October 16, 2022

Why are You Anything BUT Happy? with Johanna Godinez – Chiro Hustle Podcast 396

Considered by many to be their personal assistant for life, Johanna Godinez is a businesswoman with an MBA who has spent the last 10 years as a human success development coach. What exactly is that you may ask? As the Founder of B.A.Y. Lifestyle and Beyond Asana Yoga School, Johanna offers an innovative approach to habit development, personal/professional coaching, and lifestyle transformation; helping get clear and attract your definition of success into your life.

Having experienced the stress and time demands of a corporate job, Johanna set out to discover ways to cope with the reactions she was having due to the demands of her life.

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it is a tool that can give you access to people and services that you can employ to increase the overall joy you experience in your life.”

Through yoga, meditation, and an extensive study on patterns, mindset, and the way the mind operates, she was able to completely alter the direction of her life. To assist others in her field that were experiencing the same burned-out state, social pressures, professional demands, financial stresses, and overall imbalance in health and time, she has developed and systemized a way in which she can provide you with these tools as well.

According to Johanna, you can achieve your dreams by aligning your life with your inner values. To do that, she and her team developed her proprietary ELM – Evolutionary Life Mapping method with which she facilitates your self-discovery through inquiry and self-reflection. Based on what you uncover, a plan of action can be developed and intentionally directed action can be taken.

“The Evolutionary Life Mapping process serves to provide a clear direction on how to create a complete solution that is sure to elevate the state of your life.” Johanna and her team of affiliate coaches and contracted professionals provide the clarity, tools, and support needed to manifest the greatest version of your life!

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