December 8, 2022

Turn the Crank & Have Conviction in Chiropractic – Dr Brett McDonough DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 411

Dr. Brett McDonough is a native of Iowa and has practiced for over a decade in the Des Moines metro. Over the past 15 years, he has served as the personal chiropractor for athletes from the NFL, NASCAR, UFC, MLB, Olympics, and numerous levels of the NCAA. During that time he opened 6 clinics and developed over 20 docs in that time. Brett enjoys working with clients and team members that are driven to find more of themselves on a daily basis. Along with his healthcare career, he has also built one of the most successful concrete construction companies in the midwest with his brothers. They have re-invented the industry in multiple ways over the years. Their group has also developed software within the industry that is changing how materials are managed and hauled across the country. Brett and his wife, Andrea, operate a growing real-estate business on the side that includes rental properties and farms. They have 3 young kids, Maddon, Gentry, and Kam that keep them “young”. They enjoy being outside as much as possible in Iowa, spending time at their farm and at the lake, and doing things as a family. Faith, family, fun, and hard work are priorities they live by daily.

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