October 6, 2021

The HARDCORE TRUTH of Chiropractic with Dr Lou Edwards DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast Episode 289

Dr. Lou Edwards wanted to be a Chiropractor for the majority of her life, she discovered it at the age of 13 after a horse-riding accident which resulted in a serious neck injury in which she saw a Chiropractor and found great benefits. She had also always been a horse rider and a great lover of animals and had also been fortunate to see the miracles of Chiropractic in animals, that is when she decided to be a Chiropractor!

Dr. Lou went to study Chiropractic straight out of college and then further trained in animal Chiropractic, she now does a combination of the two and sees amazing miracles every day. She runs a successful Chiropractic clinic in Oxford called Results Align where her team is always looking for ways to reach out more to the local community and spread the Chiropractic word.

Outside of clinic hours she spends a lot of time with animals, she has two dogs; Ziggy and Isla and enjoys walking them, exercising, reading, and generally seeing friends.

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