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Imaging Services provides CR & DR, X-ray and Film Processor Service for all your imaging modality needs. Computed Radiography and Direct Radiography are quickly replacing x-ray film, developer, and fixer as the industry standard. Imaging Services carries a large selection of Imaging Accessories, Lead Aprons, Lead Glasses, Positioning Sponges, and Lead Markers! We have everything for your digital imaging needs.

Our Moguls Create and Implement very individualized PERSONAL and UNIQUE MASSIVE ACTION STEPS, to take YOUR practice to IT’S next level!! It’s THE MOGUL EXPERIENCE!!


This model is proven to take your practice to the next level!! I am PROUD to be the CEO of Chiro Moguls Corporation.


Chiro Moguls GUARANTEES that your coach is a PRACTICING chiropractor, with a track record of an annual SEVEN FIGURES + collections practice…for years!! Soooo…YES, we take the guesswork out!! YES, your Mogul is ULTRA SUCCESSFUL!!


If you are going to invest in a coach, invest in one who walks the walk!! No Smoke and Mirrors!! Massive Action Creates Massive Results!!

ChiroHealthUSA is a provider-owned network working in conjunction with a Discount Medical Plan Organization. We provide a simple solution when it comes to offering legal network-based discounts for cash, underinsured and “out of network” patients. Helping patients with the cost of care is the right thing to do. Doing it the WRONG way can cost you. We keep care affordable for patients while keeping doctors in compliance with federal healthcare laws so they can focus on patient care. We are a growing network of over 4,700 healthcare professionals who have already helped over 700,000 families get the care they need at a fee they can afford.

Sherman College is located in Spartanburg, in the Upstate region of South Carolina, a metropolitan area of more than 300,000 known for its quality of life, friendly people, local charm, and natural beauty. Set in the foothills of the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, the region boasts mild weather year-round – perfect for outdoor enthusiasts – and a rich cultural scene.

Chiropractic Rocks – Shaping the Future of Chiropractic! “This is our time to shine – support this new chiropractic movement – A progressive vision for the future of Chiropractic”


  • pure: nothing else added, focused, dedicated
  • CHIRO: Chiropractic
  • notes: Electronic CHIROPRACTIC Records (ECR)

Created BY a Chiropractor for Chiropractors that choose the Cash, Membership or Box-on-the-wall Business Model.


FAQ #1:  Do we process insurance claims?

Answer: Absolutely not. We do generate invoices and ‘uber-bills’ but the business model we serve does not submit insurance claims.

As an ALINE provider, you help people move better, feel better, and live better lives. We have created a system of insoles, laser LE assessment, and training that will help you address and assess lower-body misalignment. Worn and trusted by athletes in the NFL, PGA Tour, Olympics, and X Games. Expand your patient experience and improve outcomes by offering ALINE and start changing lives.

Founded in the 1980’s, Titronics has always been dedicated to being the gold-standard in Chiropractic Para-Spinal Thermography. The TyTron scanners are a direct descendant of the Neurocalimeter developed in 1925 by Dosa Evans and BJ Palmer.


The TyTron scanners are used to verify research in the profession of Chiropractic, as they have been found to be extremely reliable, dependable, usable, durable, and easy to use. The inter-examiner and intra-examiner reliability studies published on the Titronics’ scanners are impeccable.


The graphing and displays are the foundation for some of the most precise technique work in the profession. Blair, Pierce Results, Thompson, AO, and others. And even though Gonstead technique prefers the thermo-scan, Titronics has a great relationship with their practitioners as well.


Titronics’ well-known graphing has lead to pattern-work analysis for autonomic nerve interference that is the foundation for knowing when NOT to adjust, which is just as important as the information it gives on WHEN to adjust. The layers of analysis on the scans quickly draw attention to any horizontal or vertical imbalances which – with other assessment data – verifies or denies the presence of autonomic nerve interference.


The bar-graph option is a great tool to use for screenings and progress reports and has been used all over the world to engage clients to use Chiropractic.

Established. December 14, 2014 • Medical Device Manufacturer – FDA, ISO, IFE, Registered Firm • Developer of invisa-RED TM ‘S Proprietary Laser Technology • Published in: U.S. National Library of Medicine, U.S. National Institutes of Health, U.S Department of Health & Human Services, Medical Economics,, Chiro Economics, The American Chiropractor, and Dynamic Chiropractic • Located in Northwest Atlanta, GA US • Over 1,200 Providers Nation Wide 60% Chiropractic 30% Medical – Internal Medicine, Weight Loss Management, Med Spa, MD/DC Integration 10% Aesthetics – Day spa, Beauty / Skin Care Boutiques Winner of 2021 Skin Games National Competition 

Chiropractor Dr. Erik Kowalke is on a mission to transform how chiropractic offices and patients schedule and reschedule appointments.

SKED is an intelligent platform that’s transforming how chiropractic patients manage their care plans, cancel and reschedule appointments 24/7, get more reviews, send appointment reminders, and much more.

Using the combined expertise from a team of highly experienced chiropractors and highly-skilled engineers, we’ve built an exclusive, new, simple approach to the $12 billion patient management market—a market that hasn’t seen innovation like this in 20+ years.

SKED offers chiropractors a solution with robust integration capabilities for offices that currently use Genesis, ChiroTouch, or Platinum EHR Systems. With SKED currently serving hundreds of chiropractic offices and hundreds of thousands of patients across the United States.

Melody Watts is a top 1% Health Business Strategist. She has worked with Chiropractors from all over the world and now she is sharing with you what she’s learned from over 2 decades of experience and in helping multiple 7-figure practices.

Learn to create, and share, your amazing content on all social media platforms. Open the door to more and more possibilities by building resources and creating lasting business relationships.

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Join the Chiro Hustle team in protecting free speech in the chiropractic profession with your support and co-branding. We are always happy to take new applications to see if your brand and our brand are a match made in heaven.

Become a Sponsor

Join the Chiro Hustle team in protecting free speech in the chiropractic profession with your support and co-branding. We are always happy to take new applications to see if your brand and our brand are a match made in heaven.