to give them back good results and Mike’s helped me out through the way and nationally, like Mike said before, I was more local, but I’m doing some national shows in Atlanta and Florida and Indianapolis during the pandemic. That was fun. Anyway, awesome to be here and I can help any chiropractor from A to Z as far as advice and consulting in the right direction I’m involved a lot with the regulations. So I know a lot of those. So hopefully I can just help out one person out there and that’s great.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah, I think that’s really cool that you come to with a lot of experience and that’s what people need is any people that show up to work and commit to what they’re going to do and do the thing the right way the first time.

Michael Tokash (Guest):  And I think that that’s what I’ve learned about what imaging services has been doing for quite some time.


JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. And that’s why we’re still here. I mean, we give the quality work.

Michael Tokash (Guest):  So.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, I appreciate you for the introduction. Mike, are you ready to talk about the new systems you guys are about that you’re going to be focusing on?

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  Yeah. I’m moving a little closer. So, uh, thanks, Paul.


MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  So Jim, chiropractic, man, exciting, right? The only medical field that I feel very comfortable with. You know, it’s just who chiropractors are, you know, and, um, you know, I’m here to help them in any way again. You know, so I 2020 imaging, which is my favorite manufacturer. So came out with motion X-ray. They’ve been all looking for, you know, motion through fluoro. But now it’s a real X-ray system that you can do records still imaging and, and motion, right? And the regulations are under X-ray, not on the floor. So lower dose image quality. It’s great.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Well, when I first started going out talking to people about the motion X-ray, they were all concerned about more like exposure to radiation. And I really don’t know what to tell people other than the fact that they want to see what’s going on. And then they have to have a little bit to, to get the imaging done properly. So, um, I was always told people you’re going to get more radiation on a cross country flight than you will taking a set of X-rays.

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  Yeah. I mean, back in the back, when Fuji did it, they put a couple of cassettes on a plane loaded to California has a dose of four chest saturation. That was 15 years ago. You know, so, you know, I don’t know. I don’t think people are as afraid of the X-ray as they used to be. You know, some regulations are coming out now. You don’t even need to wear an apron or any protection, you know, so certain states have come out with that. You know, so the lower dose gym, that’s the case, right? You know, the technology is changed. Now you have software driven systems, not chemistry driven systems.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  Yeah. And, you know, back in the 80s, I saw like motion X-ray and I think it was called Running

Michael Tokash (Guest):  Man as a movie at the Arnold Swashy Yeah.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And now like almost like 40 years later, we have motion X-ray that people can actually use the show where we have disconnection and the spinal column.

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  Yeah. Hey, and Jim, it’s been around for a long time, but it’s been in orthopedics and hospitals, right? You didn’t get the price low enough that chiropractors could afford, right? Because we know what chiropractors’ troubles are. No reimbursements, you know, all the things that were against chiropractors. But 2020 stepped up and they got the price down under 100 grand. You know, North, I was still 150, you know, but, you know, I’m up to sale number eight and it’s only been out for six months, you know, but man, the doctor to have it.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  And you know, you know, I think it’s really cool to go out or love it. Yeah. And one of the things I always loved about you is you have on your, even on your bio here, you sent me that you can be contacted by yourself 24 seven, which I think is a thing of the past when it comes to business people. Nobody wants to be available anymore. Everybody wants to hide when it comes to the opportunity of like being like in business. It’s just a lot of people I know that they are going to talk to you about the questions about getting the motion X ray systems. It’s 6108123079. Send Mic at text. He’ll set up a call with you. He’ll talk to you about how to demo it. He’ll talk to you about what it looks like to do and build out for you. He’ll talk to you about what it looks like to have this motion X ray system installed in your clinic. So, I think a lot of times people don’t realize that it is affordable. doing film I know we’re going to get into this conversation about the darkroom bullets eventually but doing the film is it’s not really cost-effective anymore.

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  Now you know I do another group the PI group chiropractors make you imagine lawyers walking into court with it with a film you know but now they’re going in with motion actually you know there wouldn’t a lot of cases and they always

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  did that right. Yeah I do think that you know like they always say a picture’s worth a million words and seeing is believing and when people have clarity they can see where there’s ligamentous issues right and it’s not just final decay that we can see now that’s the thing that sets this apart is it used to be like a static film which show you where there was subluxation and degeneration right yeah and you’d have to like take them and like do little transparencies on them and show them like this is where you have a subluxation this is where you have a subluxation this is when like regular moving this one’s not moving this one’s locked up that’s a subluxation so even now today we don’t have to do that because of the technology. And Jim is really great

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  the word technology is taking this so there’s a high-end gun said doc in Connecticut Dr. Steve Field I know you met him before we just sold him the new 17-17x panel so he wanted to do a retrofit he’s going to go to Longbone eventually but he’s a retrofit you know he dropped his dose by 40% he’s afraid to drop it anymore but he’s getting a great image that dropping his dose by 40% he just keeps on dropping every day you know so that’s where technology came to and I don’t think we’re worried about dose anymore you know it’s the image quality and it’s what you’re showing your patients and I’m a patient I want to see I want to see my images I want to know why I got to keep on coming back and I see why I got to keep on coming back I still got to keep on coming back now I’m not done yet you know so anyway you know that’s one that’s one part of the of the new equipment coming out the second part is Longbone you know I see you I go ahead a product out a long time ago that there were 14 by I think was a 14 by 34 image and so the Fuji you know now 2020 just came out with a 17 by 48 so it’s one shot and so when you’re thinking about doing two separate images trying to stitch them together now you got a one-shot image and you know guys are loving it you know I know they just didn’t install four-system Dr. Dan Lyons just got his put in you know so there was another big tool out there that 2020 came up for Guy or Brad you know yeah I come from the

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  time when we used to actually take the film yeah take a digital camera shoot the film and then take the other film shoot a picture with the digital camera and then we take them into a software that we’d actually like stitch them together from taking the picture of the x-ray to then taking the pictures and

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  putting them together so we could see it yeah and the software on the 2020 you really know as you could do the order of stitching bags but Jim you still got a line I’m upright you still got to be close you still got to shoot the right image now just shoot the panel and you’re good you got the whole thing right

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  yeah and in the speed of implementation is what chiropractors are really looking for I think they’re they don’t want to spend another 20 minutes putting films together now especially if they’re seeing 10 new patients a week like that time adds up and I think I think that that’s a big reason why I think a lot of chiropractors want to ditch being in the dark room and doing film processing because I did it before just like you did it before you know it’s time

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  consuming it’s full of chemicals yep and and you know now you’re mentioning film you know there’s only one manufacturer of chemistry that raised kids on raising their price you know film manufacturers kind of went away a couple of them were still existing but they just had a big pricing greeting all the 10% you know so there’s no reason for film when you can go digital retro that you know Jim for 15 grand that’s a dark room glitch price I mean that’s less than what you pay for filming chemistry per month you know in a

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  monthly lease for for the year yeah yeah I mean talk talk a little bit more about this dark room but because I’m really I’m really interested in it I think there’s gonna be a lot of people that’ll be interested in it so you put somebody into you take an old system like say somebody has like a 1980 like

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  like x-ray system at their office let’s let’s take dr. slack right 1986 right but a retrofit right on their form man it’s flying and that was we’re talking six years ago seven years ago right you know technology has changed you know he’s not ready for an upgrade yet because his image quality is great you know but it I think it gave more life to his x-ray right lowered those less use of the two you know less less resistance on on the generator you know so I think everything plays a role into it but if you’re still doing film there’s

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  no reason not to go digital at all well I think a lot of times my people don’t understand like if they get an x-ray system I think they think they have to get like from tip to tail I think they think like they have to go and get like

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  everything brand-new now there has been a lot of systems in probably 50% of retrofits you know right I’m getting the students out at a school don’t new build out yet you’re getting the equipment you know that’s fine right but if you have the existing equipment man a regular retrofit is 18 grand if you use a film right now it’s gonna be 15 you know so a dollar-wise through a lease you’re paying less I have a doc right now paying six hundred hours a month just for filming chemistry I’m like that it’s gonna cost you 300 hours a month and now you’re gonna get digital image no more retakes you’re showing the patient right down there you’re saying the image right down in there

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  it’s beautiful stuff


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MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  yeah and when I go on do marketing for an office I do the day one day two and the office honestly that does the digital imaging they can do all their processing on these new patients on day one yeah yeah Chris Jim as soon as you shoot it image up in three seconds think about that right whether then you think is sad go in the dark room yeah you don’t even want to develop them when when the patient’s there right because most of the time they’re not even they may not even look good right so now you know right right then they’re exactly what it looks like image up you even know what you’re going to do that patient before you’re even though you’re doing all your x-rays right yeah and I think like when

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  people like used to consider getting digital x-ray they’re like oh man getting a digital like setups like $50,000 right or $40,000 and think about Jim

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  credibility you know chiropractic had a hard time getting credit building right it’s come a long way right from when it started so credibility is really important you know if you think about it 10 years ago every single worth of pedic one digital that was 10 years ago right and we still have chiropractors still don’t film right but now it’s affordable now there’s no reason not to do it but it’s a credibility to you your chiropractors are doctors right you know if you’re using an old piece of equipment and you got a digital image that’s all the patient wants to sit and we’re going to see the image you’re going to use all the lines you’re on you don’t think you even think of yeah full guys dead nuka you know anything you can’t flex an extension anything you want is in the software it’s just a savings of time also

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  for the doctor yeah probably one of the worst occurrences that I ever have is when I talk to somebody that I don’t talk to regularly and I’m like so how’s things going with practice they’re like oh I got myself a new x-ray system like well who’d you go through and they don’t mention you I’m like yeah and I

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  like you know there’s a difference between me and the rest of them you know first of all I’m an owner right so when I when I’m dealing with chiropractors owner to owner I’m looking at the business side of it to what’s your best solution I’m not a salesman just trying to sell you something and walking away and trying to they’re working off commission I don’t work off commission you know it’s I’m just an advocate and I want to give you your best solution I even told that today doc don’t buy this it’s not for you right no salesman’s told to doctor that right you know I’m doing your your room build out I’m getting your leg shielding I’m getting your businesses you know I’m helping your contractor through a whole build out that’s just not done by these other companies I’m getting I’m getting P you Jim believe or not I got a company in Connecticut called me or a naturally system said we don’t know what to do at this point I said well where’s your drawing where’s your business report oh they didn’t tell if we need one of that I’m like oh my god your voltage isn’t even enough you can’t even buy the room it’s like crazy so that’s why me just consulting with you even Jimmy anything don’t buy it from me get me in the game I’m free I got a lot experience now boys a lot experience we’re just here to

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  help really yeah I think that that’s the cool thing is you’ve been helping the chiropractors with the three consoles talk about it like if somebody reaches out to you what are the typical questions that people have for you well

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  the first thing I do is I don’t give you a quote I might give you a number right but I want to know what your facility has in voltage right how can I quote you something when I don’t even know if it’s a fit right I don’t like surprises as an owner I want to know the facts I want to know what I’m gonna pay I’m gonna want to know the plan and I want to know what I’m gonna start a true nature right so even when in my business I want I want to know these things I don’t want no glitches right so I kind of have a step program to the whole thing to walk the dock right through it work with the contractor but didn’t the most important part is what do you sell on somebody I need to see your facility right I mean I can quote you anything but if it doesn’t work now now what oh wait a minute doc is another 6,000 hours more you know so so how do

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  you do I mean do you get pictures from people do you have a video walk through

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  with you like well I tell them what I tell them to do is give me well I get videos I get face time you know even on the weekend and like you said 24 seconds I’m available all the time if you just like you you know you’re a big advocate of chiropractic if I called you five minutes from now you’re you’re answering your phone you know I answered on the weekend I don’t care what time it is you know I saw the whole United States so when California time rolls around I’m rolling around with it you know it’s not like oh my phone’s all because I’m on the East Coast I know the West Coast time you know yeah I’m

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  sure that makes some long days for you but it’s important something like you

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  when you enjoy something it’s not work anymore

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  right I know you do a lot to get out and I know you do a lot to give back what are some shows that are coming up that you’re gonna be attending that you’re gonna be in case people want to come over we got the end conference coming up

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  you got the PCA and I think you’re gonna be that one also right then especially one yeah and then you know DE conference another big one yeah we’re kind of exclusive in there now yeah I got Connecticut I got Massachusetts I got mean like three in Massachusetts and then remarkable practice is another one yeah I was on I won’t be able to make that one but Arizona they just had one Australia you know so I mean I I got on this this train I know the lot of the leaders of chiropractic right like Barbara Eaton Daniel Bay you know you know all that you know they’re they’re promoting me because I’m not gonna let them down either right I mean their credibility is on the rise it could like could they help it you know call Michael and I’ll take care of you know

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  yeah yeah it’s important to have your own decks that have people that say what

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  they’ll do and do what they say yeah I don’t know any other actually commies it gives back to chiropractic you know so the organizations I help support them you know I’ll jump on the stage of DE and give me check for a grand because they sold a couple systems you know to me it’s not about selling it’s about helping chiropractic right and people can believe me or not believe

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  but that’s what I do so so talk about how you give back one because I know that I’m affiliated with the Palmer rugby team how do you support an organization when somebody buys a product for you so like Dr. Shane right came to

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  me and said look we want you to support our rugby team right so when he systems sold to anybody at Palmer rugby team they get a 500 hour back I just sold a system in in actually in the Virgin Islands and they got a check for the for the 500 hours you know so I’m trying to get back any college anybody you know I have extra it’s not a little bit the profit down right it’s just a back give them back because chiropractic gave me a lot and I’ll tell you the story right my wife her feet don’t hurt her anymore her head aches you want away I love chiropractic it’s my life is like easy yeah yeah I’m not not that she’s not a great person but she was feeling really bad you know pains and aches all the time you know and I’m reporting her so I heard about them all I can’t help her I’m not a guy or a badger but I got her to a car by German she’s doing great you

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  know yeah that’s the thing is people I meet all the time they’re telling me that they don’t have any problems but if I asked the partner what’s going on with this person yeah there’d be a lot of problems oh yeah yeah and people like when they think about like their feet hurt or like they’re walking with a limp they don’t look at that as an issue because it’s not painful all the time right but a lot of times when you know you think about having a limited life because you’re not as mobile and you’re not able to do things you used to do chiropractic is the answer and I tell people all the time if I don’t tell them the truth about chiropractic someone else will close them for drugs and surgery period it will happen eventually and I would say well you’re either gonna invest in your health now you’re gonna pay for sickness later why would you not think that’s a good idea to go and pay $60 to get adjusted once every two weeks or once a week like you have to sometimes pay to play and if you want to play long-term you have to take care of your spine you have to take care of your mobility you have to take care of your physical presence or your physical body if not it will become limited and you won’t have a quality of life and that’s really what insurance companies were doing they were testing chiropractic on how did they keep up people’s activities of daily living how did they improve that or did they not improve that what was the outcome so I think when people talk about like why would they go in to see a chiropractor for an adjustment regularly well it’s quality of life and I’ve seen tons and tons and tons of tons of people say I don’t believe in chiropractic and I look at them and their life is not of high quality and that’s the problem is people are so stuck in their own way that they don’t realize that if they just got a little bit of care they would have a better quality of life and it’s not a lot of money if you think about it it’s an investment and your ability to do the things you like

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  to do like play through grandkids right yeah and you know that’s why I’m here to help chiropractors invest invest right back into their business yeah I’ve been investing your business I invest my business all the time for it to grow and you know so I found least companies it’ll do a nine-day deferr thing I got a little bit coming right now no payments until 2024 wow there’s no reason not to buy it today interest rates are going up I don’t know what what the world is gonna look like right I know what it is today right I know I need this product well I’ll help you get into that product and man just think about that no payments will 24 right why wait 24 to buy it right right now interest rates I can’t see him going lower just like yes it’ll never go back down to where it was it’ll go down maybe hopefully but it’s never going to go to where it was so what am I going to wait until it goes back it is never going to go there right so I found these other things that will really help out on your financing equipment I’m rolling your Jim it’s funny how the doctors just call me that he says man like we said I would love to do it I don’t have another six thousand hours out of pocket it was at four he said well for my build out you’re like Tricia and the contractor I said well let me just roll right into my price I rolled in the price he’s getting approved on the lease and now it’s only a monthly payment right no way out of pocket Jim I really want to save my money right now I don’t want to pay for anything upfront right I don’t know what’s going to happen with this world right I like having money I just don’t want to let it all go and then the things settle out we’ll find and I’ll pay

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  it off me you know yeah I think the real thing is is that in order to get yourself into a position of building value and having more quality around you you have to sometimes make the investment and when you think about dollars and cents if you can creatively finance it it just makes sense I mean

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  it’s it’s really something that you know someone going to say car battery is gonna hang a film up but you know you’re gonna draw a line and I seen crooked lines and the film didn’t even look good right I mean wouldn’t it be nice to have something you can rely on every time you send to a bag for to me it’s kind of embarrassing to show a film now I know a lot of car passengers will say well I have great looking images right but digital is so much better and lower those you can’t do that with them right well Mike I think we

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  got a lot of good information we talked about the motion X-ray we talked about full-spine imaging we talked about people saving money I get it out of the dark room with the dark room blitz and I think you said you’re gonna save people from 18,000 down to 15,000 to do that so it’s saving savings savings all around saves time saves money and ups the credibility I did have one last question for you if you see into the future for the next five years where do you see things moving with technology as it includes chiropractic so yeah of

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  course film is film has been going away for the past 15 years right that’ll be going right either you’re gonna go digital or you’re not gonna do any action you’re gonna send your patients out right which is something I don’t need one to say right I want to go to my chiropractor see my images I’m not going down the street to get that tree you know so so I definitely all digital X-ray but now with the new technology in the software man you might I don’t know somewhere down the line is going to be a handheld X-ray the technology is getting crazy right I mean it’s already done in veterinarian you can actually get a handheld X-ray it’s not a cruise on the human side that right but it’ll be there but all I see is where I see the future going is chiropractic is the

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  future so my closing statement is if you guys want to save time and money for yourself and the patient reach out to Mike at imaging services 610 812 3079 and jump on to get the the offers that he’s talking about with this darkroom blitz and the cool thing I took away from this episode was people don’t always need to have a brand new system unless they’re doing a brand new build-out and they can do retrofit systems and they can even attach the new full spine imaging system onto a retrofit and they can can they also do that with the digital motion they can retrofit an old system and put yeah on the film

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  blitz and even on Jim think about this a cesium panel which is 600 speed you know five-year warranty 17 by 17 retro to your gizzin ashrai you know 18 grand you know it’s not a big number and then there’s a rebate I get a rebate to all my customers all year round right so that’s a thousand dollars off you know you get that in a check you know so there’s just so many things that all I want to say is just call me let’s just have a conversation it’s going to be a different conversation any other actually coming you’d deal with well Mike I

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  appreciate you bringing them Paul on with us today I appreciate you sharing how things are moving in the x-ray world I want people to work with you go to imaging services text or call Mike and with that thanks for being on this

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  episode of 545 thanks Jim appreciate it yeah thank you

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  backers once again guys share the show that’s the fee that we charge to be a part of the Chiro House of Community you never know how far reaching something we may say or due today may have an impact of millions of lives tomorrow I didn’t say that that’s a bj Palmer quote what I always say is you’re just one story away keep hustling I’ll see you guys on next episode bye for now Mike

MICHAEL TOKASH (GUEST):  thank you Jim bye

JAMES CHESTER (HOST):  thanks for listening to Chiro hustle don’t forget to subscribe and check back next week to continue hustling

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