February 14, 2021

The 100+ Moving Bones in your Feet with Gordon Hay – Chiro Hustle Podcast 222

Gordon Hay is the co-founder, inventor, and creative visionary for ALINE Systems Inc, based in Marblehead, MA. With over twenty years of invention, patent, and production experience in biomechanical technologies, Hay has helped ALINE become the foot services provider to ESPN’s Summer and Winter X Games as well as the world-renowned education and sports training institution, IMG Academy. Since co-founding the company, he has helped ALINE to evaluate the lower body mechanics of over 100,000 diverse athletes from Olympic medalists to NFL and PGA players. Prior to ALINE, Hay founded Solesystems Inc., a foot services and footwear technology development lab based in Boston, MA, where he wrote a biomechanical bible of patents and introduced a wardrobe of “foot guided” and “foot guiding” shoe component prototypes to the world’s leading footwear developers. His extensive work between Italy, Brazil, Germany, and China also yielded many advanced biomechanical products used by today’s footwear companies and the US Army. Hay’s passion for human movement is a result of his childhood battle with severe asthma, which kept him benched on the sidelines of active life. From the bench, he became fascinated by the unique movement patterns that separated the high and low performing players on the field. Finally able to overcome his asthma as a teenager, he jumped into extreme sports. Desperate to push the performance envelope for himself and others, Hay entered the foot services industry in a search for answers. Hay trained at the Medical College of Wisconsin, receiving a Board Certification in Pedorthics. With great appreciation for this knowledge, Hay’s extreme performance needs revealed disconnects between what was being taught and what really was needed for advancing performance throughout variable footwear, terrains, and motions. His pursuit to create products that would propel the advancement of human movement has led to a journey filled with “grit” and adventure and the ability to produce products that can help advance performance for almost everyone's life – whether they're on or off the bench.

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